I wish I could count the number of people lost to that disease, who today would be living if only they had not ignored the warning signs early one and received treatment.

I cannot turn back time.

As I am reminded reading over the chatter in today’s blogosphere regarding Bluewater Wind and its inception in this state, of a statement made here long ago.

Something to the effect, that once studying the nation’s outlook towards fufilling its energy needs, that like a cancer treatment, doing nothing is worse than any chemotherapy.

The more one knows, the scarier the outlook.

As we wait, the cancer (unbelievable high energy prices) grows exponentially. The growth curve flat for so many years, is rising gradually, until at one point, it soars vertically.

Deluca, Adams, Copeland, McDowell, and Delmarva are like those ill informed friends advising you to wait it out….”Cut you open down there?…….Wait it out….it might be indigestion….’

You can listen to them, but it will be at your peril……..Or you can listen to that nagging feeling inside of you saying…..” you know, something is just not right.” Just as one should not wait for the blood before checking his colon, we should not hold up what could be Delaware’s saving grace, over the questionable objections of several of our “friends”.

The fix is easy. The analysis is done. The doctor is waiting. The cancer grows. What’s it going to be? All we need is one signature and the treatment can begin.