The Democratic State Senator hailing from the third senatorial district of Greater Wilmington, voted along with Copeland and McDowell to forward the McDowell committee “sham” hearing to the Senate.

I would like to give him a chance to explain. I for one, am not sure he realizes that Bluewater winds proposal bundled at $105 per MW is already cheaper than what Delmarva buys ($110 per MW) it’s electricity today.

I for one, expect, but am not sure, that he realizes that those who have elected him in the past (you see their houses as you pass through Wilmington on 95), cannot afford electrical prices to go higher. They can barely pay the prices asked of them today.

I for one, would assume that someone who sponsored the False Claims and Reporting Act SB 97, would certainly be wary of claims made by McDowell which have been proven by all to be misleading, if not directly false.

One would think…..that someone with a history of legislation benefiting those struggling to make ends meet in their family budgets, would not saddle them with electric charges ultimately forcing those families into bankruptcy………

Therefore, I, and I am sure all of Delaware, most importantly those living in the 3rd Senatorial District, would like to understand Bob’s reasoning for siding with Copeland ( who would love to get rid of prevailing wage and collective bargaining altogether,) and not with Karen Peterson who wants to open government so hidden shenanigans can occur no more……

Bob, my comment section is open. Delaware would certainly be interested in knowing why you seemed to go against your grain, that of supporting hard working labor, and vote on the side that will hurt common people the most……………………..