Who compiled this report showing Delmarva to be cheaper than Bluewater Wind?

Here is how they describe themselves on their own website:

“Pace leads domestic and international projects that help clients protect and grow their earnings & market capitalization. We help our clients make critical decisions, manage for financial success, and exceed performance goals.”

Therefore this PACE company, located in Fairfax, Virginina, is a for-hire company that helps clients protect and grow their earnings.

Obviously their client in this case is Delmarva.

Delmarva is currently raking in tons of cash (can you say 60% increase)  off every Delawarean. Their obvious intention is to  fleece us as long as is possible.

This consultant corporation, flat out states that they work to “exceed financial” goals. So my question is this: if this company has the goal of screwing us over, getting more of our money while giving us less in return, doesn’t it make sense that we, as Delawarean citizens, should try to stop ourselves from being taken to the cleaners, and do exactly the opposite of what this for-profit group says?

I makes sense to me. Whereas the report recommends not going with Bluewater Wind, we must remain skeptical of this PACE groups motives.

If you trusted your neighbor, you would give them the key to your house while you went away. If you didn’t trust your neighbor, you would probably refrain. Now if your neighbor bragged to you about how much he stole from other people, you most certainly would not give him the key to your house.

So when a company that brags about how much profit their advice will create, does a report on the hidden costs of wind, our antennae should go up…..

What is good for Delmarva, is bad for us. What is good for us, is bad for Delmarva. So when seen through this lens, the report by the PACE group, is just one more piece of evidence as to why the PSC  should go forward with the Bluewater Wind proposal, and why the PSC needs to be present whenever Delmarva and Bluewater Wind sit down and negotiate.

Considering that we, the customers of Delmarva will ante up over $674,000,000 for Stockbridge and other’s bonuses, it is important as we move forward, that we pay less for electricity over the next twenty five years, than twenty states do now……

Delmarva Power has succeeded their financial goals for some time now…….Isn’t it about time that we, the hard pressed citizens of Delaware, get a chance to do the same?

Drop our electric bill to prices back before May 06. Say yes to Bluewater Wind…….