Anyone supportive of Wind Power coming to Delaware needs to go to Dover tonight. As Tommy puts it well, the first of five hearings on how to avoid bringing wind power to Delaware will take place in the Senate chambers. You will be in the gallery, so be prepared to make friends, bring your own oxygen, and don’t get up fast if happen to sit near the balcony’s edge.

Expect to hear a desperate plea put together by Delmarva as to why it will cost you more for wind.

Keep in the back of your mind that every piece of evidence dug up over the last year concerning the future price of gas, coal, and other sources of renewable energy, shows just the opposite. Future carbon fuels WILL cost more than wind, thereby making wind the cheapest option.

Keep in mind that buying wind from out of state, will bring no new jobs to Delaware. Instead, it will send jobs to whichever state other than Delaware, decides to build first. If we approve this deal, Babcock and Brown has committed to making Delaware the hub of all their East Coast Operations.

Keep in mind that this is McDowell’s meeting, so the docket will be full of Delmarva stooges, meaning most wind power proponents will not get their chance to speak. But if you are there, please enjoy the occasion. They can’t stop you from laughing each time they state a “funny” which we all know by now is flat-out not true

Hopefully if those of you who attend are capable of turning the meeting into a political disaster for McDowell, by pointing out his mistruths for all to see, the four future meetings may be abandoned. It would be wise to do so just to keep him from facing further public ridicule and then? We can finally begin moving forward to achieving cheaper, pollution free energy.
Jobs, Jobs, and more Jobs:Someone Knock Sense Into McDowell!
Courtesy of Dark Roasted Blend