How does one condense a billion words down to a few? I wondered if the challenge was worthy of my talents. So here is my effort:

The cost of fossil fuels will rise. Every day as we use them to go about living the lifestyles we live now……..we use them up. On the other hand, energy coming from wind keeps the costs of our daily lives down to a bearable level, because wind itself, will never climb in price….

One should never forget that fossil fuels provide a cost greater than dollars… Every day, the energy we use, coming from coal, gas, or oil….takes carbon that has been in deep storage for at least 350 million years, and releases it back into the atmosphere. If we have nothing working to remove excess carbon from the air and putting it back into the ground……with each ton we burn, we increase the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Since Venus has much more carbon dioxide than we do, and is considerably hotter, even a non-scientist can assume that as we increase our air supply of carbon, our climate will get warmer as well. Wind, as it is used, will replace energy that currently pumps buried carbon into our air…

Breathing hydrocarbon residue, kills people. We know this from miners working underground in coal fields. Burning coal, releasing tons of contaminants miles from where they are ignited, kills us as well. On the other hand, Wind does nothing to kill us.

Hydrocarbons do not help other life as well. Whether from oil spills, strip mines, or polluted waterways, members of the plant and animal kingdom die daily from our need for carbon as a fuel. Windpower offshore, benefits both plant and animals, by providing artificial reefs upon the desert of ocean floor bottom, creating a mecca around which life can cluster….

Delaware is currently hostage to other states for its power….If we get power, we get only what other states can afford to give up..It stands that we will pay more for that privilege. On the other hand, if we had a low cost source supplying a larger percentage of our power needs, that was much cheaper than what we paid from outstate, our prices would drop to the floor.

The American economy is dying…We will have to cut our wages drastically to compete with the industrialized Chinese and Indian subcontinent. Wages will need to drop considerably to remain competitive…. But, if we instead choose to remain a player by creating products that can only be made here, using our ingenuity instead of our cheap manpower, we have a continuous source of income. Delaware unlike 48 other states has the chance to become the hub for offshore wind. To us, all sources may come as they too, wish to involve themselves with our new found expertise…..

This can only happen if we act to become the hub before our sister state of New Jersey. We are losing jobs. it would be nice to gain some in return….

Best of all, wind will provide stability. no more wondering if one can afford to pay one’s electric bill. You will know what it will be this year, the next and on until twenty five years have passed. No other source can provide such guarantees.

One would expect to pay a surcharge for that privilege….But surprisingly, buying into wind, is cheaper than what we are paying now for our coal, gas, and oil produced electricity.

Our best bet, is to build the Bluewater Wind offshore facility, suppliment that steady source with land based windpower, and continue our efforts to conserve and use less power in every home and business.

Only this three prong approach, will give us the ground we need to insure we are not sold short by our corporate supplier of energy.

Ironically one of the lasting legacies of this wind battle will have little to do with wind….The political tug of war between Delmarva and the citizens of the diamond state, has more than anything else, shown to all of us that the antique rules of our General Assembly, continue to keep our state from achieving its full potential. Secret meetings, secret deals, bills sneaked through in the wee hours of night, all doom this state to being a second rate power…..All seek to regulate the power given to citizens of this nation, away from the stage of Act 1, to the back rows of the peanut gallery on the balcony of the second floor…..

The wind controversy has shown us that we need fresh air in our legislature. More than ever, we need open government in our General Assembly. Then perhaps, all our state business would have the support of 90% of Delaware’s citizens, as does wind…………..