(Female voice) There is a Delmarva ad that says Bluewater Wind will cost you more then on-shore Wind.

(Male voice) The ad says nothing about how Bluewater Wind compares to fossil fuels.

(Female voice)  The cost of Bluewater Wind is already $5 dollars cheaper than what Delmarva pays right now for coal, gas, and oil generated electricity.

(Male voice)  Most of your electricity comes from these sources.  Delmarva doesn’t want the state to allow anyone else to offer you cheaper electricity and certainly doesn’t want the state to make them have to give to you.  Especially if it comes from someone other than them.

(Female voice)  Delaware  needs a large part of its energy to come from a cheap source.  Right now Bluewater Wind is equal or less than power that comes from carbon sources.

(Male voice)  As those prices rise, as did your gasoline ……….Bluewater Wind will still cost the same low cost we are being offered today.

(Female voice)  Call your Legislator and tell him that if Wind is guaranteed to be cheaper over twenty five years, and they wish to represent us, …

(Both in unison)  ….they had better vote for it………