Title 26:Chapter 10:

§ 1015. Procedures to govern commission proceedings.

(a) The Commission is authorized to enter such orders and adopt such regulations as may be needed to implement retail competition in accordance with this title….

In plain talk, by law the Commission can make Delmarva sign with Blue water Wind and there is nothing within the law, that Delmarva Power can do about it…… This very law itself has to be considered unconstitutional for Delmarva to have a leg to stand on and nullify the agreement it signed with Bluewater Wind. To achieve that milestone, they would have to prove that all laws imposed upon corporations by state governments are unconstitutional. That would include Delaware’s Famous Banking Laws. They would be going against 220 years of precedent.

The same rule applys whether it was at one time, best in our state’s interests for Delmarva to deal with their sister Connectiv, or now with their step child, Bluewater Wind. What is good for one, must by law also apply to the other.