In a largely unknown formality, the NFL Commissioners met today to sanction the results of Sunday’s game.  Usually they meet, agree to accept the games outcome, and it can then become official.

Apparently one of the group voted no, and since the vote has to be unanimous,  the identity of the champion is in limbo.

“This is outrageous.” said Commissioner Kowalko. “Almost 100 million watched it live.  All of them saw with their own eyes that it was won by the Giants”.

“Not so fast”, said NFL detractor McDowell.  “There are calls that may have been overlooked during the actual game which could possibly annul a touchdown and switch the game around completely,  giving the unbeaten New England Patriots, their perfect record after all.”

‘If we can find a hold or face mask that was not called, then the Patriots will get the title”, said Adams, from the Patriot’s home office.  “It just can’t be…..the greatest team ever can not lose to a fifth seeded wild card team.  Things like that do not happen.  There has to be an error and we will search until we find it…..”  Adams added.

Quarterback Manning took it in stride.  “We won, it was open and transparent.  They had their chance to contribute, and we beat them.  I am confident, that all will agree, we outplayed them in the final minutes, and deserve our win.”

The Patriot’s team has placed two lawsuits against the NFL on hold, pending the reappraisal of the investigation.

Five meetings will be held by Commissioner McDowell around the country.  The first, should be the most contentious, since it will be held in the Meadowlands.  The second will be held in Boston, with the rest held in Phoenix, Tampa Bay, and Green Bay.

Opponents of this decision have called it a delaying tactic just to prevent the Giants from receiving their Superbowl rings.  When asked for comment, Commissioner Copeland said “I see nothing wrong for the Patriots to pursue avenues that will better their organization.  They have a right: let them exercise it. ”  Copeland finished by saying: “I actually like the Giants, but an unbeaten record will not come around for a long time.  We have a duty to give the average football viewer the best outcome of a game that can happen.  Most would like to say they saw a team go all the way in their lifetimes…..”

Football fans for the most part are outraged.   “Once the game is over, it is over.” shouted one fan to the commissioners as they left the building under heavy security guard.  “We play by rules in this country”,  shouted another later identified as J Scott.

The decision stunned the foreign press.  “What is wrong with those Americans” the Daily Telegraph (UK) shouted across its front page.

“Only in America,…  when a thing is final, it is never final,” sighed the French Presse.

Referee Boncelet agrees with the Commissioner’s decision.  He was the only referee concurring.

“Games are not decided by the final score, they are decided by how each referee’s calls, create or eliminate opportunities to gain ground.  In a game this big,  if a referee misses a call that can make a difference in whether that important final play is made or not, it should affect the outcome.  We have reason to believe miscalls did occur and we will find them.”

Boncelet is being paid $275,000 by the Patriot’s  to review the films.