Attention Delmarva Customers:”

Blah, Blah,Blah………………….

Bluewater will cost you twice as much…..

Blah, Blah, Blah.………………..

Of course you are allowed to lie. Under this Republican administration, there is no such thing as truth in advertising……

Sure Chinese toys are safe for children


Your pet will never forget our brand of Pet food…….”

Anyone can say anything and there is flat out no accountability…..The longterm problem is that as cynical as this society has become, we will not hear the real call of “Wolf” until it is too late, thanks the the lax laissez-faire policies of Republican bureaucrats in charge of monitoring truthfulness on our airwaves…..

But the Delmarva commercial is not true. I was asked by one indidvidual how they could possible spin their commercial so they could stand up in court, if and when that time arrives.

It took me quite a few listens to hear how they constructed their argument so they could state their lie without stating a lie.

We hear the words “costs half as much as Bluewater Wind…..” and that unfortunately, happens to be all we hear.

The truth is that Bluewater Wind at $105 dollars / MWh is already cheaper than Delmarva Power is at $110 dollars /MWh. What’s cool is that in 2039, when the contract is expected to end, Bluewater Wind will still cost $105 dollars per MWh in today’s dollars. By that time, coal, gas, and oil could be as high as $250 dollars per MWh…….

That’s the truth. Here is how Delmarva spins their lie.

if you listen, they say that they have some bids for on=hore wind power that are less than half the cost of wind power. They do not tell you that there are no bids for coal, gas, or oil that are below that amount….

So the question we should be asking when we hear that commercial, is this: how much onshore wind power generated energy do you plan to supply? 300 MWh?

For that is the amount Bluewater wind will provide at $105 dollars per MWH.

Delmarva is planning to provide roughly 66 MWH of onshore wind power……What that means ….., is that you get stuck with the bill for the difference of 254 megawatts being sold at sky high prices………

(That is how they can afford to get you this great deal on onshore wind.)

It’s as if your one gas station in town, had a Tuesday night special, where they sold 10 gallons of gasoline for $2.00 a gallon. The rest ot the week, they charged you $5.00 per gallon: a price far above the fair market value. So if you drove on two fill ups or 50 gallons a week, you would be paying $20 dollars for the first 10 gallons and $200 dollars for the subsequent other 40. Your total weekly cost would be $220.

At the market price of $4.00 a gallon, the same $50 gallons would cost you ……………………$200 a week…..

This marketing scam allows the gas station to freely advertise that they have the cheapest gas anywhere around…..and for 10 gallons, they do.

So without telling you how much on shore wind will be available, Delmarva can make the claim…..same as the gas station, that at one point in the comparison, they are truly the cheaper of the two……

At one point, they are….

But imagine if the roles were reversed, and a new gas station wanted to come into town….To get approval they of course had to publicize what their price structure would be……They would offer the gas at $3.75 for the period of an extended contract.

Their competitor, the first gas station about which I spoke, would expectedly counter with……”Why that is $1.75 dollars more than our lowest price….”

I hope this digression helps those of you still struggling to filter slivers of truth out of those, who really need to seat their sizzling pants in a bucket is crisp, cool rainwater.

Bluewater Wind is the cheapest deal around.