Charlie Copeland’s and Harris McDowells famous antiwind letter was written on September 12.

On September 30th, GM announce they had no plans for production at the Boxwood plant.


No, but energy costs are a clear cost of business.  If the Blue Water Wind package dies on the birthing table, then all electric rate for businesses wanting to move into Delaware, will be higher than those in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.  So why would a business move here?

However, if the Blue Water Wind deal goes through with no constraints, then our elecricity costs become one of the lowest in the nation.  Why would a business not want to move here?

Delaware needs to position itself competitively against all other locations.  We have market location to our advantage.  We have real estate costs to our advantage.  We have educational resources,  University of Delaware, to our advantage.  We have quality of life, Rehoboth Beach, to our advantage.  What we do not have currently, is cheap energy.  Delmarva buys the same energy off the grid like every other state, and charges us way too much for it.

Here is why Chrysler is leaving.  Here is why GM is leaving……..You can’t make money in Delaware.

Were Delaware to have the nation’s first giant windfarm,  pumping kilowatts at a low 2.3 cents cost,  those dynamics could change.  Just bringing the wind farm to Delaware would pump a much needed 1.5 billion into our local economy.   Consistently providing cheap energy, would provide another.

It is against this backdrop that one must shake ones head at Copeland & Other’s attempt to stop Blue Water Wind from going through.  Why would any elected official, want so badly to screw Delaware over?

If Delaware’s economy collapses, it will stem solely from this group of legislators who have one loyalty and one loyalty only.  Delmarva.

Fortunately they are a small group.  They can be overruled, voted out, and rendered quite insignificant.

What is significant, is whether we can get Blue Water Wind on line in time to keep GM and Chrysler from leaving for good.

The PSC should again give the public an opportunity to voice their opinion……and just like the last hearings in spring 07, thousands of the public will do so!  After that, who gives a damn what Copeland & Co.  thinks……..

We need to move fast before Copeland, McDowell, Hocker, Lavelle, Plant, Venables, and Valihura, cause another large business to pull up stakes and leave………………