This same information is on the House Website, but it had an annoying extra step for emailing Delegates. Now, as with my Senator’s Page, I just copy and post the email address for emails and if I need anything else I click the email to go to their individual state website…

Name   Email address
Paul S. Baumbach
Andria L. Bennett
David Bentz
Stephanie T. Bolden
Gerald L. Brady
Ruth Briggs-King
William J. Carson
Richard G. Collins richard.collins
Timothy D. Dukes
Ronald E. Gray
Debra J. Heffernan
Kevin Hensley
Deborah Hudson House
Earl G. Jaques Jr
James Johnson
S. Quinton Johnson
Helene M. Keeley
Harvey R. Kenton
John A. Kowalko Jr.
Valerie Longhurst
Sean Lynn
Sean Matthews
Joseph E. Miro
John L. Mitchell Jr.
Michael P. Mulrooney
Edward S. Osienski
William R. “Bobby” Outten
W. Charles Paradee
Harold J. Peterman
Charles Potter Jr.
Michael Ramone
Peter C. Schwartzkopf
Bryon H. Short
Daniel B. Short
Melanie George Smith
Stephen T. Smyk
Jeffrey N. Spiegelman
John J. Viola
Kimberly Williams
David L. Wilson
Lyndon Yearick