Jacques Equals Joke In FrenchRepresentative Jacques:  French for “Joke”Stupid Town USA

If you live in anywhere on the western border in this state between the Canal and Pencader Industrial Park, you are part of the problem… YOU elected a real “doofus” for your representative…

One cannot blame the Markell administration for butting off John Kowalko and putting this doofus in his place on the House Education Committee… It makes perfect and very good sense to do so if you want to further an agenda that is extremely harmful to every single Delawarean man, woman, and child, and instead  push through your agenda which will make you extremely wealthy….

Those putting Doofus in power were not dumb… Those electing Doofus may not of have been dumb originally… Granted they are a lot smarter now…

If you live under a stone, you are probably wondering…. Gee, why is the great honorable kavips calling out this fellow human being of his to be a doofus…..

The answer is this statement….

“That one little test” in reference to the Smarter Balanced Assessment.   Here is his full statement…. “That one little test would not be a big deal added to what we would barely have.  I think (the opt out bill) is just a quick reaction to an issue that really, we’re not sure there is an issue.” -Delaware State Rep. Earl Jaques

Now here is the killer…. His particular use of phrasing, “that one little test” belies his complete understanding of how dangerous and deadly this test is to young children…  If he was truly ignorant as I pretended above, he would have called it out by name, as what every normal human being ever existing on this planet would have done. Something along these lines:   “The Smarter Balanced Assessment” or “This new test”  or  “This test foisted upon us by RTTT and Rodel and my buddy, ole pal, Jack Markell and his deputy, Mark Murphy”…. well….. you get the idea….

But the very fact that he dimunized it with the words…. “That one little test”… shows he is all too aware of the damage it will cause ….

Therefore instead of being a doofus, someone like this….

Hey Jacques Markell Speaking

We got someone who knows the harm he is doing and knows it very well… someone who also knows he has to lie through his teeth since what he is proposing is something so despicable that no one will ever let him accomplish what he wanted willingly.  Therefore he has no choice but use deceit….  Someone like this….

Moustache You A Question Rep Jacque

At 20 million people, the above still stands as the most horrid of human beings…  Today, there are up to 130,000 Delawarean children forced to take the Smarter Balanced Assessment who will lose their entire future if allowed to go forward.  That is a fair start upon the 20 million figure.

What we have here is a conniving, hateful, horrid, insecure, manipulative, disgruntled, runt of a human being who was used by his manipulators to push forward “their” agenda.  An agenda so horrid, so distasteful, so horrendous, even they could not,  even in their bad manipulative conscious, undergo it themselves…. They needed a puppet, and that is what these voters in the 27th have given up….

It is they who need to jerk the rug from under this person’s feet… He is sending all children to purgatory, or hell depending upon your beliefs with this Smarter Balanced Assessment… And only his neighbors showing at his door (which btw is:  82 Cann Rd, Newark DE 19702) with shotguns, AR 47’s, rifles, pistols, crossbows, and Gatling guns, in order to persuade him the folly of his position, can stop this train from jumping off its tracks and blowing up every school in this state….

When you confront the demon, be polite…. assume he doesn’t know…. Treat him as a Goober, and not a pathological Stalin….   You know the truth, he knows the truth, and if the Smarter Balanced Assessment is derailed as every Delawarean parent who has taken the test well knows and certainly wishes, we can move on.  But do show up with guns.  :)  (It is why we all protect the 2nd Amendment so arduously, is it not?)

We would sincerely appreciate if 15,000 Kent Countians, (or any other county for that matter) show up at the Dover library around 5:30 pm on this Tuesday, March 3rd, with a piece of paper that says….” I opt out my child from the Smarter Balanced Assessment.”

Directions to Dover Library.

map to Dover Library

Bear in mind that this is a demonstration of public support.  All of you can’t fit in the tiny conference room, but that standing outside will send a message of fear directly where it needs to go…


Because that is what this is all about… It has nothing to do whatsoever with helping your child cope with the world of the future.  It is about who gets the money YOU pay in taxes… Your school, versus some firm out of Washington DC.

Please, please, for the good of all children everywhere, show up at the Dover Library at 5:30 pm tomorrow on Tuesday, March 3rd.  You country is under attack and it needs you now, more than it ever did after 9/11. You remember how we all felt then… This is much worse.  This ruins all American children… Only we can stop it and we have to, we must stop it now…

Opt out. and please make the point of showing up to protest this outrageous violation of our parental rights…..  How dare they get rewarded with super high paying jobs off our children’s suffering….



Do not let your child take this test.….   Wilmington City Council should actively encourage all residents to opt their children out of this test….  Every other governing community in this state should follow suit!   it is about  the children… Seriously, why should they be sacrificed to corporate profits?

Well, then, let me explain with an example….

“Deborah Vailes has been teaching junior high in Louisiana’s Rapides Parish School District for the past twelve years. She is passionate about helping special needs children become better readers. Little did she know that an early morning post critical of the Common Core Curriculum on her personal Facebook page would lead to disciplinary action, suppression of her right to free speech, retaliation from school officials, and possible loss of her job.”

If you read the link, you will find that furthermore, her principal, held a meeting of all faculty, named her by name and threatened all of them with loss of their jobs, if any of them said anything about common core in their social media….

As a result, the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, recently filed a lawsuit in the Federal District Court for the Western District of Louisiana on behalf of Deborah Vailes against the Rapides Parish School District and the principal of Pineville Junior High School, Dr. Dana Nolan.

And if you do read the link, this teacher was not threatened over a rant she posted, she simply shared that picture we all saw a while back of that child crying while doing her Common Core homework…

Which if any parent has done Common Core homework for their child, they know that picture was dead-on….

But this is why….. when you see surveys saying that 52% of teachers support Common Core, you have to throw that out as bunk… You need to encourage those remaining 52% to stop lying, and join the other 48% who are brave enough to tell the truth….

(And please note: Markell wants to turn Delaware in to a copy-cat of Louisiana where this took place.)

Not so breaking news anymore…

But Governor Wolf just made an executive move in the school reform commission…  kicking off their charter advocate chairman Bill Green who stupidly just approved 5 new Charters against the Governor’s wishes, and replaced that moronic stupid jerk with Marjorie Neff.  Marjorie did not cast any vote to approve any charters….

There may yet be some legal maneuvering.  But for all intents and purposes, if you approve of charters in Pennsylvania, you are dead meat… Your career is over!

IF only Delaware could be as enlightened.

After all, everyone knows charters ruin children.  They may lie about it to your face…. but everyone knows.

South Korea, where more than 70 percent of high school graduates enter university, education is a national obsession that the government worries is actually damaging society.  Education accounted for nearly 12 percent of consumer spending last year, and parents spent the equivalent of 1.5 percent of G.D.P. on cram schools for their children.  There are now more cram school instructors in South Korea than regular schoolteachers, and the exams are so difficult that even college professors admit they could not pass them.

The paradox is these ridiculous tests don’t necessarily lead to demanding college classes. In Japan, where almost all college students graduate, it’s quite common for students to be asked only to parrot back lecture notes. Rigorous thinking, reading and writing too often is simply not expected.


Courtesy of Creative by Nature

When I asked a class (South Korea) if they were happy in this environment, one girl hesitantly raised her hand to tell me that she would only be happy if her mother was gone because all her mother knew was how to nag about her academic performance.  The world may look to South Korea as a model for education — its students rank among the best on international education tests — but the system’s dark side casts a long shadow.  Dominated by Tiger Moms, cram schools and highly authoritarian teachers, South Korean education produces ranks of overachieving students who pay a stiff price in health and happiness. The entire program amounts to child abuse. It should be reformed and restructured without delay.

Not surprisingly, South Korea’s position in the international education hierarchy is flipped when it comes to youth happiness, with only 60 percent of the country’s students confessing to being content in school, compared with an average of 80 percent, in 2012, among the world’s wealthy nations.

As parents we are at that exact point where we must ask ourselves what society we want for our children.  One where they will probably fail but if not, they might get a job in which they are always miserable in?  Or a life worth living?

To be a South Korean child ultimately is not about freedom, personal choice or happiness; it is about production, performance and obedience.  Is this what we want for America?  Is this what we want for our children?

Obedience to authority is enforced both at home and school. I remember the time I disagreed with my homeroom teacher in middle school by writing him a letter about one of his rules. The letter led to my being summoned to the teacher’s office, where I was berated for an hour and a half, not about the substance of my words but the fact that I had expressed my view at all. He had a class to teach but he did not bother to leave our meeting because he was so enraged that someone had questioned his authority. I knew then that trying to be rational or outspoken in school was pointless.  This is how East Side Charter school is run today.  It also was Pencader. Is this how Amercans are supposed to act?

Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union and Korea Youth Counseling Institute’s surveys have shown that 43% to 48% of students had the suicide ideation.  Comparatively the US has a rate of 8% for men and 13% for women.

But to effect any meaningful change in South Korea’s education, a culture that treats its children as a commodity to be used in the service of the family or the national economy must be radically altered.

Now the point…

This is not the America we need in order to compete with other nations in our future.  What we did in our past, has worked just fine, in fact, all nations send their best to our schools.  Trying to be like South Korea can only benefit one segment …. Those on the receiving end of South Korea’s 1.5% GDP spent on cram schools.  That is the only people who benefit from the suffering of ALL our children…

Time for decision is quickly approaching… The tests begin next week… 

In your hand, and only in your hand, is the lever that stops the selling off of American’s children to the highest bidder…

If your child takes the test, then the test’s legitimacy to determine your child’s future becomes set in stone… You can’t take the the test this year, and opt out next year…  For instead you WILL have to show your child improved and it WILL come at great expense to you (and your child).

But if you don’t take the test…. if you say a flat “no thank you kindly sir”,……. then the Smarter Balanced Assessment joins the rank of products like the New Coke…… the Edsel…… Hydrogen Airships……..  Ocean Liners that are completely unsinkable……..  America does not fall apart.  It just moves on to safer alternatives.

But you have to not take the test….  Taking the test is the equivalent  of buying a passage for your child on the Hindenberg or Titanic….   Those who did, regretted it…

There is zero penalty for not taking the test… Period... There is a terrible penalty for taking it…  Please choose wisely.  Time is running out….

Today there is a referendum to increase funding for all schools in the two priority districts that have been hit by Markell’s cuts. It is just  for 16 cents. It is necessary to keep schools open, so go vote. You have till 8:00, when polls close… You just go to a Christina or Red Clay school nearby with your ID… and they will look you up, certify you, (and make sure you didn’t vote elsewhere already) and then vote yes for both options…

It is way too cold to go through all that effort just to vote “no” which changes nothing.  So if you are not inclined to vote “yes”, just stay at home.

Because we are too timid to face those stupid heads who say… “they never closed school when I was young. I remember it snowed one time”… We should be punching people like that in the mouth; not cowering in fear of stupid bags of wind who lost their last vestiges of rational thought eons ago….

As adults. we dash out of our warm house, into a warm car, and into our warm place of work…  So tomorrow, get up early, say 6:30, and go stand on your curb for 20-30 minutes.   With cold weather buses don’t work so good so delays are the rule, rather than the exception…  Go ahead… It will be zero degrees… Do it!

Pussy!… but you’ll make kids do it so you look tough…. Pussy!

Because of their unique physiology, children are more susceptible to temperature extremes and their health effects. Children are less able to regulate their body temperature compared with adults. As a result, children are more likely to develop significant health effects when they are exposed to environmental temperature extremes.

Because they are less able to regulate their body temperature than adults, children can quickly develop a dangerously low body temperature (ie, become hypothermic).  Children and adults respond to cold extremes by shivering, developing “goose bumps”, and experiencing lethargy and a slow heart rate. Eventually the shivering ends, and disorientation and lack of responsiveness occur. Severe hypothermia can also result in arrhythmias, an abnormal beating of the heart.

So if it is too cold for you to go out and stand 20-30 minutes… why do you think children who are more prone to hypothermia, should bear the exception?

If we are going to put children in harm’s way, we should at the very minimum, use OSHA’s standards for workers as a guide… If we have minimum standards for adults, who are less inclined to suffer hypothermia, shouldn’t those at the very minimum be put in place for children?

OSHA says we can put workers in cold stress if we:

train workers on how to prevent and recognize cold stress illnesses and injuries and how to apply first aid treatment. Workers should be trained on the appropriate engineering controls, personal protective equipment and work practices to reduce the risk of cold stress.

provide engineering controls. For example, radiant heaters may be used to warm workers in outdoor security stations. If possible, shield work areas from drafts or wind to reduce wind chill.

use safe work practices. For example, it is easy to become dehydrated in cold weather. Employers therefore, can provide plenty of warm sweetened liquids to workers.  Avoid alcoholic drinks. If possible, employers can schedule heavy work during the warmer part of the day. Employers can assign workers to tasks in pairs (buddy system), so that they can monitor each other for signs of cold stress. Workers can be allowed to interrupt their work, if they are extremely uncomfortable. Employers should give workers frequent breaks in warm areas. Acclimatize new workers and those returning after time away from work, by gradually increasing their workload, and allowing more frequent breaks in warm areas, as they build up a tolerance for working in the cold environment. Safety measures, such as these, should be incorporated into the relevant health and safety plan for the workplace.

Dressing properly is extremely important to preventing cold stress. The type of fabric worn also makes a difference. Cotton loses its insulation value when it becomes wet. Wool, silk and most synthetics, on the other hand, retain their insulation even when wet. The following are recommendations for working in cold environments:

  • Wear at least three layers of loose fitting clothing. Layering provides better insulation. Do not wear tight fitting clothing.
    • An inner layer of wool, silk or synthetic to keep moisture away from the body.
    • A middle layer of wool or synthetic to provide insulation even when wet.
    • An outer wind and rain protection layer that allows some ventilation to prevent overheating.
  • Wear a hat or hood to help keep your whole body warmer. Hats reduce the amount of body heat that escapes from your head.
  • Use a knit mask to cover the face and mouth (if needed).
  • Use insulated gloves to protect the hands (water resistant if necessary).
  • Wear insulated and waterproof boots (or other footwear).


Do all our kindergarteners and elementary students know the signs of hypothermia or frost bite?  Can they all perform first aid on each other?

Do all our bus stops have wind breaks?  And radiant heaters?

Are our bus stops equipped to dispense warm sweet beverages?  Hot Chocolate?  With Whipped Cream?  And cherries?  Do we have a buddy system where kids monitor each other for signs of cold stress?

Are we 100% positive that every child, especially those who only have one set of clothes, will be dressed in an inner, middle, and outer layer of clothing? Are we guaranteeing that hats will be manditorily worn?  Are we guaranteeing all children will have knit masks to breath through?  Do all those waiting have insulated boots and gloves?

OSHA requires it.


Btw, does everyone know one should not rub frost bitten areas? Doing so will cause more damage which is permanent….. 


One of the funniest things stressed by OSHA is to regulate cold activities to the warmest parts of the day… Yet we put children out at 6:30 am, when the temperature hits zero at it’s coldest, and say they need such rigor in  order to build character…  What we really need are some brains for our decision makers….

At 0 degrees, frostbite sets in at 10 minutes…. Waiting 20 minutes for a bus is putting all children in harm’s way….

With testing almost upon us, it is time for our leaders to step up and tell parents it is ok not to have their child take the test.  There is no law requiring parents not to opt out.  Furthermore, there is a law on the floor allowing for parents to have the right to opt out.  School boards across this state are considering measures in all 19 districts on whether or not to “encourage” the opting out of students from taking these tests….

It is time our elected officials do the same.  Parents need to know they will not be punished for opting out. The best way for that to occur, is for elected officials, in charge of deciding state law, to say this test is bullsh/t and all parents should not let their kids take it…

The best and most credible spokesperson to accomplish this is none other than Greg Lavelle.. His switched-vote last June 30th around 9:30 pm, was the deciding factor that allowed this test to go forward….  When he voted against it; the bill was defeated… minutes after getting a phone call from Gov. Markell he voted for it; it passed….

Greg Lavelle actually has children in the category who are hurt by this test.  All exceptional children will be grievously set back by this test.  This test goes against human nature.  When you have children who are flatly unable to meet regular adult standards, forcing them to try fully knowing the outcome, is cruel and inhumane.

Expressed this way it is clear.  Making children who will be playing soccer to run miles in order to build up stamina, may be deemed as cruel by some outside of sport, but it is often done and the children do grow stamina through the routine and develop new muscles.   But….. making children who have no legs be forced to run a mile, with no wheel chair, no artificial limbs, no accessories, is cruel and inhumane.

The Smarter Balanced Test, and this came directly out of the mouths of Mark Murphy and Penny Schwinn, is designed to not use accommodations for children with special needs.  “They want to see how bad they fail”, was the direct quote.

The humane measure of education would be to say:  let’s see where in society we can put these people so they can lead productive lives.  Mark Murphy, Penny Schwinn, Dave Sokola, and all those who voted in support of the Smarter Balanced Assessment, take the opposite tack:  let us see where in society these people can never fit in, by giving them a test they cannot possibly do well upon… like making Stumpy there run miles on his two tiny stumps. Betchu he won’t get two feet?

One philosophy brings out the best of human behavior; the other exposes the worst.

Now Greg has taken his own children at this point, laid them on the cross and bound their hands and feet to the wooden crossbars…. Right now, before the huge railroad spikes get driven in to their tiny hands and tiny feet, is the time for him to scream out:  “STOP!  This is a mistake.  We should not do this to children for any reason….. ”

Greg as the sole person who was first against the Smarter Balanced Assessment, and then was somehow persuaded to be for it, is the perfect human being to now stand up and say… “Wait, I was wrong. I was very wrong. I was lied to.  This is a terrible test… This ruins children including my children!  You all must opt out…”

For someone who has always been against this test to say “You all!  Opt out!” would be welcome but realistically would change little.  Those on the fence would say:  “There he goes again; he’s always been against the test; of course that is what he is going to say”…  But, for someone who was once on record for it in a very public way, to pivot, switch his support, and call for public action to boycott the test being taken, would send giant ripples through the state….

He has special children.  So with what we know from Penny Schwinn and Mark Murphy, we know in heart that both he and his wife have to be against it.

Greg Lavelle has confided to those who asked him what he was thinking last June, that he was told that the DOE was going forward with the test whether he voted for it or not… (Just like it is going forward with the privatization of 6 schools despite whatever policies the two districts came up with) …

Imagine if you are attacked by a bamboozler.  In the struggle you take away his gun.  Everyone cheers… Then he cries tears and complains that is his only gun, and how he needs it to shoot food for his family’s table… So you give it back to him?

Greg needs to decide his future.  Is it being the obsequious servant who sells out the rest of the house to keep in his master’s good graces?  Or is it being the guy who cares little what pompous asses think of him, and only wants to be remembered as the guy who always did what he thought was right?

He may have been wrong before, when the fog was thick.  But it is gone now… One can see clearly as far as the eye can see.  His legacy if left unchanged, will doom every child of every parent in this fair state, unless they choose to opt out and not let their children take the test….

We call on him to save his children.  Not for me.  Not for any group, political or otherwise.  Seriously, none of us matter that much… But children?  There are none like them anywhere else in the world…. They should not be forced to run miles on stumps… This is a cruel test and cruel people are pushing it… It will do no good to any child of Delaware to continue any further with this charade ….

All can see it for what it is. 2011_Lavelle_Mugshot1


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