Said no American soldier ever.

This Memorial Day, promise your loved ones that you will fight for people… Not corporations.  Not politicians.  Not lobbyists. ……. but people…..

And it starts with approaching every single item with this question….. “How does this proposed action benefit “We, The People”?

And the second question needs to be…… how do the consequences to this proposed action affect:  “We, The People?”

Those men and women who died in service to this nation only did half the work… and we rightfully should honor them for the sacrifice they made.  However, they willingly made that sacrifice fully expecting us to honor their deaths by making this nation an America worthy of their death.

We have failed up to now… Whether because we were distracted. or pushed out of the control chair.  But now every action, every law, every new item that comes down the pike, has “corporation’ stamped all over it.  Everything offered comes attached with the clause: it is good for American business….

Well, what good is American business when red-blooded Americans are the ones being given the shaft?

These people risked all and died for you…. you… Think about that… they……. died…….. for………  (yeah, you got it) ….. you.

And you are just throwing it all away because you are too lazy to vote; too lazy to pay attention; too lazy to call your representative; too lazy to even care, and besides: “Game of Thrones” is on….

So when they want to make your child think he is nothing but an abject failure, so their company can get rich…. what are you now going to do?

When they want you to inhale toxic cancerous particles  so their company  can get rich….. what are you now going to do?

When they want you to vote “no” and make the Christina school district cut back on even its most necessary assets, that being it’s people whose salaries are what are helping you to keep your job afloat,  …. what are you now going to do?

When they want to destroy the estuaries along our rivers by gutting the Coastal Zone Act, ….. what are you going to do?

Let them?  Hope someone else steps up and stops them?

Just like those brave souls defending our nation all decided to just let those others have their way with them, and to just give up without fighting for the people back home?……

No, they didn’t…. and neither should you…..

Promise your loved ones who died, leaving you to do their other half of the fight here back home, that you are up to the challenge and won’t let them down….   Make this a Memorial Day worth remembering…. by committing to honor them and do your part…. Make America reflect the views of YOU.

This nation is about people… Just people.  Only people. We must be the ones who benefit from everything…. and no one else….

No one.

why state testi;ng is a jokewhy state testing is a joke 2

Courtesy of Fixdeldoe.(excellent work, btw)

Go to Fixdeldoe to see it all. But I love this chart….

Wish I’d thought of this a year ago as the battle for HB334 was heating up;… this is brilliant and it shows the absolute stupidity bordering on child molestation of what we are forcing our children to undergo during the Smarter Balanced… How can anyone after seeing this chart, argue for its continued use?

Don’t know how many of you have gone through MCAT’s… I know some of you did LSAT’s. You remember what that was like, and you were adults….

Forcing kids to do it is nothing short of abuse.  Someone out there hates children.

Kevin has it all here…..

Exceptional Delaware has the details….

But really this just makes every Delawarean parent outraged… Ready to punch Hefferpuss in the face?…  Did you get why?

Since the only way teachers, administrators, and superintendents would ever take the anonymous survey, fully knowing their views in today’s modern age could be traced directly back to them, was if it were legally binding that none of the information put on the TELL survey could ever be used to fire a themselves for simply telling the truth about Common Core….

Instead on orders from Rodel, the DOE pulled the survey…. All that money, wasted, costing far more than the sand abatements of Indian River bridge that brought down a previous administration,  That was pilloried as a big waste. This is over twice that… A GIGANTIC waste of money, because…. because….

Obviously the only thing this survey was for, was to track down who those were not on board with the corporate philosophy, and fire them…

Since they wouldn’t  be allowed to do that… they pulled the survey…..

Parents… if you ever doubted, this event shows you what is wrong with your child’s education… Your child (if over 10) KNOWS today’s education is a crock of shit… He has to. He sits in the middle of it every day and knows that none of the pie in the sky he is told makes any sense anymore…. So why are we following this crazy mixed up agenda? This is because Rodel doesn’t, and never has cared about children one iota.

To them it is all about profit… Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else… Profit, profit, profit…. so much so, that they will pull the survey when it can’t be used to weed out whistle blowers who don’t go along with their corrupt agenda.  Your children are seen by Governor Markell, Mark Murphy (from Rodel… duh), Dave Sokola, Earl Jacques as pawns, as stepping stones, as marketing tools, as means to an end and that end has absolutely nothing to do with children… that end has nothing to do with education. … that end has nothing to do with being college and career ready……

How do we know this?   Because if they REALLY cared about children, they would have said…. “sure put anything in the survey you want.  All we are looking for is information…..”  That is what people do, who love children.

Instead, they pull the survey in a tiff, waste tax money that now you will be re-referended to regurgitate, all because they could not be allowed use it for their nefarious ends….

If anyone sees Paul Hefferpuss….punch him in the face for someone’s child… if you are lucky and get the chance, punch him hard enough to put him on this ass for a whole classroom…..

This is all the proof any parent needs to demand our legislature take over the DOE now, remove this governor from any and all education policy, fire all RODEL personnel embedded in our Department of Education…. Legislators… what the hell is wrong with you… !!!   Do something… anything… If you abolished the DOE today…. we would all be better off because immediately, it stops the downward spiral getting worse….. Even if you just cleaned house at the top of DOE, we would be better than we are today… If you just override the governors veto on HB 50 and every other constrictive piece of educational legislation dismantling Common Core and the Smarter Balanced, you cannot possibly do worse than what we have now…. That is theoretically impossible.

“I want to be known as the education governor…”  said Jack Markell in a State of the State address.  (so much that I will pull the TELL survey if I can’t use it to fire teachers who dare tell the truth that my policies are not working…)

Stupiditiy Personified Lavelle

Will he become the Apostle Peter…  who in one moment under pressure, cost his two special education children the help they needed, switching his vote “FOR” the Smarter Balance Assessment in the final hours of last legislative session, but who then comes back and counters what could have been a fatal error, to rise and become the antithesis of Markell and Rodel’s sickening corporate-reform policies by becoming the “rock” both his party and all future school children can stand on? …..

Or, will he not make the switch, and hang himself like Judas?…..

Reporters are waiting every minute for the answer…..

Fixdeldoe should be daily reading for every Delawarean.  The daily time wasted on the News Journal could be better spent reading there.

The pilot “group” delineated and funded in last years budget is set to introduce a pilot “program” into this years budget… it will be, if approved, implemented in 5 of Delaware’s school districts. Here are some red flags. (as rightfully prescribed by Fixdeldoe, scroll down to the last three pages.)

Red Flag 1:

The Department of Education is authorized and directed to implement the pilot plan… (line 12;page 227)

Red Flag 2:

The pilot may include up to five school districts beginning July 1, 2015.  (Which ones?  To be determined by the above….) (line 14; page 227)

Red Flag 3:

The intent of such flexible funding plan shall be to provide participating school districts with the ability to better coordinate resource allocation decisions with strategic planning and community input, build a system focused on outcomes, foster a climate more conducive to innovation and creativity, increase student performance by allowing the focus of resources on identified student needs, enable staffing decisions to occur at the earliest possible time, promote collaborative procurement practices and allow decision making closest to the student. (worded  exactly like Charter schools; worrisome because charters fail rate is 83% whereas public education succeeds close to 100%.)  (Translated:  just like the priority schools, they want to fire highly rated teachers without cause. Can this be priority fiasco Act 2?  Why yes…. it can.)

Red Flag 4

The Department of Education shall establish written criteria for participation in the pilot program...(Again we are voting and funding something that is not even developed. It will be… coming later.  Just like Common Core.  Just like the Smarter Balanced Assessments! just like Charter Schools.(line 20; page 227)

Red Flag 5

All relevant salary schedules and supplemental compensation contained in 14 Del. C. c. 13 and the 5 Annual Appropriations Act shall continue to be used for purposes of salaries of employees.  (The word relevant opens the door to interpretation over what “is” relevant; it could be anything the DOE chief just happens to decide in this lame duck year.Anything!   You tenure is not relevant.  Your past-earned degrees are not relevant… Student/teacher ratios are not relevant.  Public schools are not relevant.  You need a “school leader for $160,000; principals are not relevant.  Janitors are not relevant. Mechanics are not relevant.  School bus maintenance is not relevant…)  (line 4; page 228)

Red Flag 6

The Department shall establish an index value that is relative to that of a 1.0 teaching unit, for each unit- generating, employee group earned according to 14 Del. C. c. 13. Participating school districts may utilize positions among entitlement areas within their total weighted, earned unit entitlement for the school year.  (Currently the units are set by code… Beginning July 2011, the units were set as follows:

Preschool — 12.8 (pupils per unit or ppu)

K-3 — 16.2 ppu

4-12 Regular Education — 20 ppu

4-12 Basic Special Education (Basic) — 8.4 ppu

Pre K-12 Intensive Special Education (Intensive) — 6 ppu

Pre K-12 Complex Special Education (Complex) — 2.6 ppu

(As explained in the new law, a school could soon move resources away from special education and over to mainstream students as long as the total of the units in that school remained the same…. )  Corporate bureaucrats including members of the Chamber of Commerce, think all money on special education is wasted since no exceptional kid will ever work for them; they see special education as throw-away kids spending lots of throw-away money.

Red Flag 7

All such units must be authorized by the Department of Education under rules and regulations promulgated by the Department. (Again, asking for the right to make up their own rules regardless of laws passed by General Assembly which were fostered in public forum… these decisions again will be made behind closed doors.)

Red Flag 8

Participating school districts are authorized to receive cash for up to percent of the total weighted, earned unit entitlement. This option shall only apply if the district has not filled the position at any time during the fiscal year in which it was earned, and if the district makes application to the Department of Education no later than January 31st of the current fiscal year. This cash option value shall be the corresponding amount of a master’s degree plus 10 years of experience, as calculated in accordance with 14 Del. C. § 1305, inclusive of the appropriate 19 other employment costs.  ( A lot to give up for a bribe of $41,388 dollars)  and that cash comes at the end of a year and only if the position was vacant for full term… So a teacher slot that remained vacant over 2015, would be rewarded to that school district sometime after July 1st, 2016.

If you have no 1st grade teacher and can’t get one for a full year, you can use on-call substitutes and get a bonus of $41,388 the following year…  But wait…. what about the kids?  (obviously they were ignored in this financial wheeling and dealing)…..

Red Flag 9

For a flexible funding management plan, State entitlement appropriations shall be consolidated into a 21 single appropriation line  (Just a reminder, when we tried that with Charters, they bought themselves a new Mercedes and took multiple vacations on the money given to them…)

Red Flag 10

No later than December 31st of each year, school districts participating in the pilot shall provide the Secretary of Education with a report identifying district expenditures and revenues, delineated by federal, state and local funds, and an identification of the number and type of positions supported with state funding during the school year as compared to the positions entitled for funding. (Meaning that by February the new incoming Secretary of Education will get around to looking at these reports and go.. WTF…. These are a mitigated disaster!)

So who came up with this plan?  Go back one year, look at the budget and you will find that it was ….

The Department of Education is authorized to establish a working group to develop a pilot plan for education funding flexibility for consideration to be implemented through the Fiscal Year 2016 budget process. Said working group shall consist of the Secretary of Education (or designee), Director of the Office of Management and Budget (or designee), the Controller General (or designee), two members of the Joint Finance Committee appointed by the Co-Chairs, a representative from the Delaware State Education Association, a representative from the Delaware Association of School Administrators, a member of the Delaware School Chiefs Officers Association, and three members of the school business managers in which one of these members must represent a vocational-technical school district.

That is:

  • Secretary of Education
  • Director of Office of Management and Budget
  • Controller General
  • Joint finance committee member 1
  • Joint Finance Committee Member 2
  • A rep from DSEA
  • A rep from DASA
  • A rep from the Chief Officer’s Association
  • A member of school business administration 1
  • A member of school business administration 2
  • A member of one of the technical school business administrations.


Eleven people…. of them, how many do you think are intimately in tune with what it takes to teach your kid?

The next step is to bar this year’s test scores from all student permanent records.  If you think of it, it is the best compromise possible.  What they answered can be gleaned for any helpful tendencies to provide feedback, but no child will have on their record how poorly they did on this poorly written and put-together test….

And while at it, bar all data gleaned from the social and psychological testing part, as well.  So it never hits their record… Nothing on this test, ever hits their record. so that 20 years hence, no one can go back and see these scores. and shuffle one of today’s students aside for an executive position because they took this test and failed, whereas their co-worker vying for the same vice-presidency, went to private school and avoided the Smarter Balanced all together…..

Simply insert into the Delaware Code that student scores on the Smarter Balanced will not be attached to their permanent record, and the data will never leave AIR which administered the test.

That would provide personal protection for those who should have opted out, but didn’t…..

No sustained veto threat threat here…

Earl Jacques

Mike Barbieri

Tim Dukes

Are the three….

Still clueless.

A good sign.

12 people to every clueless one

Voted to allow Parents to opt out…..

Markell and Murphy ,

Are like snow pea pods

On the highway now

In front of a Steam Roller

Bearing down.

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Now go search for something praising the Smarter Balanced and it’s benefits…. Try to find a link extolling the good of the Smarter Balanced Assessment that does not begin with the link:…. All the internet reviews are negative… Hear that?  ALL THE INTERNET REVIEWS ARE NEGATIVE!

if you vote against HB 50, you live in a bubble… “la dee da… oh look at the pretty changing colors….”

Like man-made global warming there is so much overwhelming evidence that Common Core and its protégée, the Smarter Balanced Assessment are dangerous and need to have corrective actions in places as soon as possible….  HB 50 is a neutral bill that does nothing to stop this process but recognizes that parents are the first line of responsibility for their children.. The state cannot supersede a parent’s will on testing, and most certainly it cannot force a parent to harm their own child….. The Smarter Balanced Assessment will harm your child….  100% of  child psychologists say so….

It’s all in the name, really…. PTA stands for Parent Teachers Association…. It doesn’t stand for Governors Lobbyists Association….

Which would you want deciding your child’s next 70+ years?  That alone tells you everything you need to know.


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