House Democratic leadership has called for a vote on Bluewater Wind. Rep Bob Gilligan who deserved my ire for killing a “Openness in Government” bill last session, has earned some of that lost respect back with this motion.

What is interesting is that 3 Democrats, all in the Senate, are the primary reason that the Bluewater Bill was tabled last December.

Those traitors to Democratic values, who rub their hands in glee over the fact that without wind, you will pay even more for your electricity, are Harris McDowell, Tony DeLuca, and “Desk-drawer” Thurman Adams. There is also one toady Republican who has done all  the legwork for these Democrats, and that is Charlie Copeland.

All four of these guys are against Bluewater Wind building off the coast of Delaware.

So within the Democratic party, we see a battle building between those legislators who are in contact with their constituents, against those who have been there too long, and think they are kings.

It really is a battle about royalty.   Do citizens of this state  have power, or do they not?

Our ancestors fought of a king 230 years ago.  We certainly do not need 4 more Queens running Delaware, the first state to approve the Constituition.

Anyone running against these four candidates is certain to find tremendous sources of financial support.