There are just seven sessions left.

Both the dockets of the Senate and the House are full

It looks unlikely that the Senate will override its leadership and vote.

Now again is it time to call.

Senate Majority Leader
Senator Anthony J. DeLuca
(D) Varlano Legislative District: 11

Legislative Hall Office Outside Office
P.O. Box 1401
Dover, DE 19903


It must go up for a vote…. (it still can if enough of us yell loud enough)

Many of you are familiar with the story and possibly with this year’s movie with the same title: Horton Hears A Who.

In that scenario, the tiny dust speck on which lives a whole civilization of “Who’s”, is about to be boiled alive. Only by making their existence known within the Kangaroo Court on whose decision their fate lies, will their civilization be spared. Even with everyone on the planet yelping, clanging, and gonging, only the giant elephant ears of Horton, can pick up their minuscule vibrations. Entreated by Horton, the mayor races through town to find any voice not appropriately yelling for its own salvation…..

In one room, more interested in playing with his yo yo, is one tiny ‘who”. Racing back to the megaphone, he holds the tiny tot up and gives it a big pinch….

It does the trick. Their existence is acknowledged.

The metaphorical parallels as to whether Delaware survives, prospers, or not, are somewhat scary.
So if you haven’t already done so today, put down your Yo Yo, pick up the phone to the above number….