Here is a list of companies headquartered in Indiana.... Look over it (takes less than 90 seconds) and see which ones would affect you at all and then proceed to go into “boycott” mode and post something on their social media about your boycott…..

Simple, quick, effective.

For me, it came down to Delta Faucets, Three Floyds and Upland Brewing Companies, and hhgregg.

I tweeted “I’m boycotting everything Indiana” and hit @ and then typed the companies twitter accounts….

Simple, quick, effective….

And now, I have to stay away from those  companies products on my Delawarean shelves…. No real suffering since Indiana has so few companies of note within it’s borders…  That was a surprise.  But seeing the type of company Indianans keep inside their borders: hateful religious bigots, I guess it is no wonder nobody wants to live in Indiana.

When a train’s brakes have been released and it is headed down the steep hill, for one man to get in front and think he can stop it is insane….

One has to wonder what little of Delaware is trying to prove by forcing the Smarter Balanced Assessment on little children, when almost everyone else is running away to get away from the upcoming explosion…..

How did we go from here…..

Common Core States“The Original Common Core And It’s Detractors”

To 2014…

Common Core 2014

To today?

Common Core Today

The numbers of defections are mind boggling and one must ask why Delaware is jumping headfirst into a program with no debate, when all states debating the issue are running the other way…

The sole answer has to be Pete Schwartzkopf… His firm control of the Delaware House of Delegates has quashed all debate on this matter… and rubber stamped all Common Core policies with barely a discussion… One representative was so disgusted at Pete’s silencing of him, he refused to vote …

Unfortunately, there IS a conspiracy against your child. It is big business to take money allegedly in place for your child and instead, put it in ones pockets… There are unfortunately too many in our House of Delegates who prefer to serve those with money, over those with real human-being children…

Common Core is evaporating… So why are you children still taking these damaging tests? You have the power to stop it… You as a parent need to opt out and if necessary,… keep your child at home when he is supposed to take the test…. A test that already has his score decided long before he takes the test…..

It appears no.. Common Core has quietly been debunked by some if its most ardent supporters.  Not even Markell or Murphy believe in Common Core anymore.  In fact there are at current count only two lonesome individuals still officially in support of Common Core.  They are the overly legislative Dave Sokola in the Senate, and nose-led Earl Jacques in the House.

As usual when someone has been so vociferous a proponent for a misplaced cause, when that cause becomes debunked they often through their own hurt pride, continue the motions they started hoping that in their normalcy, no one will notice…

This often works when their causes are small and inconsequential.  However in grave crises, where their actions must be stopped to eliminate and eradicate the massive hurt they’ve caused, one cannot continue to follow their goals out of pity for them who led us down the wrong path.

We have to announce the path is wrong; we have to offer an alternative direction, and we have to cajole enough to win the argument so all follow our directions.

Currently steps one and two have been realized…. Look at the debate; look at the literature; look at the News Journal– no one is talking about Common Core anymore… Instead, we are currently focused on forcing the removal of its most visible tool, to prevent any further damage….

Common Core is wrong… We all get that now (except for the two misfits previously mentioned.)  All teachers; all principals; all district boards, all superintendents, all parents, and even all students, KNOW that Common Core is past the point of being a colossal joke.

But like a formerly parked car set in motion down a hill, the current test is most pressing issue at hand… How it got loose and started its descent can be dealt with later.  Right now, we all need to combine our voices to holler downhill, warning those unfortunate to all jump out of its way long before metal impacts flesh…..

That translates to not letting any kids take the test… That means every pastor (and most particularly those with urban populations dominating their congregations) needs to preach their congregation’s abstinence from this test…. That means every union across this state, must stand in solidarity with the teachers union when they say this test is dangerous for their kids. That means ever progressive, every conservative needs to lean on their legislator to vote to override the Schwartzkopf’s hold on HB-50 and force it on the floor for a vote…. That means every worker, every middle manager, every secretary to the 1%, needs to speak up on how horrible this test is for their children….

Remember: no test is best.  

But this test set for two years ahead of grade level is nothing more than a colossal waste of time… Especially when all experts say it is very damaging to children.

Our Declaration of Independence has something to say about Common Core.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Common Core destroys Happiness… Therefore according to Thomas Jefferson, We The People have the obligation to destroy it…  “Whenever any form of government becomes destructive to the pursuit of Happiness, IT IS THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO ABOLISH IT….”

This test is terrible and must be replaced… We, the People have the obligation to make the decisions our children are unable to make.

Are we Somalia?  Are we Saudi Arabia?  Are we Iran?  No?  But it sure looks that way when gazing at our state’s Department of Education.

We The People need to opt our children out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment,… because our Declaration of Independence demands it of us all!

“The key is that the optimum time is about 60 or 70 minutes [of homework] a day,” Javier Suarez-Alvarez, co-lead researcher on the study, said in an interview.

Anything over causes a decrease in learning…  Rigor has been debunked… Anyone stressing “rigor” is an uneducated bumpkin themselves… Rigor causes dumbing down, not raising them up…  Rigor if applied ever at all, only has promise after a student has reached the age of 21.  By then their brain is fully developed; rigor applied earlier creates diminished results…..


Courtesy of Journal of Educational Psychology 

The researchers therefore determined that going from 70 minutes of homework a day to 90 minutes a day is not an efficient use of time. “That small gain requires two hours more homework per week, which is a large time investment for such small gains,”

“The key is that the optimum time is about 60 or 70 minutes [of homework] a day,” Javier Suarez-Alvarez, co-lead researcher on the study, said in an interview.

One hour a day of homework is optimal?  If only our bosses would limit our work we bring home; think how much more productive we would be?

As all of us have said, rigor is a boneheaded direction to take… Less rigor is more conducive to learning than more rigor…

Any educational guru stressing rigor after this study, NEEDS TO BE FIRED… PRONTO!!  The best way to get our education to return to normal by next year, is to have every student opt out from taking the test…  The test is bad; but the bigger picture of reform is worse…  It is not enough to win this by one point… To kill corporate educational reform, we need to win by a score of 78-39.

Common Core

Instead of C&CR can’t we just do…. CCR Ready?

House Bill 30: allows students with basic special education needs to receive extra funding.

Senate Bill 10:  makes technical changes to the Delaware Performance Appraisal System.

House Bill 33:  came about due to the hard work of 24 individuals on the IEP Task Force.  Tabled.  Raise fvcking hell.

House Bill 50:   creates the right for the parent or guardian of a child to opt out of the annual assessment, currently the Smarter Balanced Assessment System.  Tabled.  Raise fvcking hell.

House Bill 56:  provides a moratorium on all new charter schools in Delaware

House Bill 61   requires that all public meetings of the boards of education be digitally recorded and made available to the public.

Most of you have these on speed dial…. but for you newbies……

Get to work. Your kids are counting on you to be the adults.

In fact it undermines the basic tenant of all corporate school reform, period.

That premise is that since our teachers are failing our students based upon these faked standardized tests, (by now all of you should know they are TOTALLY faked; nothing real about them at all)  and we need to get rid of them…

The Scientific Research funded in part by the very people trying to destroy the existing teaching profession, REFUTES that entirely...

You see, as with other professionals, like doctors, lawyers, architects, CEO’s, scientific research shows that experience does indeed count when it comes to basic things: like knowledge retention.

Under corporate policy of “use and abuse them” it had previously been assumed that teachers after 5 years lost their edge.

The study finds that not true at all..  Just as you would want someone to build your house which had done it before, and not someone who only knew how to read plans. so it is with teaching… Those who have done it before, tend to get better results onto forever than those who just step out of the gate….  Just as you would want your gall bladder removed by someone who’d done it before…and not some young kid looking off a YouTube video on his laptop.

In fact, as with most professionals even, those individuals who have the most education and the most experience, tend to give the most results…  Not some kid wet behind the ears…

The only reason for hiring wet eared kids is a) they will work for cheap; b) they will usually do what the boss tells them to, both good things to have in a privately held and run corporation… Not so good when it come however, to educating YOUR kids.

And the advantage is not only with test scores (Teachers with experience 10-30 years, boosted scores 40%) but the real advantage of an older professional teacher core,

Regarding nontest outcomes, the data show that as teachers gained experience, they were linked to lower rates of student absenteeism. The researchers postulate that more experienced teachers got better at motivating students and in classroom management, resulting in better attendance and fewer infractions.

The study also found suggestive evidence of benefits to time spent on reading and homework completion.  The nontest findings were most marked for reading teachers rather than for math teachers, in contrast to the student-achievement findings, which were stronger for the math teachers.

This goes directly in the face of our current DOE and our Governor.  Both blame teachers for the poverty their students undergo.   Research points that firing experienced teachers in priority schools and priority districts, is the absolute worst thing you can do… For the child.

But it makes great sense if you are trying to privatize public schools and want the dirt-cheapest humans found, to staff its useless positions….

What can you do?  You must opt your child out, or if by chance you have no children and read this, you must insist every child-raising parent in your circle knows this…  To protect their child’s education in its future, they must opt out….

Politicians follow the will of their constituents.  Therefore for betterment to occur, you must first opt out children and they, under pressure, will then dismantle the entire reform process.  Only then, will your child and the future of America be safe.

It has recently come to my attention that shenanigans are taking place inside the DOE to counteract the massive numbers of parents opting out.

I’ve gotten feedback now from parents in two separate unrelated districts who have said their children were made to take the same ELA test 4 times.

Will three of those tests be used for someone else?  Someone who opted out and who didn’t take it?  If so, why are we going forward with this sham, since these scores do not represent real people?… Obviously even more now than before, this punishment upon our kids is only about getting a certain number of respondents… It has nothing to do bettering with kids.

If elected officials appreciated our kids as children, we would stop the test now….  Since that won’t happen it is up to parents to stop the process…. Pull your kids off the railroad tracks before the train bearing down on them runs over them!

Why would kids take the same test 4 times?  Except to push the totals up to 95% if more than 5% opt out!  We need everyone to opt out, thereby making this political test a one-year debacle only…..

When perpetrators of evil try to have their way, fear is the tool they use.  Threats of you will die if you do this; you will be punished if you do this; you will suffer if you do this are often enough to make us rather follow the will they set, than flee to ones we have which are our own.

Against that, we have moral obligations.  We feel morally obligated that women should have the same rights as men. We feel morally obligated that people with more melanin in their skin should not be treated differently than those with less.  We feel morally obligated that children should not be tortured simply because they are powerless to object.

It is this moral responsibility within ourselves, one we can turn on or off, that keeps evil from growing out of control. For like a  object set in motion in space, evil continues until it is stopped with a counter force.  Since we have the options of turning on and off this capacity within ourselves, fear by those who in turn fear us, is the tool used so we silently abstain from letting that switch flip from “off” to “on”.

But once that switch does get flipped, amazing power seems to become bestowed on that person.  Fear is as invisible to them as the daily air we breath.  Though it is all around then, they walk through it as unconcerned as we walk through molecules of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

It is this which needs to be harnessed in the opt-out.  We do have a moral obligation to protect children from this horrid test.  As parents we take oaths to ourselves, our God, our Church and maybe our children, that whatever happens we will do what it takes to save our little ones… We promised.

The time to renew those oaths is now… “Whatever it takes” is readily defined… It is opting your child out of these tests…  It is preventing this horrid test result to be embossed on your child’s forehead forever like the “Mark of Cain”.

“Your child is not good enough” this test says… It says nothing about his school… it says nothing about his teacher.  it says nothing about you as parents… Everything everyone has done forever up to now, has always been fine.  But now, with one new test, 70% of students… will “not be good enough” anymore, and will forever carry that tortured scar inflicted upon them by cruelty, …. really…. and nothing else.

It is times like these, you have to trust “love” … If you really “loved” your child… what would you do?  This is the great question now running up and down every parents’ mind in this state right now…

What would you do?

Watch your child’s beautiful spirit die right before your eyes, when all you had to do was keep him out of school?  Or would idle threats of “you’d better do what authority tells you to do” get you in a dither, so you’d rather lose your child forever than suffer the wrath of some unknown entity you’ll never see again?

Fear versus Moral Obligation.

You, make the difference.


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