Here we have a man, the head of a committee whose commission has legally expired, dismissive of any attempt to solicit the truth.

There is another name for those times when the reality that goes on in ones own head, trumps those realities experienced by everyone else.  I believe the word I’m searching for is…………… delusional?

Ok…Here is the reality as I see it.  Please, someone, correct me if I’m wrong…..

We are being asked to put our faith in this organization that can only meet for ten minutes because far too few people can show up at the same time.  This is the group of human beings, who will be in charge of our renewable energy credits, someday cumulatively totaling well over 100 million dollars.  This committee of experts is the reason we do not need Bluewater Wind to come to Delaware?

Am I the only person on this planet who thinks this is ridiculous?

Probably so.  Let’s look at what we got out of this month’s meeting.  We got one letter and the minutes of their last meeting approved,  before they broke quorum.

And we are expected to trust this group to drop our electric bills down to nothing? I don’t think so……

I think I’m in need of some more confidence boosting.

I’m not confident sitting around a Queen Anne’s table within a group, where the lawyer (lol) is considered the “good guy”?  I’m curious as with what kind of people that lawyer is frequently associating, for him to appear as accommodating, simply because of his willingness to engage the participants……Isn’t that what politicians are supposed to do?

Oh no…my bad….They are supposed to lord it over their fellow citizens by being bombastic and combative.  “Do as I say you sniveling Punk.  There’s no such thing as Common Cause anymore…..How dare you contradict me…Me the Great Oz.”

I’m sorry….I meant Willie Wonka.  For according to McDowell, all questions had to be offered in writing, and then reviewed by the committee of oompa loompas.  But should your question be deemed at that time, to be one of conflicting nature, it probably would not get answered, since oompa loompas were too pure to delve into conflicting questions….which is nice,actually……….for them…..because any question by its very nature, conflicts its own opposite, and can therefore be disposed before reaching the counsel…… any time….

Since oompa loompas work for free,  any extra endeavor place upon them for accountability, would never do.  And because they are purely all volunteer, they can stay indefinitely as long as they wish.  There are no laws that say they must stay….or force them to go……

The reason this is not a great problem, is solely because of transparency.  There is so much transparency on the SEU board that nothing disreputable can ever happen.  Nowhere in the Senate, is there a place where that is more transparent, where all can see…….that all its members are interested in lining their own pockets.  Whereas those desires may be hidden deep within the Bond Bills,  with the SEU, It is transparent to all, that this is so……

I’m intrigued by the letter stating that the board does not have the right to spend any money unless the contract administrator is unavailable…..

If I’m not mistaken, It appears we have an expired board whose commission had ran out in January, (although someone says “no it isn’t”), which is currently unable to choose a contract administrator  simply because that piece of legislation is still in limbo…At stake is whether or not that entity can or cannot be a “for profit ” company….trying to float around 10 million in start-up bond money, with no way of paying it back at this time, because all they ever get accomplished at their monthly meetings, is approving the last meeting’s ten minutes………………

With everything working in such perfect order…. how dare anyone question him:  the one arrogant Harris McDowell…..