A curious thing popped up in Tennessee. I would be interested to follow it across several states because in theory, the same problem should hold true across the board….

In ELA in 2013, schools were, across the board much more likely to receive positive value-added scores for ELA in fourth and eighth grades than in other grades (see Table 1). Simultaneously, districts struggled to yield positive value-added scores for their sixth and seventh grades in the same subject-areas. Fifth grade scores fell consistently in the middle range, while the third-grade scores varied across districts


Table 1. Percent of Schools that had Positive Value-Added Scores in English/language arts by Grade and District (2013) (Districts which had less than 25% of schools indicate positive growth are in bold)
District      Third      Fourth    Fifth     Sixth     Seventh      Eighth
Memphis      41%       43%        45%      19%        14%           76%
Nashville      NA        43%        28%      16%        15%           74%
Knox             72%       79%        47%      14%         7%            73%
Hamilton     38%      64%        48%      33%      29%            81%
Shelby           97%     76%         61%       6%        50%            69%
Sumner         77%     85%         42%       17%      33%            83%
Montgomery NA      71%         62%       0%        0%              71%
Rutherford     83%   92%         63%      15%     23%             85%
Williamson    NA      88%        58%      11%      33%           100%
Murfreesboro NA     90%        50%     30%     NA              NA

SOURCE: Teachers College Record, Date Published: June 08, 2015
http://www.tcrecord.org ID Number: 17987, Date Accessed: 7/27/2015


The premise made in the article (tongue in cheek) was that if a teacher scores bad on their Praxis, they get shoved to either 6th or 7th grade… All schools put all their bad teachers together in 6th and 7th grade?.. But look at those scores. There is something definitely going on at that level. and then, things return to normal as the grow older……

How can all students be great until they get to 6th grade then tube for two years, and bounce back?  Can it truly be as Markell and Murphy insist, the teacher’s fault?

Obviously not.   I don’t think anyone has to defend the scores… There is obviously something wrong here….

To explain, let me refresh how these scores are set…  You have a raw scores and a set score… The raw score is what we think of when we take a test… Oh, we got 550 out of 800.     The set score is where you create a stoplight of categories and label them exceptional, proficient, basic, and below.   Someone has to choose the number above which one gets one category; below which they fall into another.  This is called the cut score… Does your child make the cut and get into the upper two categories?

One can raise the cut levels to fail more people; one can lower the cut levels to pass more people.. Essentially someone actually decides what percentage should be called proficient, and what percentage should be below that level…  Once the raw scores have arrived, they then figure the levels where to separate the wheat from the chaff.

This means, if the raw scores on the test are very good, the percentage still stands… One can do well and get a failing grade because so many others happened to do better than them…  It is arbitrary.   Likewise if the raw scores are very bad, the highest and lowest categories will have the same percentages as before… The test determines rank, but does not determine what a child does or does not know…   That is because this test is not designed for students.  It was designed to fire teachers and close schools.

If you digested all that……. here is what happens. Once you set the scores for the eleventh grade, you go backwards down the grades setting scores that if passed will eventually meet that score you set for the graduating class.  A graph of what you did would look like this…

linear graph

Equal improvement across every grade… So you would set the cut scores along a linear line like this so every grade got improved….

But something systematically fails in 6th Grade and 7th Grade…  Across the board the expectations are set too high, and though children learn a lot in that year, they are not meeting the level of learning that was arbitrarily set for them.

In grown up terms it would be like you did Zumba every day and your trainer expected you to do it for one more hour each day….  Going from one to two, not too bad… Three hours to four… wow, close to your limit… 5 hours?  You needed help but got there… Now… after doing a marathon 5 hour stint… the next day there is no way you can do a 6 hour run.. Nor can you do a 7 hour run the day after… But after rest, you are able to designate a whole day so you do your 8 hours and the 9 and 10 hour days seem like regular days now….

I wondered:  what if there were brain charts of human development that might shed light on this mystery?

brain development

courtesy of docstoc

Notice the major drop in vision, hearing, habitual ways of responding, and language.  (The math dropped less and its standardized scores across the state of Tennessee corresponded likewise).  All the ELA skills have reached bottom of scale around 6th of 7th grade..

So we are testing children at a point when their capacity for brain growth for language is at zero and we are setting benchmarks based on when they were young and capable of growing new neurons and connections at a very rapid rate…

Now these kids learn fine just like you and I learned fine in 6th and 7th grades… The problem with this test, is that they don’t learn exactly up to the level of what someone behind a desk in Washington guesses they should learn; or more likely, doesn’t even care if they learn or not; he just wants his paycheck….

Here is what I saw that was fascinating…. peer social skills was developing at a very high rate compared to everything else.  This makes sense if anyone has children. At 6-7th grade they suddenly realize they need to gain skill at dealing with peer issues.  Unfortunately this huge part of their brains growth and development is not on the test.  Instead, they are being tested as if they were newborns….

Obviously the idea behind Common Core, is that if you force kids to learn more faster they will do it… However all of us would think it would be stupid to force a horse to go 100 mph… Horses simply can’t do that… Likewise, a child in 6th and 7th grade cannot perform faster than his brain will let him… It stands to reason if his brain has stopped growing in that field, his scores will too.

So every child in 6th and 7th grade will be labeled a failure… Their teachers will be fired.  Schools will be prioritized and rolled over to charters…. and it was all for naught…

Nothing was wrong.. They children are doing fine… it is the test that is fvcked up and boy, is it fvcked up royally…….

We did not have this problem with the DCAS…We must all join and scrap the Smarter Balanced Assessment and replace it with the DCAS ……

In Delaware, Common Core IS the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  You remove the Smarter Balanced Assessment, you get rid of Common Core…

Opting-out is nice, but this test’s removal is mandatory if we want educational gains to continue forward…….

(Educational Researcher, August/September 2014, p.286)  Gary Orfield.

Instead of reporting in terms of performance categories, we could report performance in terms of scale scores. A solid body of empirical research suggests that scale scores provide more complete information on performance and are more useful for the purpose of informing improvement efforts.

But unfortunately for corporate America, scale scores do not promote the lie that our educational system is failing… That lie is only propelled by reporting performance “categories” which are made up structures having no relevance outside the committee making them up……

Where are Delaware’s……

This is day one….

Link to Washington State’s Preliminary Report

Flag Over Delaware Capitol

He vetoed HB 50. Vetoing Opt Out sets segregation back to 1956…….  One could possible see a future Governor Charlie Copeland becoming the new George Wallace… But Governor Markell?   Vetoing a bill that segregates, then under-funds black schools worse than they were in Alabama of the 50’s?  And doing it over a  crushing 14-7 Senate vote and a 36-3 House vote in favor?

When all other states are FINALLY taking down the Rebel Flag,  Delaware is preparing to make itself ready to raise theirs …… Look around.  The signs are all around you….

And urges every black legislator to jump on and fully support the removal of the SBAC from all schools….

The problem in Delaware as other bloggers currently heap heat on those black legislators who just Uncle Tom’d their race , … is that those people were lied to and wantonly accepted those lies like a big Largemouth Bass willingly accepts a twisting worm twirled around a hook with a line running straight up to the water’s surface.

The Smarter Balanced Assessment is the absolute worst thing that has ever happened to black people.  It is worse than cops killing black youth.  It is worse than the high conviction rates piled on blacks instead of the light sentences doled out to whites.  It is worse then the number of blacks in prison…

The Smarter Balanced Assessment is a tool ….. One designed to label black children as failures, and affirm white children as successes….

Black schools are disproportionately funded, and their students will be disproportionately labeled as failures.  Using standardized tests to label black people and immigrants as failures while systematically underfunding their schools, has a long and ugly history in our nation’s history…..

Those blacks who voted against the opt out movement, are rushing separate but unequal segregation forward faster….

The Smarter Balanced Assessment is simply unfair… We once had a very fair test, the DCAS, but Greg Lavelle’s vote last year caused the Smarter Balanced to become law of the land….

All blacks need to opt out… All immigrants need to opt out… All economically disadvantage children need to opt out.  All special education children need to opt out…  Everyone needs to opt out…. We need a different test.

Your children are not failures… it is the test which is…   Get rid of the test.. Tell your legislator to get rid of the test….  If you can possibly do it in public to put him on the spot… more power to you.

Delaware’s NAACP needs to fire its leadership and get itself in line with the national movement of Black Lives Matter… Our leader is a flat-out Uncle Tom. No ifs. No ands. No buts.  Until you vote in change, we  Delawareans continue to have the Samuel Jackson character in Django running the blacks in the household dominated by the rich investors of the Delaware Way.

Who left out there has guts?

We need a NAACP leader who fights to rid Delaware of all Charter Schools.  Fights to rid Delaware of all corporate tests and return to tests written by teachers (DCAS).  We need a NAACP  leader who calls on all schools to strike, hell with the law.  We need a NAACP leader who calls on every black, every minority, every free lunch child, and ever special ed student to opt out of the test right now…. We need a NAACP leader who stands up for Black people… Not one who goes running into the governor’s chamber for a photo-op anytime someone calls them out for what they truly are….

It is just another name.  In today’s reality it speaks of those 5 people who rule the world through their influence. That influence comes strictly tied to shares of ownership…. Those 5 own directly or indirectly enough of the global economy to hold everyone in thrall.

Which when they pull in the direction of our own interests, is ok. When they don’t, we have to modify their power or lose our power..

After the past recession if truth will ever become fact, you will one day learn how we needed them to jump start our post recessional economy. No one had seed money but them. We are now suffering the residuals of that effective policy. Like chemo-therapy, what once was needed for all of us, is now not.

Essentially we continue to let them benefit from the low tax rates then in effect… We used our low tax rates to compensate for other nations use of lowly paid labor in order to help us match their end-costs and stay competitive….

With the global economic implosion the top echelon lost a large percentage and in order to make them willing to throw their leftover good money into saving it, we the people had to make sure they got something back… While profits were low, our plan worked… Now that profits are high, it is working still but to our detriment.

So it is time to change.

Historically that happens with revolutions. France, Colonial America, Ireland, as well as hundreds of documented revolts in ancient Rome line historical accounts of record, where desperate men facing desperate measures had nothing to lose in completely dismantling their society….

And whether that attempt is effective or not, surprisingly…comes down to simply a contest of strength of wills between the two contesting parties. Ultimately that means it depends on your will. Do you yourself have the will for fight for your rights and if necessary risk everything you own to remain a democratic nation?   History implies we don’t; written accounts show us democracy has not been sustainable over the long term. 

Today if every American wanted some type of revolution, there would no way of putting it down. The only way a corrupt government can continue over the wishes of its governed, is to make them prefer the evils they have over what may potentially come upon them if they should ever decide to rise up…..

So as one example the force used against Occupy crowds was there to make others wary of joining in; not so much to wreak havoc on those few demonstrators who were as demonstrators, extremely almost to a fault, well behaved…..

The signal given was “yes, you can have free speech” as long as it is first approved by us…. Those few who picked their battles to demonstrate against Liberals and Socialists do not have cops dressed in intimidation descend upon their displays or bombard their gathering with helicopter backwash… Instead they have tacit approval and are left alone….

Now, none of us alive today felt affinity to those saying… “Rah, rah, rah, Support the Kochs” even though they had corporate America’s and big donor’s support solidly behind them. None of us cared to join. On the contrary in 2011, I think just about everyone felt some affinity towards the Occupy movement in one form or another so the impetus to join their ranks was very high. Many of today’s current politicians and community spokespeople were there at Occupy voting in pure democracy along with everyone else..

As an anti-authoritarian protest Tienanmen Square in China was relatively harmless in what it “did”, but was extremely damaging to the Communist Chinese government for what it “represented”, freedom of expression. Having happy people in a square is not a problem. A problem is that all other Chinese will next do the same and together coalesce and form a counter-government that almost everyone would prefer over the current existing one…

Therefore the brutality at Tienanmen Square was not necessary to clean a square of very harmless happy people… It was necessary to scare all others from doing the same… “Look what happens to you if you challenge your government”…

Now there was a huge risk in undertaking that controversial Chinese governmental policy. It could have flipped Just as easily as having a well cast die turn on its side; in turn it could have created the opposite effect causing a reaction like:… “Oh, no. They are killing us off, All of us need to join and overthrow every Communist Government leader now”… If every village simultaneously lynched, killed, or ran off their communist party, there would be nothing the Communists could do… They are hugely outnumbered.

But the Chinese leader read his population right. The massive numbers of the working class kowtowed and went back into their dutiful trained mode of keeping their head down to keep from having it cut off. On the other hand, the Russian junta two years later got it wrong… Just like the British got it wrong in America prior to 1776. Just like the French got it wrong in Vietnam in 1956. Just like the Russians and Americans both got it wrong in Afghanistan….

When large numbers of people choose to fight… it becomes very hard to regain control… One can only ultimately regain control as is ISIS today, by force and horror, and that force has to be completely overwhelming and destructively horrific enough to wipe out all bad blood, leaving only good available after one takes control… Very messy.

Our forefathers were much closer to violent history. Their ancestors unlike ours were there simply because whenever they attacked, or were attacked, they won and overcame adversity. Whoever lost got rounded up and killed off and their genes were long gone.

The founding fathers scoured history for a way to stop that trend from continuing in this brand new land. Only those of us most astute in historical archives are aware of their knowledge of interstate religious “wars” that took place here, on these shores, primarily between catholics and protestants, or Puritans and the established church… They were “wars” in quotation marks because they really only amounted to raids since so few people were here at the time.. But… they did their damage in spilled blood, but now todays children and most of the general population know nothing of it and think America was always one big happy family.

That big happy family came about solely because of the system established by the founding fathers. A system that was impartial almost to a fault, and left judgments strictly in the hands of society’s members whoever happened to be in power at that moment time…. Each of those people had to constantly receive the affirmation from those governed or lose their position to someone deemed more preferable by a majority of their constituents…..

And it’s worked so far… Just like Democracy in Rome also worked for about 250 years… Today all Americans are 12 years away from that mark in Roman history when at 250 years, Romans gave up their chartered right to rule themselves and instead settled for accepting whomever grabbed the mantel of tyrant or person holding absolute power.

Indeed. Our parallel is not only enumerative, but reflects parallels in our societies as well. We have a media that is controlled. We have the ability to monitor every citizen; to control them by intimidation over “what might happen” based on our knowledge of their peccadilloes. We are treating fellow human beings as things to be exterminated instead of human being fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters, and grandparents who are for the most part, just like us. We are at the point where as serfs we have only two options: accept what our master gives, or starve. There is no opportunity to change or step up. Suck it or else.

Likewise right now we have education slowly closing its ranks to the poor, and giving top income earners a worthy jump in life over those whose lot was to be born in the 99%…. We have corporations poisoning our food, and killing the Monarch butterfly with our representative Congress accepting its private donations and voting willingly to kill both us and many other species, even outlawing counter-studies or discussion to prevent anything bad from surfacing which could cause masses of people to change their minds.. We have energy now monopolized into the hands of very few, and so to live, must accept their price or perish.

Like the Romans we now have continuous war because both parties in Washington now get rich off off it.

So yes. From a historical point, we may very well see democracy disappear in our lifetimes and for most of us if it did, would bode little change. We’d still work, get drunk, entertain ourselves, and go to bed. Romans continued as a dominant society 400 more years after giving up their rights to tyrants. But for others, doing this will mean extermination. It will mean life’s disruption. It will mean a return to slavery… Simply because there is no longer any possible way to override the will of whatever directive each tyrant decrees…

Like every prior civilization, eventually our governmental society will soon become corrupt; since when one is in favor by the rulers one is set for life, the best way to curry favor quickly is to bestow gifts: gifts paid for by you and me. Currently the only thing keeping Democracy in its place now, is the lucky fact that no one is seriously challenging it. But give us one major disruption and someone to effectively blame it on democracy’s inadequacies.. and that tyrant suddenly looks very appealing. That so far is what we have not had, but odds say we will face soon if we do not decide once and for all right now, who we really want controlling our lives: representatives of ourselves or a monarch….

The prime question we currently face right now is how to cut the string running from the handlers to the puppets… The handlers have no real effective power. Do you even know who the top 5 hedge fund holders are? But having Carper cast a certain vote. Have Coons cast a certain vote. Have Carney vote a certain way and with 60 votes in the Senate and 218 in the House, certain policies do quietly get set…. Policies that hurt 99% of Americans, always still squeak by with only a few votes which is all they need.

The reason we are at this point is because when that argument was made, that people with money should have more clout in government over ordinary people who don’t have money… it won. And it stood up in court… Citizens United opened the door for money to takeover our government and leave 99% of our people in its dust. The original idea behind Democracy was that every eligible man had one vote. The new forthcoming idea is that if you have a hundred million dollars, you should have 100 million more times of voting influence over someone worth one dollar….

In effect, the worth of any person through this decision now became more important than the individuality of that same person…

We come from pioneer stock. It wasn’t always that way. Our ancestors knew that worth was based on luck but survivability was based on effort and that every person had an equal share in making Democracy work, and every person should therefore have an equal representation….

What Citizen’s United did was turn this original idea on its head. The idea that money spent was a form of free speech immediately gave power to those with all the money… They now had all the free speech… It was a bad idea and one that disenfranchised 315 million Americans from their own government.

Now. Even if a politician-elect is a great people’s candidate, one who was very humanly oriented in their original candidacy, after one term they too are forced into this reality of kowtowing to those who can break them. This explains the fall of Chris Coons and John Carney. As soon as the reality hits of being in Washington, it becomes explained very quickly to them by their brethren that to stay in power one must acquiesce to power. There are great forces against which if you don’t comply, can flood your constituency with a lot of trouble against which anyone would prefer not to deal.

If you are in a solid party-controlled seat, they make someone with resources primary you. If you are in a close two-party election seat, someone with resources will challenge you.. the money will be forthcoming to them… Amazing amounts of money you can only dream of seeing… (O’Donnell- Coons)…

If you were in power… why on earth would you even listen to a single person like me? Seriously. I can do nothing more than give you one vote. But Acme Corporation, rich off of Wily Coyote’s sales, can buy challengers against you for pennies on the dollar. If you vote no, when its PAC says yes… you have to question which really is the best for your citizens long-termed interests? For if you vote no as you wish, and lose the next election round, someone much worse will be thrust in your place making all those same decisions. It becomes apparent rather quickly that if you wish to keep your values for which you were elected, you need to do the dance of listening to constituents and obfuscating from them all your votes for the power brokers as best you possibly can. Ironically under Citizen’s United, this becomes indeed the preferable course of action… The last thing we need is someone replacing Carney with Copeland in the next election… Then the little people have lost all clout…

So what needs to happen is that all the ground rules quickly change in campaign finance so the power becomes more balanced between those with money and those with numbers who have little money. And that is easily done. We already did it with McCain-Feingold. That is until it was deemed unconstitutional following the Citizens United decision. The court said any containment of influence by wealthy individuals or PAC’s was a violation of free speech… What happened next was that the new influence of unlimited money, in turn violated our rights to free speech by isolating us from all ongoing dialogue, since their ad-buys block my voice out…. I now lack the free speech once afforded me because of the effects of Citizen’s United… Which means if I can no longer speak out for any of your interests, then you too have lost your right to free speech ultimately because you do not have over $100 million dollars to spend simply to get access to listeners.

Unless Citizens United is quickly overturned, our government becomes a shill for those 5 people by default.  What it has done is create an environment very ripe for all the tools we used originally to create a police society protecting us from “terrorism”, to now be used upon ourselves to shift into a new society, one complacent to the loss of our right to determine our own future…..

That scenario is NOT democracy in action….

In response to Governor Markell’s veto on HB 50, the next step is undertaken.  Many may not know how to get a bill past a governor’s veto.  So here it is.

Step 1:  Bombard the leaders…. Just like dropping bunker-busters where we thought Saddam was hiding, you try to decapitate the opposition by taking out their head… Since we aren’t killing anyone we use different tactics which is political pressure.  First off, understand this. You who are reading this are the front line.  If the front line does not react, then the second through 100th lines will not react as well…

Copy and Paste  or create your own and send as an email to the House and Senate leadership…


Please. For the sake of democracy, schedule a special session to override Governor Markell’s veto before the School year begins in September.  A bill passed overwhelmingly in both houses was vetoed solely to appease special interests.

Presient Pro Tempore – Patricia M. Blevins (D)

Phone: (302) 744-4133

Email: Patricia.Blevins@state.de.us

Senate Majority Leader – David B. McBride (D)

Phone: (302) 744-4167

Email: David.McBride@state.de.us

Speaker of the House – Peter C. Schwartzkopf (D)

Phone: (302) 744-4351

Email: Peter.Schwartzkopf@state.de.us

House Majority Leader – Valerie J. Longhurst (D)

Phone: (302) 744-4351

Email: Valerie.Longhurst@state.de.us

Step 2:  Pressure your local representative…  He/she has just finished 6 months of emotionally draining sessions followed by long drives and is finally on break. The last thing they want is to hear from you… Which of course means:  NOW, is the time….

Dear _________________:

I’m am disappointed in Governor Markell’s veto of HB 50.  It was overwhelmingly passed by both chambers.  However our Constitution allows for We, The People to override a special interest’s hold on a governor, by having a special session convene and vote to overide that veto.  Please contact your leadership and demand that this take place before the beginning of the school year so all parents and teachers have clarity and can make plans accordingly.

Step 3:  Become a whistleblower, hero, or troublemaker (same thing, depends on who is doing the calling) for your district’s representatives…  Tom Carper for what little he’s worth now, once gave some awesome advice back when he was governor… “If you want us to do something….. MAKE us have no option but to do it…”  I sat in the audience and went, “wow, brilliant” … He’s saying that he has to answer to people too, and if you have more people and clout, he can tell the others sorry and vote against his friends.. and we all know that though it takes great courage to stand up to your enemies… it takes far greater courage to stand up to your friends…

So we as citizens of this great state, have to make it politically so:,… that no legislator has a chance unless he supports the special session to override Jack’s veto….

And one does that… how?

By getting others on board…   Which since 99% of Delawareans are for the Opt Out Bill, should be easy as long as you try…

Go to your computer and type out one paragraph why YOU think the opt out bill must pass… Make it personal and stick to what you know….  Print 5 copies and go to your front door.

Next, go out your front door…  either left or right and knock on the first neighbor you see home… Do small talk because if you are like most of us, you’ve done nothing but say “hi” since Christmas vacation.   In that conversation somewhere say “did you hear that Governor Markell vetoed the opt out bill?  What’s up with that?”…..  It’s summer so most likely they:  a) haven’t heard; b) have no idea what the opt-out bill is unless they have children; and c) are only interested because it is you, their neighbor doing the talking….

Ask them what they think?  Just talk. They are human beings and don’t need preached…  You have deep concerns and let them know… Ask them to call or email their rep…. (they probably won’t) but the next time someone knocks on their door summer 2016,  they will get an earful.  Then, if you have time, go on to another house…

Your effectiveness will come from that you are a human just like them who lives in their neighborhood.  You are not some kids hired from Minnesota with tablets and clipped speech asking them to support Corporate American Philosophy.   You will plant a seed and they will question the big questions…   “Why is our government so out of whack?”  “Why is our government voting for the rich few, and leaving millions in the dust?”  “Why is our government doing this to children so friends of theirs, already rich, get richer?”  “Is this the type of America my parents or grandparents fought our nation’s enemies to preserve?”

These thoughts bubble up over time, so even if you did not get an email or letter sent, you alerted a concerned citizen to now mistrust anything the US Chamber of Commerce or Corporate America hitherto says…

And you will like doing it…   all will treat you with courtesy and sincere honesty and you will return the favor…   You are not there to win minds and influence decisions…  99% of people are already on your side… You are there to inform.

So inform them in your own unique way that our government here in the State of Delaware is in dire jeopardy because the will of the people this session was totally ignored by a governor kowtowing to special interests….   If we get ignored now, we will certainly be later ignored when they try to put a cancer-causing power plant in our back yard… or a nuclear reactor… or raise our electric rates 60%… or have us billed monthly for our water to hide a 35% price increase embedded therein…

This debate really is about who runs this country… special interests who can now buy politicians…. or you and me… That is why everyone reading this needs to actually meet and greet their neighborhood….

Then, and only then,  will your legislator truly listen to you… because you have acquired more power than can be wielded by any lobbyists….

All it takes is two sources of information… One was Ted Cruz’s rebuttal of Obama’s State of the Union where he castigated Obama for income inequality… His words:  the top one percent earns one fifth of the national income…

Then, take the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) revision in August 2014 for 2013 and it lists the national income for 2013 at $14.55 Trillion.  For 2014 we shall just round our estimates up to $15 trillion.

So one fifth or 20% of  $15 Trillion is $3 Trillion…   The income of the top one percent is pegged now at $3 trillion per year. (reminder: this is income, not wealth.  Income is taxible, wealth is not).

So here is the macro of what happens if we raise taxes on the top one percent…..

Raising 1% on  $3 trillion returns $30 billion.
Raising 2% on  $3 trillion returns $60 billion.
Raising 3% on  $3 trillion returns $90 billion.
Raising 5% on  $3 trillion returns $150 billion.
Raising 10% on $3 trillion returns $300 billion.
Raising 15% on $3 trillion returns $450 billion.
Raising 20% on $3 trillion returns $600 billion.
Raising 25% on $3 trillion returns $750 billion.
Raising 33% on $3 trillion returns $1 trillion to the middle class….

Romney payed 14%. So raising rates by the max would make his regular rate at 47%… Ronald Reagan cut the 1%’s taxes to 50% and was a hero… Our nation didn’t tube then… It certainly won’t tube on 3% less.

This is where you begin to see the damage behind the lie being told by Republicans.  We don’t need to tax the one percent less. We need to tax them more…  Just imagine if the one percent paid the same rate they did under Reagan, who they hold up as their hero … We’d have over a trillion extra  dollars each year to spend on making our nation stronger …  That is stolen money we should be spending upon ourselves, but can’t.

Instead, we are cutting back, cutting back, cutting back on all the essentials we need to live as a free nation…

Yet all we have to do,…. is tax the one percent a little more…  It is so simple.. really.

In World War II we  cracked the German’s Enigma Code and were able to decipher all their plans.  Very instrumental in helping us win the war. You may have seen this article that does the same with the takeover of education.


It’s long and illuminating and will be read by the handful of true educational warriors.   But it drew a parallel in my memory discussing how how Wal*marts used to approach small towns and leave an economic wasteland behind, in which they became the monopoly and all others shut down.

We have for a long time berated the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for creating and funding Common Core.  If any good can be said about their massive amounts of money, it is that at least with the Gates’ Foundation, the strings attached are not stretched tight; there is leeway for those recipients to move around.  Not so with the second largest donor to American Education: the Wal*mart Foundation.  To receive their money you have to be very clear in your attention to do away with high paying teachers, and breaking up the union…  And based on most conversations… it really is all about breaking up the union…  (Unions are an antithetic to Wal*mart.  If Wal*mart ever unionizes…poof… its competitive edge is over)

One can say this hard line with lesser dollars is more influential than all of Gate’s money… If you need more than one source of income, and one source has loose ideals and the other’s are very tight, you are going to satisfy the one with the tight ideals because that is the only way you can still have both sources of income…   Just like if you were working two jobs, and one doesn’t care when you show up and the other will fire you if you are ever one minute late, you always give the one who will fire you first priority…Always.  They dictate your life, not the other one, and certainly not yourself.

It might be wise to review the Wal*mart model now, as in how their businesses operate.

Of the 10 richest Americans according to Forbes magazine, four are members of the Walton family. The Walton Family Foundation was established in 1988 and is based in Bentonville, Ark., the home of Wal-Mart.  It it he Walton Foundation that parcels out cash to those who promote its ends, which are indeed the same as the company’s.  How could they not be?

The foundation’s stated mission is to infuse public education with competitive pressure through school choice. The theory is based in retail: If consumers have options, they will choose either higher quality or cheaper products. Merchants who can’t compete will go out of business, opening up space for new entrepreneurs to enter. Through this constant churn of options, the theory holds, quality will improve across the board. In public education, that means flooding the market with schools, aggressively closing those that are labeled as “failing,” and opening up pathways to allow new school operators to take their place...

Although the foundation implies that this market-based model will lead to the improvement of all schools in a system, a different endgame is clear through its philanthropic portfolio: The foundation endorses the eventual elimination of public education altogether, in favor of an across-the-board system of privately operated schools.

Which is also how they run their business.

Wal*mart pulls up into a small town with the promise of jobs.  The businesses in the town fight back but eventually the governing body approves the Walmart going in and it is always by a split vote and always with the majority of one…. And those few who swung and voted for Wal*mart mysteriously all begin renovating their houses with sources of mysterious income.

Once approved the building goes up… In one month, Wal*mart cuts 25% of its initial hires.  Buy 4 months another 25% is gone… Then it tweaks the employees downward in single digits over the course of the first year… So after its initial promise of 300 new jobs to gullible small town council members, in the end it hires a steady 75 jobs… Meanwhile the entire center of the town folds up… Gone are all the retail outlets that have been there since the town was founded. The brick buildings either get boarded up, or sell cheap to some basket weaver and the town begins to die.. The competition is outside its tax base… Within the tax base, all the old income is gone.

Then once competition is eliminated, the prices go back up and there is really no change in savings from those that were there before..

Here is what one of the sub-foundations funded by Walmart says in his sales pitch to wealthy investors…

“Charters are competitors. They steal customers, deplete revenues and increase costs. When charters siphon off kids, they not only take the money that comes with them, they often cause nearby schools to operate under capacity. This increases inefficiencies and per-student costs because all that empty space still must be maintained.

As charters continue to expand, they will force districts to make more and more tough choices on personnel, closing schools and redrawing attendance boundaries, both political poisons. We are seeing this play out in spectacular fashion in some older urban areas.”  Mike Thomas, FEE (founded by Jeb Bush) $4.8 million from Walton Foundation.

And that is exactly what happens when you allow charters to come into your neighborhood… The end game has nothing to do with whether kids learn.  It is over who will get the money we spend to teach our kids…

Now if charters had a good track record, one might look at them favorably, after all it might benefit kids… But the reality of looking at Charters is like looking at Walmart…  The quality of their merchandise is the lowest quality one is allowed to sell. They underpay their workers which swells up the assistance levels required by the local community.  Instead of good wages, they pay poor wages.  The SNAP and Medicaid programs stay filled at capicity even though the employment rosters show the county’s unemployment has dropped a few notches.  If you want service… forget about it… It takes one hour to shop, and two hours to wait in the only checkout line they will open.

One of their most telling lines comes from their former director who published his views on education…..

“… The only course that is sustainable, for both chartering and urban education, embraces a third, more expansive view of the movement’s future: replace the district-based system in America’s large cities with fluid, self-improving systems of charter schools.”

Smarick (the above quote’s author) offers a “road map” for destroying public school districts. It includes a saturation investment strategy to build market share in a few targeted districts. Once the charter sector reaches a tipping point in student market share, he predicts, traditional districts will no longer be financially or politically sustainable:

“As chartering increases its market share in a city, the district will come under growing financial pressure. The district, despite educating fewer and fewer students, will still require a large administrative staff to process payroll and benefits, administer federal programs, and oversee special education. With a lopsided adult to- student ratio, the district’s per-pupil costs will skyrocket.”

“At some point along the district’s path from monopoly provider to financially unsustainable marginal player, the city’s investors and stakeholders—taxpayers, foundations, business leaders, elected officials, and editorial boards—are likely to demand fundamental change. That is, eventually the financial crisis will become a political crisis. …”

The foundation’s education program pursues this endgame through three major program areas: support for vouchers, both publicly and privately funded; support for charter school start-ups to encourage and enable the rapid growth of the sector; and public policy advocacy, to ensure that the road is clear for expansion with minimal regulatory interference….

The Walton Family Foundation’s flagship strategy for transforming public education was (and continues to be) to allow taxpayer dollars to pay private school tuitions for selected students…

And that is it’s entire end game… Destroy public education entirely.  Then in it vacuum, insert ones investment through charter schools…

Whenever a public official goes against 90% of public opinion, and votes for charter schools or to not allow the opting out of the test which will create the image that public schools have failed…. you know they are in the payment of someone….

We have already asked that Matt Denn the Attorney General have his office investigate Rep. Earl Jacques’s personal funding secretly through a Grand Jury Investigation.   (He has mysteriously renovated his house) .. We hope our Attorney General recognizes the serious of the crime of having ones vote bought, and initiates an investigation to determine if criminal activity was beset by Earl Jacques’s rather bizarre defense of an indefensible position…..


lavelleHenry_Margaret_AMG_3466Bushweller1/13/09-Dover Del.-leg.start-Delaware Senators and representatives . The News Journal/Bob Herbert .

They are Senator Dave Sokola, Senator Gary Simpson, Senator Greg Lavelle, Senator Henry, Senator Bushweiller, and Senator McDowell…  Three of these Senators have predominantly Afro-American districts.  Two others, Sokola and Lavalle are sycophants of almost all white and wealthy, who will do anything to garner corporate monies’ attention.  And to this day, Simpson is an anomaly.

These 6 voted to re segregate Delaware’s schools into all white with exemplary teachers and financing…. and all black with the worst possible teachers and almost zero financing….  About as segregated as one can get.  Here is what 170 civil rights groups had to say about what these Senators just did………( more on Exceptional Delaware)

“We respectfully disagree that the proliferation of high stakes assessments and top-down interventions are needed in order to improve our schools.  We live in the communities where these schools exist.  What, from our vantage point, happens because of these tests is not improvement.  It’s destruction.”

What Margaret Rose Henry just voted for; what Harris McDowell just voted for; what Brian Bushweller just voted for:  was destruction of that which had been previously fought and won: to get rid of a two tiered school system where rich whites get one level of education; impoverished blacks get another.  In their defense, the reason they voted such is that they were lied to by certain groups, formed, financed, and supported solely by corporations with ties to the educational field, who told them that allowing opting-out as a right, would be detrimental to black children… 3 of these had hearts in the right places, but where their heads were, smh, who can tell…..

They should have listened to responsible sources.  Not corporate shills.  The responsible sources spoke clearly and loudly.

“High stakes standardized tests have been proven to harm Black and Brown children, adults, schools and communities. Curriculum is narrowed. Their results purport to show that our children are failures. They also claim to show that our schools are failures, leading to closures or wholesale dismissal of staff.  Children in low-income communities lose important relationships with caring adults when this happens. Other good schools are destabilized as they receive hundreds of children from closed schools. Large proportions of Black teachers lose their jobs in this process, because it is Black teachers who are often drawn to commit their skills and energies to Black children.  Standardized testing, whether intentionally or not, has negatively impacted the Black middle class, because they are the teachers, lunchroom workers, teacher aides, counselors, security staff and custodians who are fired when schools close.”

According to 170 Civil Rights organizations, these six voted to:

  • Harm black and brown chidren
  • To narrow curriculum
  • To label black and brown children as FAILURES
  • To close schools teaching the poor and black
  • To dismiss large scale Afro-American staff in these schools
  • To force children to lose important relationships with caring and competent adults
  • To fire LARGE NUMBERS OF BLACK TEACHERS so they can replace them with white college kids still green behind their ears.
  • To continue putting the squeeze on the black Middle Class, pushing opportunities further and further over to better educated whites..
  • To care nothing for black teachers,  black lunchroom workers, black teacher aides, black counselors, black security staff and black custodians who are fired when schools get closed because of the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

Whereas 3 of these six are benigh, two of these six are evil.. I’m sure you already recognize Dave Sokola and Greg Lavelle… Both of these are financial beneficiaries of charter schools which sweep in, destroy the public school system, then abandon all the children and bug-out, counting fist-fulls of dollars in the process… We know this from Philadelphia. Cleveland, Milwaukee, Washington, DC and Chicago… Citizens’ groups there are fighting back and winning but they are only regaining scorched earth.  Which is why charter investors are now moving down here into new territory, where their lies have more power because the truth is still unknown…..

Well, …..it worked against Margaret Rose Henry, Brian Bushweller, and Harris McDowell…… normally always passing pro-black legislation.

You, the people, have got to set them straight……  Tony Allen?  That is not the voice of the Afro American Wilmington community… What does he know of Hilltop?  What does he know of Northeast? What does he know of South Bridge?

Just listen to families first, from those areas above, who have already lived through what you are proposing …. before you go chopping heads off of little black children to save your own…..


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