I have had this “in draft” for a long time.

Harris McDowell’s mistreatment of Arnette McRea has convinced me to pull it out now.

Next Wednesday there will be an attempt to bring upon the floor a vote to override this committee’s objections and order Russ Larson to represent the entire General Assembly and cast his vote for Bluewater Wind.

We can help it along.

Please copy this letter; make the necessary adjustments, print several copies and give it to your neighbors. If you have energy to go several blocks, please do.

We own Saturday and Sunday.

Tell them exactly why we do not already have a deal signed, tell them how this signed deal will protect us from future price spikes, and tell them why you personally support wind in this state, instead of in New Jersey. Should anyone have questions, refer them to me.

The other side will counter with direct mail containing their usual slander but not before Wednesday. But by pressing the flesh, we own the personal touch. This time activism makes a difference: remember 10 out of every 11 people are now on our side……..our legislators need to hear it.

Good luck. Remember what’s at stake.

Dear Voter:

I have come as a fellow Delawarean to ask a favor…One that should help you out as well. Before I begin, let me ask this question: Do you pay the electric bill? Is it getting harder to pay, now that it is so expensive?

Your Representative (Senator) is responsible for that….I am here because I feel that if I can convince you to call or write to express your displeasure to your Representative (Senator) that he will be scared straight into allowing this wind farm to go up and thereby drop all our rates. We should be the lowest paying state for electricity, not the highest paying one…..

Projections show that if we do not get a wind farm built here in Delaware, we will in 5 years face another 60% rate hike by your friends at Delmarva Power.

Your legislator is one of the very few who is still cozy with Delmarva….that is why he used a parliamentary move to stop wind from coming, despite the fact that 10 out of 11 Delawareans insist they want cheaper power.

Your Representative (Senator) will pretend he wants to protect you from high costs….Extensive research has proven that his way will cost us a lot more……However his way will make Delmarva and its holder Pepco Energy much more profitable and your representative (Senator) seems to prefer what they think, over what you think…..

What you can do. We are on the battlefield now….Depending on what you decide to do, will be the decisive factor in how this thing will go down….If you want cheaper power, call him at this number; (302) xxx-xxxx and leave a message in your own words…..

Something like: I want cheaper power and less pollution at home. You got in the way of letting that happen…I expect you to either change your opinion, or lose your seat next time to someone who thinks like we do…..I am tired of being screwed by you and Delmarva Power………

Short and to the point…… The call is free and it could save you over 2000 dollars a year……..

Your Representative (Senator) may be a nice guy….but arguably there were a lot of Germans, Japanese, North Koreans, North Vietnamese, Iraqi’s, and Iranians who I am sure, to all their family and friends, were nice guys also…..But to us, they were just on the wrong side………

Right now, your Representative (Senator) is on the wrong side of what is best for Delaware….Let him know……

Do your duty: God can handle the rest……….


Your Neighbor