Got this idea from New York where they are sending ridiculous homework assignments to Cuomo the governor.   But here that wouldn’t work.  They’d go right into the trashcan, and state police would be sent to stake out the return address.  But if one loaded up one’s representative or senator with all your children’s homework that didn’t make sense,  those elected officials who hope to still be serving you long after Markell and Murphy have moved on to other venues…. had better pay attention.

We have a better shot at stopping the maddness, and they as our representatives, really need to be aware of the child abuse being slung out by Common Core…Image

Like this… First try to figure out what they want.  Then try to figure out how to do it.  Then guess what age group this is for.

This is a first-grade test question of Common Core.  You can see the logo in the bottom left.  Struggling?  This is a first grade test. Remember first grade?  2 + 2  ?

What does this actually teach?  If adults can’t figure it out, why is it so important for children 7 years in under, to know what ever it is they are supposed to know?

This is basically garbage that has slipped through because there is no oversight or anyone checking the content of what comes out. Unlike the old days, there are no parent textbook committees.  It gets pulled out previously unseen, every day and handed out.

Your state representatives and state senators need to see this…So if you get homework that is bizarre, copy and send it to them…Their emails are here for the House and here for the Senate

Subjecting children to this is child abuse. It needs to

Just in case you aced the first above (thinking of Mike O as I type this), here are some more examples.  Ask ;yourself, what are they teaching and why are we paying a premium in tax dollars for our children to become dumber through Common Core…..

Like or Unlike and Why We Don't Like Common Core   Common Porn Math

This is not making America great.  This is making us educationally worse than the Central African Republic….