Wanted to piggy back on Tommywonk’s reporting on New Jersey’s plan to steal our wind farm economic boom away from us.

Due to New Jersey’s size, and better run legislature, (ie, more democratic) there is a good chance that they will become the East’s hub for windfarm activity.

They are less than a year behind. We have wasted since the project was tabled, one fourth of that time……wasted……..All we have to show are …..is it four meetings chaired by Harris McDowell that no one is paying attention to?

New Jersey looks much more lucrative as a place to do business, due to location, less arcane General Assembly, and being closer to major markets than does Delaware.

The only thing Delaware had going for it was that it was going to be first………….We truly are on the edge of losing a billion dollar  golden economic opportunity.

Four people are to blame. Harris McDowell, Tony DeLuca, Charlie Copeland, and Thurman Adams.

My best guess is that we have until the end of March to solidify our hold on having the Port of Wilmington and parts of Sussex County, become the wind farm manufacturing capital of America’s East Coast. If we fail to solidify a signed deal by April 1st, then most companies are going to look elsewhere.

And New Jersey looks good………real good.