Representative Hocker said something quite astounding as reported by Tommywonk.

“This is the most anti- business legislation I have ever seen.”

The legislation in question was to tax at 100%, all profit claimed by any corporation registered in Delaware, that had in fact been solely incorporated for the creation of profit. This legislation in effect, would essentially require every business or corporation registered in Delaware, to operate as a non profit organization. Passage of this bill would 1) allow the state to reap enough income to fulfill its commitments, or 2) in order to keep from giving our government any excess money, prices would be dropped by the corporations themselves, giving consumers an incentive to spend wildly……

S c r a t c h……….

No,….. it…. wasn’t …….But that is an example of what most of us would assume was about to play, if we heard the statement coming from a committee chairperson that this was the”most anti business piece of legislation they had ever seen”. Instead, that piece of hyperbole was vented against HCR 50, a bill to keep Delawareans from paying Delmarva’s expenses for its efforts to stifle new competition attempting to move in on its territory and lower our prices……..

And that:…Ladies and Gentlemen of Delaware, was the most anti-business piece of legislation Representative Hocker has ever seen……


Never mind answering that, you’re a legislator: but today, Mother’s Day, is your lucky today….Why? For I just happen to hear of your plight, and with all of Delaware as my witness, would be most happy to educate and enlighten you.

First of all, let us review the function of government. I see by the length of your service in our General Assembly that perhaps you may have forgotten just what its primary purpose is. That is quite understandable. Everyone in your capacity seems to forget, and you should not feel the slightest embarrassment..

Step 1: In order to protect the liberties of the weak against oppression from the will of the strong, people gather together to form a government.

Government is vested by the people (jurors) with limited powers to referee (not judge) dispute resolutions between individuals.

Step 2: In order to finance its existence, government is directed to regulate the creation and activities of corporations that do business within its borders.
(courtesy of DrD)

According to the most basic outlying principals the following assumptions are most likely true.

Corporations answer to and provide revenue for the government.

Government answers to and protects the interests of the people.

People answer to the golden rule, and are responsible for the well being of their local communities.
(courtesy of DrD)

Of course, since you have been a legislator for some time, you may have forgotten that our Constitution begins with “We, the People” and not “We, the Corporation”. From the beginning of our country’s founding, the assumption has been made that people unite to from a government, and that government has authority over corporations and its owners.

So as Pat Gearity is fond of mentioning, and you no doubt are fond of forgetting, Delmarva Power is a regulated utility. In other words the people through representatives of their government, control the actions of that corporation, simply because there is no one else its consumers can turn to for the same services should that company become abusive…..Therefore if the people of this state do not want to pay for Delmarva’s cost of advertising, under the Constitution, they have every right to act through their government, and not do so…….

Under Representative Hocker’s assertion, the citizens of Delaware SHOULD be happy to pay for ALL of Delmarva’s costs required for driving away competition, and keeping our costs astronomical.

Currently Delaware is in the top three states paying the most for imported electricity coming in from another state. Putting in an offshore wind farm that is already costed out as less than what we currently pay today, and will be the same low price, or possibly even lower twenty five years from now, means that we import less of that expensive out-of-state electricity than we do today……

Mr. Hocker: We know you meant well. We know you are probably not used to having what you say inside legislative hall, spread by media unknown to you, outside the Legislator’s walls, but to keep our state from looking stupid on the national stage…..could you bite your tongue a little?

“The most anti-business piece of legislation you have ever seen.”