After the Soviet Union fell, we sent quite a few “specialists” into their archives to understand their side of our shared histories. What became abundantly clear, was that while we trembled in fear of Soviet nukes falling upon our cities, they trembled in fear of a sudden strike landing without warning. In other words, our actions in anticipation of their possible aggression, caused them to respond defensively, in ways that led us to believe they were about to attack.

Most academics were surprised at first, but after looking at the evidence for a minute, realized that one could have come to the same conclusion by looking at the facts without prejudice.

I would like to apply that same view to how Bluewater Wind fares in the current environment.

Here are the facts. In an open forum, the PSC, where every report was put on line for everyone who wanted to read, came to the same conclusion as did 94% of Delawareans who read all those reports, that wind power was the indeed the best deal for Delaware.

The rules outlined in House Bill 06 stated that four government agencies must all vote in favor for the process to go forward. At the last minute, one agent, Ralph Larson, who personally thought the wind farm was an exceptional idea, (logic demands such a verdict), but upon orders from the Legislative Committee, was not able to follow through on his good judgment.

Those directing him to vote no, were the now notorious Tony DeLuca, Thurman “Desk Drawer” Adams, Harris McDowell, and the isolated Republican, Charlie Copeland. These four had some connections with the SEU, which was about to be in charge of controlling the state’s hundreds of millions of Renewable Energy Credits passing through their fingers. The Bluewater wind contract would divert much of that money from out of their hands, funneling it directly from Bluewater Wind to Delmarva Power, at around $19 each. Delmarva could then sell them to the highest bidder and profit on them, thereby subsidizing our low cost of offshore energy. McDowell and Co. wanted to subsidize something much closer to home: themselves.

Therefore Russ Larson, Controller General, felt compelled not to agree to the already negotiated and signed Power Purchase Agreement.

But 94% of Delawareans who had read all the bulletins published on the PSC website, or had read one of the many extensive analysis of those documents, realized a travesty had unfolded before their eyes.

Evidence continued to pour in from different sources that Bluewater Wind looked better for Delawarean as each subsequent day passed.

Then as Delmarva Power announced its new bids for the next three years of grid bought power, it became official. The Bluewater Wind’s price inclusive of all charges, was contracted out at $105 dollars per MWh, and the best deal Delmarva could receive on the spot market was, inclusive of all charges, $110 dollars per MWh. If prices froze today, over the twenty five years span covered by the agreement, Delaware would save 170 million dollars with Bluewater Wind, over today’s price extended for that length of time.

Desperate for traction, McDowell, who happened to chair a little known committee known as the Delaware Senate Energy and Transit Committee, held hearings on Bluewater Wind. The public was allowed to participate in only one meeting, which opened the series, and many participants known to support Bluewater Wind were not allowed to air their views based on some rules that were arbitrarily applied at the last moment. A far different cry from how the PSC ran their open transparent operation. The subsequent hearings were conducted almost totally out of the ear of the public, and since it is hard to find someone to lie for free, these hearings cost our state a great deal of money (est. $100,000), just to ensure someone sharing McDowell’s opinions, would actually show up to testify.

One such expert, a Michael T. Hogan (MIT), later showed up on several of our blogs and actually tried to claim Bluewater Wind would cost us over $145 dollars per MWh! We promptly showed him his conceptual error, proving again to all that $105 per MWh was the correct price, and none of our blogs have heard from him since.

Then the House of Representatives, impatient with Delmarva’s tactic of saying “hold on…, we have new evidence coming after you close shop for the season” that will prove Bluewater is too expensive…………….,voted 25 to 11 to order Russ Larson to sign that agreement.

The Senate committee, now on very feeble footing, leaked some of their vicious report in an attempt to change one or two minds. it did; but not the two minds that McDowell wanted. Instead, members on that committee told McDowell they would not vote for a lie, and the report was then watered down to a point that instead of demanding that the Controller General vote “no” on Bluewater Wind, it timidly asks that he flip once through the pages of the report before making his decision to approve the Bluewater Wind deal.

The entire Delaware Senate still needs to vote affirmative in order for Larson to sign “yes”. All four opponents, Tony DeLuca, Thurman “Desk Drawer” Adams, Harris McDowell, and one lone Republican, Charlie Copeland, hold powerful positions within that body, often controlling what bill is passed, and what bill is never seen again. Petty politics is one thing, but a bill supported by 94% of all who have seen and read all arguments pro and con, is something else……….


Delaware Public Service Commission in transparent open hearings votes YES.

Delaware Office of Public Advocate votes YES

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control votes YES

Office of Management and Budget (representing the Governor) votes YES

Delaware House of Representatives by vote of 25 to 11 votes YES

The only negative on record anywhere against Bluewater Wind within the entire government of the First State of Delaware, is a little known committee that recommends that the Controller General flip through the pages of that committee’s chairman’s report.

The Senate hangs in balance, and could ……..despite overwhelming statewide evidence to the contrary, decide to play politics and kill windpower and all of it benefits forever.

Again here are the numbers to the Senate Offices that realistically need to receive so many calls today, that the lines jam.

To leave a message with the Democratic leadership: leave a message here: (302) 744-4286

To leave a message with the Republican leadership: leave a message here: (302) 744-4048

We need a 1000 calls per day to be taken seriously. At every organization, business, or friendly get-together, one should share this number among its members and insist everyone call and leave a message at the same time. (With cells, its easy.)

The world is warming and cannot wait another year. We are a small state and our activists have been calling repeatedly for a year. They even know our voices. We are desperate for fresh voices telling them to let this thing go forward.

Many of you have written posts that say you wish their was something you could do to stop global warming. Well, this day, right now, there is something very real that pivots on the cusp of beginning, but only if it gets the necessary shove to start it rolling. Your phone call may be “the one” which makes the difference. One twenty second phone call is something everyone can do to steal this decision away from petty politicians, and perhaps make the difference of whether our first domestic off shore wind farm is actually built within the United States within the time frame required to make a difference.

When the Soviet Union finally collapsed, the Politburo of cranky old men, were eventually found locked inside a private room loaded with cases of vodka, completely oblivious to the new wind that had begun to blow outside their tiny universe…….

Harris McDowell in his Favorite Fantasy Role
Photo courtesy of Chairman M. S. Punchenko