Is Bluewater Wind cheaper than no Bluewater Wind.

Absolutely. Only if the offshore wind farm is built, will your rates stay the same of drop… All other options proposed by Delmarva will raise your power bill…… which of course is why they are proposing them……….

Wait, my radio says onshore is cheaper than offshore……

Aye, they tricked you….. Theoretically land based wind can be produced cheaper if on is lucky to find a good location, with few people holding out their hands….. Whereas the onshore windpower is cheaper, Delmarva refuses to buy enough of it to lower your bills…. They are buying it instead to meet the law that states a certain amount of the state’s energy must come from renewable sources. They will continue to make their money on coal, gas, and oil fired turbines….

So why will Bluewater be any cheaper?

Bluewater will supply about on third of all the energy in Delaware at a price lower than what Delmarva pays today. The onshore wind will supply only 1/10th of the wind…That means that 90%, not 70% of our electricity will come from expensive sources, and those expenses will of course, be passed right down to us…..

Can Bluewater really guarantee the same cost twenty five years from now?


Those who signed for their house loan thirty years ago, are paying exactly what they signed for…… It is much less than were someone to start paying on the same property today…….. The same principle hold true in Bluewater Wind. the air is free; the only payment is monthly installments on the loan that was used to build it.

What is this exculation fee of 2% on Bluewater’s price, that Delmarva keeps talking about it.

It is called the “Delmarva increase” because that is what Delmarva got year after year for inflation. If Bluewater does not use the 2% yearly, Delmarva will. You are going to pay for it anyway.

Is Bluewater bad for the environment?

No, it is very good for wildlife, Much better for wildlife than land based wind farms are…. In fact Delmarva just signed a deal which if it goes trough, will damage some of Eastern America’s prime wilderness. The locals have fought that power station off for 5 years…….. Whereas Bluewater’s platforms will attract sport fishing, sea plants and animals.

Flat out. What would be the cheapest alternative for supplying Delaware’s power needs?

Building the 300 MW wind farm, cutting back on demand, and then, supplementing the majority of of what’s left, with contracted land based windpower, would be the best option both environmentally and most cost effectively.

How much is Bluewater Wind, I mean exactly?

$105.90 per MWh and that price is guaranteed for 25 years in today’s dollars. As a reference, Delmarva buys power today at $110.00 dollars per MWh and the price goes up again next year.

Has Delmarva been lying to us?

Give them a break. Bluewater Wind will save consumers a ton of money, which is money they will not be able to collect… so what did you expect?