Almost as if on cue, I filled up at the pump the very day the first meeting of the Delaware PSC was opening itself to public review, albeit for only an hour.  Surprisingly gasoline had jumped 35 cents a gallon since I last had to fill up.

Strange thought I to myself.  I have been immersed in energy reports over the last month and yet have not heard any discussion as to why any jitters should be occurring among the oil speculators.

Then it hit me.  This is a” sign unto us” of what will happen when Delaware chooses any energy source other than wind.   Gas or coal will be jerked around as demand rises versus the supply.

So here I am, on a bitterly windblown freezing day with frostbitten hands, pumping the cheapest gas I can find, which is now 16% higher than it was the last time,  for no other reason except to line someone else’s pockets with my money.

What a hypocrite I was!  I was actually cursing the blowing wind.

If Delaware were to turn it’s back on wind, then there would be no stability in  our small state’s energy prices.  The proof if we need to see it, is happening right before our eyes, at the “pump”.