I thought this was funny:

“We’re baffled as to why House members would vote to have our customers pay up to twice as much as they need to for renewable energy, especially since this is just two years after we had to explain to them another rate increase,” Yingling said, referring to a one-time 59 percent average rate hike that followed a six-year freeze.


We simply do not understand why no one believes us. It’s not like we raise prices or anything. We are so concerned about how much our customers will put into our coffers, that we will allow them to pay our massive legal fees for fighting Bluewater Wind, which had the nerve to guarantee a contracted price of $105 per MWh (total cost) for twenty five years, when our last three year power buy could only go as low as $110 per MWh.

Oh, and did I say we are baffled as to why no one will believe us?………..