I was browsing through Maria Evan’s posts today and while doing so, I was thinking that it would be nice to have an update on where we stood with wind as of this day, this hour, this minute…..

And there it was……..

There, and perhaps accepting that I was blinded for all the trees, was a “forest” statement which had unfortunately slipped off my agenda.

Controller Russ Larson doesn’t even need to wait for the Senate to pass the resolution, the law doesn’t require the General ASSembly to even vote for, or against the project.

I had forgotten that point. Included within House Bill 6 is NO requirement that General Assembly be involved at all. It simply says four entities must vote on the matter. Of those four, only one, was a single person. The others were boards or groups….

Russ Larson was primed to vote for moving forward on Bluewater Wind last December. Then Charlie Copeland, (who is running for Lieutenant Governor this summer, so feel free to vote for his opponent David Graham to show your displeasure (whoever wins will lose to Matt Denn anyway)), Tony DeLuca, Harris McDowell, and “Desk Drawer” Adams, and Harris McDowell, ordered him to vote no.

When the other three were informed that a no vote would be forthcoming, they wisely voted to table the bill, instead of voting to “kill” it….

And you know, it probably makes sense. For Russ Larson to represent the General Assembly as a whole, just as each board was represented as a whole, it was probably a good idea to determine whether the General Assembly was indeed in favor of going forward….

The vote should have taken place on January 3rd.

The General Assembly consists of 21 Senators and 41 Representatives.

If one does not account for the power grabbing eccentrics running the Senate, one must realize that for the spirit of the leader’s decision to be fulfilled, there must be more than half, or 31 people willing to support Bluewater’s offshore development.

Twenty five delegates voted “aye” in the House. Eight Senators have signed on as sponsors in the Senate.

That means that already, 33 out of 62 of our elected officials are in favor of moving forward.

Therefore even if a parliamentary move keeps the bill locked in “Desk Drawer’s” bureau, Russ Larson already has enough proof to know that his personal view represents the majority of our General Assembly, and can, at any time, vote “yes” with a clear conscience.

90% of Delaware is anxious to get moving………..