Sometimes when ones children quarrel unnecessarily the parent quickly steps in and establishes order.  “You in this room!    You(the other)!  In that room!  Now!”  This is a trait usually associated with first time parents.

After several years, the parent subtily realizes that by stepping in at the first instigation,  he has perhaps become the obsticle for the natural negotiations necessary for lasting peace……… He turns a susposedly deaf ear, and lets negotiations proceed without interference.

And then there are times when the  arguments get so far out of hand they impact the lives of all familiy members, even those with no connection to the core of the argument……..

It is time for the parent to again step in……

We have come to that metaphorical conclusion with Delmarva’s ongoing negotiations  with Bluewater Wind.   The entire economic stability of this small state, hinges on the future building of a wind farm off the coast of Rehoboth.  Whether future jobs leave, stay, or flow into the First State depends solely upon the whether Delaware can or cannot compete on the low cost energy market……….

It is time for the parents to step in.  The parents in this case are us, and we request that negotiations go forward.  If Delmarva does not want to be a player in the negotiations, then its fate should be decided by those who do.

The PSC should suspend the negotiation process with Bluewater and Delmarva and work strictly and solely with Bluewater Wind to determine how much Delmarva deserves to be compensated for the electricity it will be forced to buy from Bluewater Wind.

The PSC and Bluewater Wind should make that determination in Delmarva’s absence.

The stakes are too high.  The extended family’s future welfare is at stake……..It is time for the parents to step in…………………..