Today you must read this. Guaranteed. It won’t be on the News Journal until all other outlets have mentioned it first. Then, and only then, they will publish McDowell’s cut and paste defense, which if skimmed, may look credible. (Go ahead. Prove me wrong guys. Dare you)

In plain uncertain terms, when nobody was looking, money surcharged on your electric bill was almost hijacked by McDowell to guarantee his income after he leaves the Senate.

Illegal? Let the courts decide. Immoral? That can be decided here and now.

Hats off to Jason330 for digging through our state archives to pull this historical record out of cold storage, just as its proponent attempts to scuttle the best thing that ever happened to Delaware, simply because it got in the way of his becoming a millionaire.

The parallels are astounding. The attempt to sneak legislation through in 2001 versus the attempt to kill Bluewater Wind by secretly leaning on the Controller General.

Both times facts were not on his side. Both times Delawareans would be hurt if his actions ever got carried out.

Both times, he would make millions off the deal.

Do we elect our representatives to represent our interests, or take our money and line their pockets?

Obviously we do the latter, even though we assume we are helping ourselves in the process.

In the latter deal, one must also investigate the motives by the other three Senators colluding with McDowell to kill Bluewater Wind. “Desk Drawer” Adams, Tony DeLuca, and Charlie Copeland, all of which were part of the secrecy surrounding the illogical effort to postpone Bluewater Wind, and hopefully kill it, Obviously they have personal motives as well.

When something stinks, one should check the bottom of their shoes for the source. When four people walk out of the pig pen together, and one smells, good chance they all have the same shit on their shoes.

From the archives: courtesy of Jason330 diligent effort.

Senate Bill 235 expands the allowed use of ‘environmental incentive fund’ monies in a manner that is contrary to the purpose for which those monies were originally collected from electricity customers.

under S.B. 235, grants of up to $1million could be to persons or companies to develop renewable energy equipment, which companies could then sell without any requirement of reimbursement to the State of Delaware

Drawing huge sums of money out of the fund for private projects that may be of little or no benefit to energy conservation in Delaware is inconsistent with the purpose of the environmental incentive fund.

Senate Bill 235 also contains language which would eliminate an important condition that…….the money be spent within the service areas covering those customers who created the fund through their payment of the DP&L and Conectiv bills……The legislature placed this condition….to ensure that those funds were not spent out of state or even in those portions of the state that had not contributed to the fund.

House amendment No. 1 to S.B. 235 eliminated this requirement altogether.

Was this bill rushed through on the last hours of the last day or Legislative Session? Of course. It was passed on reflex: “green energy? Recommended by Committee? Sounds good….. Aye”


Senate Bill 235 also removed from the President Pro Tem of the Senate and the Speaker or the House the authority to appoint representatives to the body that would distribute environmental incentive fund money and instead afforded those appointments to the chairs of the Senate Energy and Transit Committee (McDowell) and the House Telecommunications Committee (now retired). This is a substantial departure from the manner in which legislative appointments are normally made.

And as if Delaware needed any other reason to open Thurman Adams desk drawer and leave it open into perpetuity:

Senate Bill 235 also gives the board of the “Delaware Center for Green Energy” permission to use environmental incentive find money to pay for its members to take trips, pay for meals, and retain consultants – all without any limitation or approval of any state agency. The original version of S.B. 235 prior to its amendment (not to mention the existing statute governing the environmental incentive fund) required that the fund be used only for grants to third parities relating to energy conservation.

In clear terms money paid by our surcharge to Delmarva, for what we told were for green energy incentives……..went instead to book a motel room, order room service, and pay off prostitutes………………………………………(sometimes also called lobbyists).

Our hard earned funds going to pay off prostitutes.

Obviously Bluewater Wind is dipping into McDowell’s prostitute (lobbyist) fund as well. No wonder he is fighting it so hard.