Here is where you can see your child’s questions…. (and answers, thank heavens)

And here is where you can go to experience the hieroglyphics needed to navigate the math pages, to fully understand the manual frustration which is a part of this test.

Now ask these questions:

Is this a genuine reflection upon what my child knows?

Is this material consequently even necessary for my child’s future knowledge?

Should my child have a low score permanently etched on his record for life over this one test?

Why should my child’s long adult life be decided by the results of this one test?  (Arne Duncun:  “We should know by grades one or two if a child will be going to college”.)

What would have happened to you, if you had been exposed to such as a student and held back because of your low score?  How would your life have been if the opportunities you had, had been withheld because you were deemed unworthy by a one day test you did in say, 3rd Grade?

Then contact your legislator

A good starter question for them would be….. have you even seen these tests?  A second good question would be… oh my… how low did you score?

Then call your school….

Hello, this is ________________  mother of ___________________ .  When is my child supposed to take the Smarter Balanced Assessments?… I want him opted out, and if you can’t do that, please let me know and we will just not have him show up for a medical condition on those days…  Yes. I’ll hold…..  ….. ….. ….. ….. …..  Oh, Hi, Ms Principal…. I’m the mother of ________________ and I don’t want this Smarter Balanced Test Score on his permanent  record…  What must I do to MAKE SURE THAT NEVER HAPPENS?  OK, April 22nd, and 23rd?   Ok,,, thank you, thank you… so very much…


Let’s get this done, people.  Let’s get this over.  Let’s move on to better things for ourselves and our children.