This same information is on the Senate Website, but it had an annoying extra step for emailing Senators. Now, as with my Delegate Page, I just copy and post the email address for emails and if I need anything else, I click it to go to their state website… It will be parked on my Blogroll. Hope you enjoy the consolidation of steps.


Colin R. J. Bonini
Brian J. Bushweller
Catherine Cloutier
Anthony DelCollo
Bruce C. Ennis
Bethany A. Hall-Long
Margaret Rose Henry
Gerald W. Hocker
Gregory F. Lavelle
David G. Lawson
Ernesto B. Lopez
Robert I. Marshall
David B. McBride
Harris B. McDowell III
Brian Pettyjohn
Nicole Poore
Bryant L. Richardson
F. Gary Simpson
David P. Sokola
Bryan Townsend
John Walsh