This was dropped not to long ago at the bottom of my last post. I remember being somewhat steamed back when it was first announce, but now, realize that Bluewater Wind, the David of our story verses the Goliath, the Henry Vth rallying on the fields of Agincourt, the band of 100 holding the pass at Thermopylae against the Persian army, is fighting the brave fight for all of us, while being strapped down upon the torture rack, with Delmarva pulling the handle driving the wheel. Their defiance against the giants, is admirable, somewhat in the same spirit as Mel Gibson’s Bravehart shouts out at that movies end.

Here is the comment:

BE IT RESOLVED that the PSC is hereby directed to deny Delmarva Power’s request to recoup any and all expenditures made to advertise or conduct the false advertising campaign constructed by Delmarva against the best interest of the Ratepayers. This resolution forbids Delmarva Power’s stated intention to recover its outlays for waging a harmful propaganda campaign against the best interests of its customers from those same ratepayers. BWW has spent its own funds to study and comprise a legitimately beneficial contract in an extremely competitive and complicated proceeding and as an honest business enterprise is not seeking recovery of these outlays at taxpayer expense. In fact BWW has had to expend considerable resources to offset the unfounded and disingenuous campaign waged by Delmarva Power against the BWW proposal and could possibly seek relief from Pepco Holdings as the parent company of Delmarva

IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that the Public Service Commission as the controlling Regulatory Agency in this matter deny any attempt and/or request by Delmarva Power to include a pass-through surcharge to its customers to recover monies spent in its ill-advised campaign to obstruct the best interests of its customers. All monetary investments and expenditures other than those made in pursuit of satisfying the requirements of HB 6 should be borne by Delmarva Power and Light and its parent company PHI and not passed through to its ratepayers.

signed John Kowalko

I am curious if anyone else out there had the same visceral reaction as did I, upon reading this?