From below the News Journal article about Karen Petersen:( I think it is somewhere close to comment 63).

There is a mistaken, if not purposefully ascribed, notion that Wind power is somehow connected to Greens. Greens do support wind power but then again, so does 94% of Delaware.

It could be because they pay too much for Delmarva’s 59% increase. It could be because they are scared of cancer and breathing the fumes put out in creating the power Delmarva sells us today. But then, it could be because they like the idea of Delaware being first again in something that the rest of the nation will follow. Or it could be because the idea of Delaware being underwater soon, and the loss of Rehoboth and Bethany Beach will crimp their summer style. Yes, it could be any number of these, but whichever of these reasons any individual chooses………..he will pay less with the Bluewater Wind proposal.

How do we know this? By checking prices. The newest wind turbine can produce electricity at 2.3 cents per kilowatt/hour. The last source we had on this planet producing energy at a cost close to that, was natural gas in 1991 which gave us electricity at 3.0 cents per kilowatt/hour.

I ask reader to understand that Bluewater Wind is just one small part of the equation. When those trying to argue against wind say it will cost 7 billion over the life of the program, ask them to explain the 13 billion cost we are estimated to pay if we don’t develop a wind farm that is home grown….

Ask them to explain how they expect prices of carbon fuels to remain stable over the next twenty five years? Peak oil already past, as well as peak natural gas, and now we hear that peak coal is supposed to pass us in 2012. For those that don’t know, peak oil, gas, coal means that we have reached the maximum level of supply, and from that point on, the supply starts shrinking. Obviously the less of a product, and the higher demand, means we will pay more for coal, gas, and oil…….

That huge price increase is something all the antagonists of the wind farm have long been counting on. It is not new news….It has been in the prospectus of every energy investment brochure since 1996. They all say “invest now because demand will soar as supply dwindles”…….

What caught them off guard, was that someone actually had a wind farm that was doable and was ready to build it just as carbon’s cost started to rise exponentially. You see, it puts a damper on their plans. How can they charge you 25 cents per kilowatt hour when the wind farm is belting out power every time the wind blows for 2.3 cents a kilowatt hour?

The smart oil companies, BP, Shell, to name two that do business here in the US, are in the process of building wind farms that make ours look teeny in comparison. They see the direction economics is driving electricity and are now positioning themselves to get some piece of it.

All the negative facts and innuendos being thrown out in this Bluewater deal are designed to confuse, so you fail to see the big picture until it is too late. If Bluewater Wind goes though, they stand to lose money; as for trying to kill it now, if they stand to lose 22.7 cents a kilowatt hour,…they certainly have the right to try.

But you, the person paying for your electricity….also have rights. You have the right to live better. You have the right to buy the equivalent of a Lexus instead of a used Gremlin. But if you fail to shake on the deal in a timely fashion, you will, based on pure economics, be paying more later for the Gremlin, than you ever would for the Lexus.

So it is really not that hard to understand why so many people are supportive of wind, almost to the score of 10 out of every 11 people.

These few ( remember they are only 1 out of every 11 people) who religiously discredit wind……..well, ask them to investigate the alternative. I did. And to be honest that is why I believe this wind farm is just what Delaware needs. It’s like being told you have cancer. It is not whether you can afford the treatment, it is whether you can afford not to……..

Of course those financially tied to Delmarva, as well as oil, gas, and coal, will argue their case as ardently as possible….but in the end, they are arguing for the right to screw you later.

Anyone interested in more data, just Google: “wind power Tommywonk” and check out those links for real data provided by governmental sources, Those links provide answers to all the arguments being made here against the Bluewater Wind farm………from sources we can believe for a change.

Speaking of real data: In the contract that was almost signed…Bluewater would sell Delmarva power at 9.89 cents per kilowatt hour for twenty five years. Just three months later, the best three year deal that Delmarva was able to offer, was 10.30 cents per kilowatt hour: only three months out and already 4.1 % increase over what Bluewater had guaranteed as permanent for twenty five years.

Don’t listen to what they say…….just read the price tags.