Courtesy of REPower
Courtesy of REPower

Today Bluewater Wind took the first step towards “The kavips Compromise”. They removed from negotiation, all cost incrementals, to which the PSC and the Independent Consultants had objected. Thanks to Maria Evans of WGMD, we have the actual hard copy of this proposal to show.

Bluewater proposes to go beyond the IC’s suggestion and eliminate such escalators entirely.

Overheard on Loudell’s evening news, however, is that the price was less than a dollar ( “a few cents”) over their original (2006) proposal.


Bluewater has stepped up to the plate, bat in hand. As things stand right now, as of this minute, all Delawareans will benefit for the next twenty-five years, by paying less for electric, than twenty states do now…. Imagine locking into a deal in 1982 for gasoline at $1.30 a gallon….Worthwhile investment would you say…….?

Not to mention, the lack of mercury embedded in our children’s lungs from sucking in coal smoke. Not to mention the CO2 savings our source of cheap stable energy will keep from being burned for our benefit. Not to mention, the drop in demand for medical services, as we raise a new generation of human beings who lack the carbon-pollution “huffin’ tendencies of their parents……These are just perks that come with the package. “Paying our bills, with a little more extra for ourselves, is where it is at baby……!”

Now that Bluewater has stepped up, it is time the public side of our government to do the same. Our part of the deal was to allow Bluewater wind to build the 600MW farm they had originally proposed, and selling any excess to the grid………As  Americans, they have as much right to earn a living as I do. Putting power where it is needed, equidistant from DC and NYC, will do much to benefit the PJM grid that supplies us.

On a side note, unless we want to repeat the mistakes of Denmark and Germany, those high density transmission lines need to be built ASAP. More about that in a future story……

Right now, the immediate problem at hand, is to continue supporting the 600MW option, with excess over the 300MW designated for Delmarva, going to fill the power sucking vortex of DC/Baltimore. If that can happen, all Delawareans can BREATHE a sigh of relief………

Bluewater is warmed up, ready to bat. Will representatives of our state government, throw them a slider right up the middle into the sweet zone?

They better. Perhaps you would like to tell them yourselves?

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