“The obvious choice then, is to go back to their original proposal, a 6ooMW wind farm, allowing them a greater revenue stream, and then have them absorb all of the cost overruns, if any, that occur.”

On October 29th, the PSC report chose to protect Delaware citizens from a potential disaster. There were clauses within the term letters proposed by Bluewater Wind, which could, if a certain series of events occurred, cost us much more than we were led to believe originally.

However, if anything can be learned from this experience, it is that transparency within government is a rather amazing thing. Watching this process go forward, one must extend heartfelt thanks to the public servants carrying out this analysis, and their willingness to publish their results immediately, torpedoes be damned. The lesson learned by all, is that those Democrats in the General Assembly who wear their pants too high, need to allow FOIA to go forward , ASAP, so that each of our governmental actions can function as fully in the clear view of such transparency, as did this proposal for self generation of our own power. Anyone like me, watching this process go forward, can come to unabashed conclusion that the ONLY REASON those Democrats would vote down FOIA is because their hands are in our coffers and they want no one to know. There can be not other.

So we learned that some stipulations, placed in good faith by Bluewater wind, could, if commodities shot up as they have in the last 5 years, cost us considerably more for our electrical power.

I will echo what Tommywonk said in his WDEL(aware) Address. Paraphrased: We have to remember it is just one step in a negotiation……… Feeling the disappointment, and anger toward those political toadies who pushed this towards fruition, I can sympathize with Mike Castle’s ancestor, Benjamin Franklin, who watched the Constitutional Convention slide towards a divisive oblivion. “If we don’t all hang together, we shall surely hang separately.” The Great Compromise, also known as the Connecticut Compromise after those state’s delegates came up with it, passed by one vote and rallied the delegates to give us the government we have today……..

That compromise worked because it benefited the small states in the Senate (we have two Senators, the same as California), and large populous states in the House (where we have one). Both sides were happy and we moved on to other things.

Bluewater needs to make money on their investment. They also need to shoulder some risk and not have those costs added to our electric bills. The obvious choice then, is to go back to their original proposal, a 6oo MW wind farm, allowing them a greater revenue stream, and then have them absorb all the cost overruns, if any, that occur. Their cost per unit drops, and we again are guaranteed what we were led to believe, that we will continue forward for the next twenty- five years, paying less for electric, than twenty states now…..

Such a compromise meets all the objections proposed by the October 29th PSC Staff report. It benefits Bluewater Wind. It benefits Delmarva. It benefits us.

More to come.