In a tit for tat on Delaware Politics.Net (formerly and forever FSP), Dave tries to defend his friend Charlie Copeland against Al Mascitti from WDEL.

He tries.

Most of you know a Senate report was created by Harris McDowell with Tainted Love for Bluewater Wind. It was an effort to stab Bluewater while acting as a friend of renewable energy in general….”Et, tu? Brute?”

On the committee sat 6 Senators. Harris McDowell acted as chairman. The vote went 4 to 2 to release the committee’s report, which by now, the whole world, even the Houston (yes, Texas) Chronicle considers suspect. Those voting against were Cathy Clouther, and Karen Peterson. Those siding with McDowell, were Robert Marshall (Wilm), Robert Venables (Laurel), and yes, one Charlie Copeland (Pottersville)……..

It would be worthy for all of you to keep in mind, that as we hear from Dave how much Mr. Copeland supports wind power, to realize that all Charlie had to do in order to show his support of wind….. was to vote NOT to release the tainted love report (somehow hammered together by McDowell while keeping the Speck in his own eye). The vote would have held at 3-3 and the report would have stayed in committee…..

Bottom line. If we lose Bluewater Wind, Charlie (among others) is to blame……….

90% of us can return the favor on Nov. 4th. And Lee for having signed on, will forever be the butt of jokes for an entire generation. (How many beers did it take, Charlie?) 🙂