It is hard to grasp the big picture……where does one start? The consequences are tragic if one errs in the assessment.

This state will soon close two automobile manufacturing production facilities, which have been keystones of our local economy for years.

There are a myriad of reasons why. Some blame Minner. Others blame Sam Latham. But both of these are no more than damage control artists. The real blame lies with those who misread the impact of the tea leaves which said that gas would soar above $3.00 a gallon and big cars would become too expensive to drive…….

It is a difference in perspective, such as the difference in perspective of how we fought WWII and this Iraq War.

Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai got it right…….Good cars, low gas cost. What about that was too hard for American auto makers to understand?

They didn’t. They chose unwisely, and soon many auto workers will shift spending their day from the assembly line, to the unemployment line……..(better raise state unemployment taxes now).

In 1970 as these decisions were originally being made, a glance to Europe or Japan, could have clued someone into our current energy prices crunch…….. We knew someday it would have to happen to us……and we gave it lip service while pushing SUV’s upon the American public……..Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai knew someday it would happen as well. They took a different approach.

And now, with a knock at the door the bill has come due.

I bring this up today, not because of the closing of the Canadian plants, or the Delawarean plants, or unloading of pension funds to unions to cut costs…….

I bring this up today because the same type of “bad'” decision making is being touted by enemies of Bluewater wind……

Using misinformation to paint a picture that like gas guzzling cars, we can continue to pay low costs for fossil fuels forever, will lead us again down the same path…..

We saw it happen once. We can change things this time to insure it does not happen again.

The word “lie” is a nebulous term. One can use language to stretch meanings of words thin enough to make even a blatant” lie”, appear somewhat truthful if pushed or shoved hard enough…..So for that reason I will use that word to point out some mis truths and sloppy accounting by Delmarva in its comparative cost analysis of itself compared to wind……

This is the one that sold me on wind. Delmarva, in order to show wind power as being too expensive, compares Bluewater’s cost estimates to the 2005 price Delawarean’s once paid for energy. In 2006 we paid 60% more, making from that point on, Bluewater to be the cheaper option.

Fact 1: Bluewater will provide energy cheaper than we pay for it TODAY. Per term letter, Bluewater will provide electricity cheaper than 10.59 cents per kwh. Go check what rate Delmarva charged you on your October 2007 power bill.

Fact 2: Delmarva charges varying rates depending on the price it receives for its fuel…….Just as gasoline has climbed steadily higher causing the gas guzzlers to be traded in for a Toyota or a Hyundai, so will the cost of all carbon fuels. The higher Delmarva pays for gas, the higher we pay to cover that cost increase……

Fact 3: There is not enough land based renewable energy to fulfill the quotas of all those states demanding it. All Pennsylvania has planned is 483 MW of wind power. Currently only 179 MW is available now.

Fact 4: Delmarva does not oppose Bluewater Wind because it affects the citizens of Delaware. They oppose it because with Bluewater Wind, they can’t rip you off as they do now.

Fact 5: The US has peaked in its supply of natural gas. Additional supply will need to be imported by LNG ships from the middle east.

Fact 6: Most accessible coal has already been mined. Additional coal must be mined in hard to reach areas passing the cost on to consumers.

Fact 7: Land based windmills create havoc to the environment where they are placed. Seaborne wind turbines create natural reefs and increase wildlife wherever they are placed.

Fact 8: Breathing coal residue kills humans. Wind power does not.

Fact 9: Delmarva will not negotiate willingly. Measures must be taken quickly to insure that the states interests receive primal consideration over the whinings of a corporate power.

Fact 10 Delmarva’s executives will earn $362,500,000 in bonuses if the current shenanigans in with which they are involved like Enron, are allowed to continue….

Fact 11: There is no additional cost to Delaware electrical users if Bluewater wind is built. If it fails, we as rate payers, do not pay a dime more for the effort….It is all on Bluewater Wind, or Babcock & Brown.

Final synopsis: better health, better environment, doing something about global warming, progressively lower electrical bills, no matter how high coal and gas soar through the roof.

Should the grid fail one day, with Bluewater Wind, at least Delaware woundn’t be without power, as would all the surrounding states.

Delaware has the Saudi Arabia of Wind offshore. We can chose to be farsighted, as were Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai, in their future planning, or we can go the way of Chrysler and GM, and blow the one opportunity to “do it right” for Delaware…….

Imagine if other businesses pulled up stakes and moved to New Jersey or Maryland, because those two states chose to go forward with wind power, dropping their utility rates below gas and coal, and Delaware, stupid us, did not………