At the 7 & 40 Alliance meeting last Monday Gary Stockbridge, head of Delmarva, stood up and said that instead of putting “all our eggs in one basket” Delmarva should get its renewable energy quotas from land-based wind farms in PA.

Someone asked how much could PA give us…….Gary didn’t know..

In a letter supporting Bluewater Wind, an enterprising citizen, John Austin did the research using this AWEA site as his reference. The data is current as of June 30 2007. If we bought ALL of Pennsylvania’s wind generated power, we could receive 179 MW. An additional 115 are under construction, whereas an additional 189 are proposed. So at Stockbridge’s best case scenario, we may one day have 483 MW of PA renewable wind electricity, which of course will be bid upon by all these states who like us, are mandated by their legislatures to seek renewable sources of energy: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Michigan……Yearly total demand (2005 data) of just those states? 679,495,248 MW! …..Imagine all these hands bidding up the price?…….No wonder Gary Stockbridge wants Delmarva to look inland and not out to sea.

Now let us, the Delaware public, look seaward. Bluewater Wind should be allowed to build a 600MW wind farm, with future options for another company to build another 600MW off Bethany Beach. Out of that total, 300MW will be contracted with Delmarva, with the rest going to fill the demand mentioned above: those neighboring states with utility companies struggling to fulfill their mandated quotas…..

Today tiny Delaware (2005 data) uses 12,136,788MW of electricity. How foolish to think that Pennsylvania, after it has maxed out its wind potential, will spare us it’s entire quota (483MW) just to meet our tiny state’s electrical needs? (Delaware:12,136,788MW / PA and neighboring states: 679,495,248MW = 1.786%)!!! All of PA’s wind energy going to JUST 1.8% OF THE MARKET??? This fact alone, illustrates to all intelligent citizens that Delmarva and its political prostitutes know far too little for their own good. Energy experts they are not. (I am beginning to wonder if they know math?)

John Austin’s comment drives a solid point home, and should scare every Delawarean should Delmarva be allowed to have its way in deciding our state’s future energy policy. (His letter can be found in the November 7th batch of public comments sent to the PSC.) The truly amazing fact arising out of all of this……is not that people like John Austin, Tommywonk, and perhaps myself are experts and know so much about energy and wind power. It is that people like Delmarva, Charlie Copeland, Harris McDowell, and Gary Stockbridge, know so little……