The battle for wind in the state of Delaware is really a proxy for a larger conflict.

John Carney has immediately with one touchdown put himself in the lead at least to those who follow the topic. This contest in September may be solely decided by which candidate over the next 7 months, has done more to bring wind power to its fruition.

It also gives us notice as to who will run this state. Is this candidate serving notice to his party’s leadership, that their unwillingness to play his way on issues, will seriously put them at a disadvantage when it comes time for the “Bang-up Four” to court public opinion.

McDowell, DeLuca, Copeland, and “Desk Drawer” Adams, will forever be bad guys responsible for stopping offshore wind power’s equivalent of Silicon Valley from setting up camp in lower Delaware.

Not only will those four corrupt panderers have collectively cost Delaware 1.3 Billion in extra energy costs, but they will also have doomed Delaware to economic oblivion, at a worth of 25 Billion in lost investment and lost wages.

Carney has taken a step to let us all know that he, if elected, WILL BE in charge.

With this metaphoric kick being good, the extra point added, and the kickoff ball flying fast through the air, it is now Markell’s turn to make something happen with the ball.