Danish Windfarm

I have yet to meet anyone not stirred by the News Journal computer enhanced photo showing the wind turbines off the Bethany coast. Similar to any artist’s rendition of any new project, the juxtaposition of a new object against a background of familiar surroundings, excites the intellect and swells local pride.

We have the Saudi Arabia of wind we were told.

However, the counter argument, is that it is untested.

But Denmark has had wind farms in operation since 1991. Currently 29 percent of that nation’s power comes from wind. There are times when just wind supplies all the power to the western half of the country.

Almost no emissions come from the wind turbines. The EU determined that the wind generators had the lowest cost per kilowatt hour than coal or any other energy source.

Similar to Jack Markell’s blog poll results, in Denmark, nearly 86% of Danes support wind energy over all other types of electrical production. The polls show that direct involvement by the citizens has helped with public approval.

At least 150000 Danes are directly invested in wind power and own either a turbine or shares in a wind farm cooperative. Currently 75% of the 5500 turbines in that country are owned by cooperatives.

Likewise most of the employment is situated in sparsely populated counties and contributes greatly to the local economies.

We often hear of the green benefits: CO2 and lack of pollution. But little is said of the economics. And currently the economics are paying off in Denmark.

I don’t know if any of you have been to the Midwest. But in the 1800’s, as the railroad crawled west, every town fought to have it come through their own city limits. Those towns, which wound up not being on the railroad, were forced to haul their goods and services by cart to those very towns that were successful in persuading the railroads to come to them.

Likewise a hundred years later , when the Interstate system was bid,  every town tried to woo the road to its city limit. Those towns which managed to be on the road, prospered; those which did not, collapsed and slowly died.

Today Delaware has the golden opportunity to be the first in what will no doubt, be the next area of major growth and investment: Green energy.

The opportunity to have our own energy needs fufilled by energy created in our backyard, that is altogether clean, cheap, efficient, and beautiful to look at, ……..cannot be passed up.