Land of the Lost

If you live here and your child flunks the Smarter Balanced Assessment…. YOU are a big part of the problem… His failure and those of children in other districts, is YOUR fault for not paying attention in the last election and blindly supporting Senator Dave Sokola for another term….

Senator Sokola does not support you.  He is a pawn of the huge educational testing companies who are receiving hundreds of millions from across this nation, to profit from testing your child two grades ahead of anything he has ever learned…..

Why do you not know this?

Why have you not yet picked up the phone and leave a message for him at each number….

  • Phone: (302) 577-8744
  • Phone: (302) 695-7366
  • Phone: (302) 239-2193

Why have you not emailed him asking him to explain why he is throwing your child under the bus for whatever personal reason he has?

In democracy, you have the most important role to play.  You hold your representative accountable.  You have to let them know how you feel…. It is not a luxury; it is a duty. This is not something you can palm off on someone else… This is your job.  When it comes to democracy, you have one job; don’t mess it up. Hold him accountable by letting him know how you feel:

  • Like how your child was different over testing.
  • How behavioral problems jumped with your child between the 1st full week of March ending the 2nd week of May.
  • How your child said the Smarter Balanced questions made no sense.
  • How your child said he’d never seen the stuff being asked, and that you, his parent think it is damned unfair he should be tested two grades ahead of where normal children his age should test.
  • How your child once a good student, now thinks all school is stupid and a waste of time, because all they do is drill for some stupid test they are going to fail anyway.
  • How your child today, is worse than he was before he ever experienced the Smarter Balanced Assessment.
  • How your child did not have these problems under the DCAS of the last three years….
  • How you are upset the scores come out in August, when they can do no good whereas the DCAS were given right after the test was finalized.
  • How you took the Smarter Balanced Assessment for your child’s grade level and could not distinguish between the four correct answers given on the third grade test, but one was “more” correct?  Huh?
  • How this test does nothing for your child except fail him… So what good is it?  It is just a tool to fire good teachers you can’t get rid of otherwise….
  • How you really want to go back to the DCAS….

Here is his email………

And if you could do your own son or daughter a favor,   please cc these emails to that of Sokola’s so it is obvious to Mr. Sokola who else is seeing the volumes of email pouring in supportive of both HB 50 and each parent’s right to opt out their own child…  (News Journal k-12 Education Reporter)  (Sokola’s Boss: who can pull HB 50 out of committee over his objection) (State Republicans so they can see how beatable Sokola has become)

Whereas your single note or letter might get brushed off by someone so selfish he cares not for the hardships of any one child, him knowing who else was seeing your brief comment and knowing the numbers of others they have seen, may make it a little difficult to continue following those lobbyists’ bidding to keep this very important piece of legislation bottled up in his desk drawer…..

Only you… who live in the 8th senatorial district to the north and west of Newark proper (see map above), can save Delaware now….

Only you…

Yes, it is your time to act for your children now… Stand up for them. They are your kids… Sitting by, doing nothing will cause irreparable harm…. Call. Send that message with copies attached to those interested parties….

PS.  The levels of contacts need to be overwhelming…..  A private inside poll recently showed 90% of Delawareans are against the Smarter Balanced Assessment and want to return to the DCAS…. Your drive and determination need to reflect those numbers.

Do your part, people of the 8th. … Contact your Senator Sokola…. Tell him to put that bill up for a vote, at the very least.

All other readers not in the 6th senatorial district: here is a list of your all Senators who will (if the bill is released from committee), be voting for opt-out to go forward….

Contact your Delaware State Senator