It all started 10 years ago today… I opened a silly blog with WordPress as its frame. I chose the zen-ish motif that tops each post out of the few offered back then. And wrote my first piece: “Hats Off To Rebecca”…

I was a busy person and posted occasionally when I felt like it… but I was more comfortable reading others’ posts and commenting there. Occasionally I’d get a comment and respond.

One Sunday morning I opened the News Journal and there was a picture of windmills in the far distance off Bethany Beach… It was exhilarating. My imagination was piqued. I wrote about wind, whether anyone read it or not, right up until we got the first offshore deal signed between Deluca and Carney. Then came the crash.

After Democrats swept everything, while Obama was in 2nd month, I developed the kavipsian Economic Plan as a blueprint for the new administration. A couple of months later I had to leave the country for a mission and not knowing how to kill it, simply abandoned the blog. When I resurfaced, I learned with a smile that my abrupt disappearance through coincidence had caused some local controversy.

Then came the mid-term election of 2010. In a burst of activity on all blogs, the Tea Party sentiments were fanned into a passion and Mike Castle was replaced. Following that, every subsequent Delaware legislative session illuminated a new major Progressive moment as lifelong barriers to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”, came tumbling down one by one in our more progressive Democratic legislature rubber stamped by a Democratic governor.

Then materialized “Occupy Delaware”. Strong arguing in their favor persuaded our state to handle them with tolerance. I believe they were the longest remaining holdouts in the country and I’m rather proud of our state for standing up against corporate entities in defending that part of our Bill of Rights.

2012 marked a policy shift in our Governor as he began his new second term without Brian Selander. Immediately beginning with the privatization of the Port of Wilmington, then moving over to education, instead of glowing progressivism we began to see creeping signs of corporatism. So I fought it.

I got sucked into education when I discovered “what” was Common Core. It was the same trash I’d removed from our corporate training departments in real life. It should never be taught to kids. Pandora’s box was then opened in front of me and all educational hell broke loose.
I am most proud that Kevin from Exceptional Delaware has risen and taken that issue further than could I ever have time or energy to accomplish. He was my Frodo who could carry the ring deep into Mordor, further than I ever could.

I am also quite proud of all the personalities across these ten years I have had privilege to engage. As a child, I used to watch my Dad sit with the old men in the drug store, drinking coffee and arguing back and forth about the future of their town; not as politicians but as engaged citizens who then enforced politicians to bend to their will. I like to think we all accomplished the same thing.

History will be the judge. I have always believed in the Prime Directive which forbids one from interfering directly with the internal development of how things are working… I began these writings as a thought experiment to see if thought and ideas, not personalities, could still carry in this modern world as they did when knowledge was passed on in print. My assessment is that yes, they could partly across these ten years, until the internet became too crowded. Then personalities became the drivers necessary to rise above the confusion. I am saddened that with all the knowledge of the world at our fingertips, we live in a less knowledgeable age than we did 10 years ago when the Internet was open.

I began this episode on this day ten years ago in 2006 just after the Dem’s ended uncontested Republican control of Washington, DC… I am ending it today on a comparatively depressing note as I see it coming back full circle. Things do not look good for this country over the next 3 years. As someone who built it up, watching it get torn down will be no fun. I know. I’ve lived through it twice before.

Across my time, I have seen many human beings continue after they have outlasted their usefulness. No one ever tells them. It is a crime I don’t wish to repeat.
Life is about fun. If it is not fun, then you have to fight and either die or win so it can be fun again. And it helps, if your passion for fighting is what you consider fun. For me it once was, but is no longer.

And so, one more circle gets closed. Similarly Shakespeare’s works coincided with the golden Elizabethan Age then faded as that golden age dissipated through the darkening Stuart’s reign, though he briefly returned in a late burst to write his Tempest.

From all I see, I think history will also determine that we too had a golden age, beginning and ending with a year of 6. For those who don’t yet see it as such, I believe the next few years will be the miracle that finally opens their eyes. We really, actually did. It was truly amazing…. We have entered a new age now; it needs to be written by new people. It really does… It desperately needs to be written.

From November 17th, 2006 to November 17th, 2016 a recorded log of the long view of America’s and Delaware’s progressive movement is now set in stone. For better or worse, it is a legacy of what can be done, what is possible. Events will go forward for most of you, needing your focus and energy, but I have seen a dark vision of the future and have already exercised my personal Einstein option… My only clue has been sitting in the post directly sequenced below this one……

All that is left, ….. is to say: “Thank you”……..



When Jesus was brought before Pilate, Pilate had compassion on him.  This man had done not wrong. This man was bright, resourceful, brave, and amazing on all fronts.


But the leaders of the country which he oversaw, had brought this man on a trumped up charges and asked him to execute him.  Pilate saw through their charade and came up with a way to maneuver out from under it…


He open his doors to the crowd outside,   “It is your custom that on this day I release a prisoner… Do you want this person who has done no wrong, or do you want me to release (he thought for a second)  Barabbas”… (Barabbas was his most hated public criminal in his prisons. )



The crowd shouts back…. “Give us Barrabbas”….   “Are you sure”, asks Pilate.  “This man has done no wrong. He is innocent.  Just days before 50,000 of you line the streets with palms as he rode into this city.  Surely you want this man and not for me to release Barrabbas, now do you?”


 The priests had stirred up the crowd….  “Give us Barabbas” they shouted…

“Give us Barabbas……. “


So who is the real criminal? The one supported by all these Delawareans… What lack of judgment must one have to choose a criminal over a saint?

These people are simply delusional… In their warped minds they presuppose this to be true and all evidence otherwise be damned.

Hillary has to be guilty of something because she just has to be, and Donald has to be innocent of everything because he just has to be….

When put in plain language such thinking is obviously a product of a sick mind.

There are no politics involved in this stark fact.  It is what anyone and everyone can see watching every video of both candidates from beginning of this campaign to its end… When reviewing such, there are a few bad moments in one campaign and a few good moments in the other… The the total preponderance of evidence matches the verdict of the three times we saw them on stage together… One is responsibly capable of handling the duties thrust on her; the other is not.

Any other conclusion is delusional.

it always comes back to this:  Hillary has to be guilty of something because she just has to be, and Donald has to be innocent of everything because he just has to be….

Now as a society it is obvious that we do have a segment of our population that is insane. But that does not mean we have to follow them. What usually happens is that as long as the insane are no danger to themselves or anyone else, we tolerate them.  When they become a danger, we lock them up.

The repeated chants based on nothing to “lock up” the leading candidate by followers of the minority party, show just how dangerously off-bent all these people are.

It is as if they have been released upon us by a bad television mini-drama and are ranging through our towns looking for brains to eat…

You laugh, but the similarities are scary.

There is no semblance of being a human being in saying: Hillary has to be guilty of something because she just has to be, and Donald has to be innocent of everything because he just has to be….

That is just being … a “being”…..   one in whom these crackpots still vociferously support…..

Charlie Copeland
Colin Bonini
Hans Reigle
La Mar T. Gunn

State Senate Candidates

State House Candidates

Kevin Hensley:  District 9

Judith Travis:  District 10

Jeff Spiegleman:  District 11

Debbie Hudson:  District 12

James Louis DeMartino:  District 14

James R. Startzman, Jr:  District 19

Stephan Smyk:  District 20

Mike Ramone:  District 21

Joesph E. Miro:  District 22

Timothy Conrad:  District 24

Michael Nagorski:  District 25

Janice Gallagher:  District 29

William Outten:  District 30

Jean Dowding: District 31

Patricia Foltz:  District 32

Charles Postles:  District 33

Lyndon Yearick:  District 34

David Wilson:  District 35

Harvey Kenton, Jr:  District 36

Ruth Briggs King:  District 37

Ronald Gray:  District 38

Daniel Short:  District 39

Timothy Dale Dukes:  District 40

Richard Collins:  District 41

None of these should get into office.  None.

Lip service is one thing. Actions are something else.  All of the above at this late date are still supportive of Donald Trump and what he stands for….

Sadly these are all the Republicans running for state office, but two… I must isolate and mention both of those two and encourage you to vote them in over their Democrat opponents (no loss there in both seats) to show the world that Delaware is not a satellite of Donald Trump….

These two very special people, the only two Delawarean Republicans who have repudiated history’s worst candidate,  Donald Trump,  are:

Meredith Chapman    Senate District 8

James Spadola    Senate District 1


A. She has reality TV experience.

B. She tweets.

C. She is opinionated.

D  She is recognized

Presto.  She has all the exact same qualifications of Donald Trump.  And she is nicer. And she uses slightly bigger words, the best words.  And she is great. So great… and she can win. and keep on winning till you tell her to stop winning all the time, and she can win again, and again.

But bottom line, is that even at four years out from the next election, she is already equally as qualified for office as is Donald Trump. Since your party always chooses the “best” candidates, think how great she will be after 4 years of prepping…  So Republicans,  you will need a new candidate soon. My I present Honey Boo Boo‘s mom…. . Your next candidate to perfectly represent the high ideals of your party…


Photo Courtesy of Daily Beast

When the votes come pouring in on Tuesday evening many Americans will be awaiting breathlessly whether their candidate will win… Both sides see their candidate as the only possible avenue down which this nation can continue.

But there are bigger data dumps which can be mined from all this data.  Elections are our only method to determine how America thinks or feels every 4 years.  Polls can be skewed. But the election is real…

The Republican candidate has done a lot to strip down his candidacy to one of racism.  He has no economic plan. He has no insurance plan. He has no plan to fight Isis. He has no military strategy, he has nothing else to say, except to rail against others.. in fact all others who are not exactly like him.. be it gender, racial, or religious… If you are not like him, YOU are the problem… That is the classic definition of racism…

The one single argument of his entire campaign is…. we are going to get rid of “them” and you (through me) are going to be in charge… We have no idea what he will do when in charge. He could be Santa Clause. He could be Hitler. He could be Putin’s butt boy. We just do not know…

If you vote for Trump, you are racist…

(I’m voting for Trump and I ain’t no racist… Get out of my fuckin’ way you Muslim piece of shit… Speak English you motherfucker… No, I’m voting for Trump and I ain’t no racist  Trump’s a good man. Like Rick Jensen I’m voting my opinions, I ain’t votin’ no racist… Woo Hoot! You tell ’em Ted Nugent! You tell ’em.. Fuck those blacks. YEAH… Burn them on crosses. Nope, we definitely ain’t no racists. We used to watch Cosby back in the day. And Sanford and Son, we ain’t no racists.)

As I said.. the only reason anyone is voting for Trump is because they approve of his racism. They may be excited by his racism. They may love the idea of bashing peoples’ heads in with baseball bats, as long as they don’t look like them or Colin Bonini. or Charlie Copeland. or Ruth King Briggs.. (Still don’t know how La Mar Gunn gets around it.. but he wholeheartedly support a racist doctrine for some reason.  I guess it is the Stockholm Syndrome, there were also Jews who threw their lot with Hitler. (they all died).)

Anyways. Enough of convincing you this election is solely about Racism… You can either believe it or not.  But we are excited to finally be able, in a huge part thanks to Donald Trump, to clearly trace the amount of racism which has been present but hidden except for brief moment in our nations history.

For example… In 1968 there were 9.9 million racists who voted for George Wallace.  In 1948 there were 1.1 million who voted for Strom Thumond and the Dixiecrats. Donald Trump needs to compare himself to Barry Goldwater, who had 27 million votes for him mixed including all racists and those who would rather throw their lot to a racist,than vote for a Democrat.

We will know how many racists there are and where they all live after this election is over. We then have to decide how we want to deal with them… As a nation, we reabsorbed the Dixiecrats, we reabsorbed the Republicans, we reabsorbed the American party.  Embolden by the loose tongue of Donald Trump, we can flush them out into the open, then open our Remingtons up on them and bring them down like ducks around Bombay Hook.

That is what Hillary Clinton is. That is what the Democrats offer. The same boundless confidence that came out of Independence Hall in 1788. The same boundless confidence as we pushed our nation Westward over fresh laid iron rails in the 19th Century. The same boundless confidence as we fought two major wars across two different oceans at the same time. That same boundless confidence as we elected our first WWII fighter into the Presidency. That same boundless confidence with which we stared down the Soviet Union. That same boundless confidence with which we landed on the moon and watched with wonder as our vehicles drove around on Mars. That same boundless confidence as we faced down the Y2K problem. That same boundless confidence with which we said we’d avenge 9/11….That same boundless confidence with which we once faced down our deficit and had our budget completely under control…..

America has always vacillated between moments of boundless confidence and timid fear. Ironically it has always been the Democrats who gave us confidence and Republicans who gave us fear.

The fear is a anathema. We have nothing to fear but fear itself and when we allow ourselves to fear we loose all of our potential. Fear bites into America’s productivity…

You can choose to believe we have to fear. Fear from Muslims. Fear from Mexicans. Fear from Afro Americans. Fear from powerful women. Fear from orange haired sexual predators riding buses in 2005… But though that is only one option, it is not the only option. We can also make assumptions that all people are like us, some bad and some good, and work to elevate the good ones, and find and punish the bad ones. Just no profiling. Just don’t use race or religion as weapons against all one group’s right to freedom, which will become by accretion, weapons against our rights to freedom…

We always will have enemies for we are the most successful and powerful nation on earth. But we have two ways of combating those.. One the cheerful approach, exuding from our pores like Britain had when they were being bombed into oblivion but prevailed. Or the sunken, desperate gloom such as that hung over Berlin as its enemies surrounded it from all sides. One attitude wins against great odds; the other loses against the smallest of threats.

So which one describes you? Gloom, death, destruction, fear, hate, and loathing? or the boundless confidence in America’s progress?

You choose our future… it is serious. There are no do-overs…

This is amazing. Two videos released on the last weekend before the big vote…. Both summing up their campaign in under two minutes.. As is usual the tone is what one perceives and in this case there is a huge difference.

One uplifting and inspiring. The other dark and foreboding One full of color, bright and active. The other shot like a crime scene drama, dark, dramatic, and dangerous.

I actually like both of them. They are both pretty good summations and the darker one is polished rather well almost enough to be convincing… Only it is too little too late. It fails to address that the solution it proposes to all the problems it illustrates, is more of a problem than the problems are. To be fair, both videos are rather vague on policy…

One says we need to celebrate life. The other implies we can never celebrate life because there are always big scary problems out there which will attack and eat us… Be afraid, be very afraid…

So I guess it depends on what type of nation you want for your children really… One that is great to live in, or one that sort of sucks to live in but if you just elect Donald Trump, even though it sucks, you will be safe. Why? Because he’s been on the Apprentice… (as the closing pose strikes so similar) lol.

And now… the greatest contrast of two videos you will ever see… (unless you watch Comcast’s Channel 29 and porn back to back)..

What did you think? Isn’t the difference as stark as that between Kennedy and Nixon? Between Johnson and Goldwater? Between Nixon and McGovern? Between Reagan and Mondale? Got any more? It has been a while we’ve had a more comparative bright and dark contrast…

Now it is up to you… What spirit do you want to lead America? The good one? Or Bad?

Donald Trump!  Would my son, Captain Khan, have a place in your America?   NO………
Donald Trump!. Would Muslims have a place in your America?  
Donald Trump!   Would Latinos have a place in your America?   NO…………………
Would Afro-Americans have a place in your America, Donald Trump?
Would anyone who is not like you, Donald Trump, have a place in your America? NO………
Well thankfully, Mr. Trump….. This isn’t your America…………….


“Damn! Here Comes Trump Into The Dressing Room Again”

There really is no greater issue in this campaign.  Men just don’t get it.

But by voting Democratic from top to bottom (exception in 8th and 1st Delaware Senatorial) you elect and send Trump and his supporters packing; for good. The bigger the margin of the loss, the longer they stay away and under cover..

There is no greater issue in this campaign… If you are a woman, and vote for Trump, heaven help you.  One day you will awake and realize just how ugly your soul is.

There is no greater issue in this campaign.  Again… men just don’t get it… But you can put that ogre and the ogre of every man who’s violated you or made you feel uncomfortable, in its grave for good.

There is no greater issue in this campaign… and only by voting up or down Democratic can you make the point that we are done with this issue; we are finished; this issue is forever behind us…