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Again it is up.  This time sponsored by Karen Peterson for Delaware.  Again, Rick Jensen was fanning flames with gasoline soaked pizza boxes.

In considering this issue, there is a smart way and a dumb way…  The dumb way was pursued by Rick Jensen:  Asking what do you believe?

Counter to that, the smart approach would be to ask:  which is the best course to follow?

What you believe is based off your emotions.  As a rule, we tend to believe what we were told, modified by our experience.  Basically if someone tells us that there is a man at the North Pole who flies around the world in a reindeer driven sleigh one night a year, we will believe it until events prove otherwise.  Usually, waking up Christmas morning as a young adult with nothing under your tree, is enough to deter even the most ardent Christmas fan from continuing to believe in such.

So we will get bad data disguised as opinion.

  • People believe death is a deterrent.
  • People believe death is cheaper.
  • People believe death is cathartic.
  • People believe being unforgiving is the ultimate adulthood thrill.
  • People believe killing someone adequately revenges a personal slight.
  • People believe in acting like an asshole is more mature.

As said earlier, what we believe (like an object in space), continues on its same trajectory until it is diverted by another force or object.

Here are facts taken from those who know most about the effects of death on an incarcerated criminal population: US Prison Wardens.

  • The threat of death is not a deterrent; it does not cross the minds of most people in the middle of their crimes.
  • Death is costlier than life imprisonment.  People have to get rich over death too and they do take a pretty penny out of state budgets doing so, whereas the fixed costs are fixed for prison inmates. Their marginal cost is minimal.
  • Death accomplishes nothing for the victims or their survivors.  Instead they feel they have been a part of creating another crime on top of the one originally performed by the now dead criminal.
  • Being a bitch or unforgiving is easy;  it is usually a sign of brain damage.  Fully functioning brains with no dead spaces showing on their CT scans, tend to all opt for forgiveness… which is why it is the basis of the Christian religion; it’s the smart thing to do…  Supporting the death penalty is more in line with Shara Law than with the New Testament.  More to the point is that the entire premise of the Christian religion is based on the wrongness that occurred of using the death penalty to extinguish an innocent man.
  • Revenge is over-rated… That is so 16th Century.  Revenge is more costly to one than no revenge. Yeah, one may want it, but really?  All the perpetual harm it causes?  No one takes out revenge (yet) when one professional team loses to another.  That ideally is how we should all act.
  • It always amazes me that people think acting like an asshole makes them look more important than what they are: acting than a clown. It simply does not..  We need fewer assholes, not more in today’s world.

100% of all US Prison wardens in 1995 said the Death Penalty should be abolished.  Underlying their case was their experience that the remorse felt in old age and the realization one had wasted their golden opportunity on earth, was far more deterrent to crime, than the taking of their life.

People who think death is a deterrent, are thinking of themselves from their own framework… They are not criminals.  Criminals automatically assume they will be killed, and therefore, they need to do as much living as possible before that time comes.  Sort of like knowing you will lose the chips on your roulette table soon, so you had better buy drinks now for everyone off the winnings you have, because you can’t afford them later.

If dying means nothing to you; it is not much of a deterrent. 

Furthermore these wardens cited that having old lifers in the prison mix, increased the calmness of the prison, as opposed to only having young hot-heads incarcerated.  They spoke eloquently that for young kids to see a sixty year old broken down man and realizing they too would be like that in only 30 years, scared more criminals straight than any number of executions of strangers they never saw or cared less about.

Secondly, they all spoke that the appeals process was necessary and overly costly.  Life Imprisonment and having no death penalty gets rid of both.

The ironic argument over which option is worse for the criminal, is quickly brought to a head when one, as do 100% of prison wardens, comes to the realization that all major convicted criminals die in the penitentiary whether sentenced to life imprisoned or to death.  Just in one option, one has  longer time to mull over what one did, and what one could have accomplished, had one never committed the crime for which one was incarcerated.

So life imprisonment is cheaper, and more of an incentive not to commit crime than the death penalty. So why would anyone once knowing these facts, ever decide otherwise, when facts clearly point that abolishing the death penalty is smarter, cheaper, safer, and good policy… Keeping it intact, is the opposite.

Delaware’s 1 percent reported average income of $863,734 in 2012.  There are 4747 filers in Delaware who meet the 1% threshold.

What that means is that half of those, 2424 have to make more than $863,734…

Currently everyone making more than $60,000 each year, pays the same marginal rate. … So all these 2424 pay the highest rate of 6%…..

So if all 2424 average above $863,734 then the minimum income available to be taxed would be this product of both.

2525  X  $863,734  =   $2,093,691,216   That is as in two billion…

Therefore, if we raise tax rates on this group, with each percent, we would raise $20,936,912. ($21 million) Enough to fund all of Delaware’s casino losses for a full year or the average spent on Race To The Top per each of its 5 year cycle; or a one percent raise for all of Delaware’s state employees.

Keep this in light of the startling fact that this group grew incomes at 15%….  15% of $2 billion is $300 million.   So whereas this group of 2424 top 0.5%’rs grew incomes at $300 million yet paid the same rate as someone making $60,000… that person stuck making $60,000 lost income at 1.6% but still paid the same rate as those earning a combined $300 million a year….

Which is why saying we can’t fund seniors credits for school taxes is nothing less than a joke…. Perhaps such might be true, IF WE WERE TAXING THE TOP 0.5% AT ABSURD HIGHLY RIDICULOUS RATES.  But we aren’t.. 

  • California charges 13.3%… It’s economy is booming btw.
  • Oregon charges 9.9%… Doing well too.
  • Minnesota at 8.95%… No harm there.
  • Iowa 8.98%… Those corn huskers are quite happy there.
  • New York 8.82%… Everyone “Hearts” NY.
  • Our neighbor, New Jersey?  8.97%….

Even Republican Scott Walker’s state, Wisconsin charges higher:  7.65%!!!

There is a lot of room to expand….

Here is the recommended rate schedule that Delaware needs to implement.

  • Incomes over $400 billion   @ 12 %
  • Incomes between $400 and $100 billion  @ 11%
  • Incomes between $100 and $1 billion  @ 10%
  • incomes between  $1 billion and $400 million @ 9%
  • incomes between $400 million and $100 million  @ 8 %
  • incomes between $100 million and 1 million.   @  7%
  • No change for incomes under $1 million…

The reason for the above is contingent on how much each level of income impacts the local economy.  Those who don’t provide a local benefit with their purchases, should be taxed higher than those who do.  And keep in mind this is all taxed marginally… That means the the first million for all of the 2424 is taxed the same, and only those amounts that expand over into the higher brackets will pay out at a higher rate….

For any sacrifices to be borne at all by those losing income at rates of 1.6% without ramping up the donations exculpated from those whose incomes rose 15% over the same identical time frame, is simply unjust, immoral, and positively Un-American.

These people have to be taxed more.  No if’s; No and’s; No but’s.

It is so obvious… Like hitting you in the eye with a big Pizza Pie!

A) A teacher who cares that they learn and who knows them.

B) Adequate resources to allow them to become curious about their world.

C) Fair Accountability by someone they know who can explain the “why’s” to them.

D) An environment of positivity.


None of these will be met under Mark Murphy’s plan to prioritize schools in Wilmington.  Nor will they be met in Great Oak’s Charter School opening up in 2015 at Rodney Square Wilmington.  They can only be met in existing public schools with adequate teaching resources, experienced direction, and human accountability funneled in…

January 6. We celebrate the Wise Men. King Herod had his soldiers kill all the babies under age two residing in Bethlehem when informed as to the nature of their visit. .  There was nothing the townspeople could do.  One day soldiers knocked on their door to run their swords through their little babies. Do not be the ones assisting our own King Herod, allowing him to unleash on our children of 6 schools…  You have fight it.  And You have to fight them.

I can see no real choice other than voting down the Department of Education’s plan and setting up a pitched battle for the next stage..  Yes they may win. but it is not foregone that they will. If you fight them… there is always the chance they may not… And that is a chance I think, which comes only once in a life, that is worth taking…

Had I been a soldier in King Herod’s court when he gave that decree, I would have put an arrow through his eye. Damn the repercussions.

Stealing this from Steve Newton’s Whiskey. because a) it will be awesome, and b) it drives the message better than 5 of my paragraphs every could…


“In Delaware, folks we have exactly the government we deserve and that the corporations paid for:
–An Insurance Commissioner gouging customers as a proxy for corporate interests …

–A Secretary of Education destroying our schools for corporate interests …

–DNREC committed to the continued gutting of the Coastal Zone Act for corporate interests …

–A Department of Homeland Security and Public Safety that spies on law-abiding citizens and shares the information with corporate interests …

If you’re beginning to see a pattern here, you’re correct.”


Point Steve made whether he intended or not is that we don’t have a series of battles spread widely across the fields of opportunity.  We have one enemy… And if both Delaware and America are ever to again have a hopeful future, it is this enemy we must capture, try, and hang…  or behead… or open an airlock door into space…

Now if we can all unite against this enemy we can beat him… We did before, during the Great Depression.  Basically we have to minimize the power this enemy has, and bring things back into balance… a balance that for the most part propels forward policies that benefit We, The People, our government, and our local business interests. ..

Here is all we have to do…

Raise taxes on the wealthy.

  • 90% tax rate on incomes (both personal and corporate) over 400 billion.
  • 80% tax rate on incomes (both) between 100 – 400 billion.
  • 70% tax rate on incomes (both) between 50 – 100 billion.
  • 60% tax rate on incomes (both) between 25 – 50 billion.

Stop there. The lower echelons are taxed adequately… Notice I said “billions”… What we attempt to do is penalize the accumulation of wealth in very few hands, and encourage the idea of paying less taxes by spreading money around… ..  And even if no one ever pays that much in tax because they choose not to make that much money by spending as much as they earn… Everyone still wins. …  …


Secondly.  Minimize the impact big money has on politicians… That can be done by returning America to the age-old notion that we force there to always be ties between money dumped and real human beings… If you want to give $100 million dollars to a candidate, you had better find 100,000 people who will donate it for you…. If you can’t, then probably the influence you are trying to impose, is not in the best interest of this nation….


Third.  Make it manditorily clear that anyone can form a union.  That punishing anyone for union activity can result in fines and payments 5 times over what that individual would have made if they’d continued working..  Now bosses need to again make sure that their employees are happier without a union, than they would be if they had one.  If they can’t do that simple thing, then a union most likely should have already been in place for decades….


There are more,  But none of them matter if the first and second issue are not addressed… Even the third is not critical..  But I want you, for just one moment, stop and imagine how nicer things would be if you were just making $10,000 more than you would be every single year of the rest of your working life.

Do steps one and two and it happens almost immediately.  Now imagine how great a country this would be if everyone, everywhere was making $10,000 per year…  This needs to be to where we steer…

Privatizing Schools. Gouging Health Insurance. Destroying the Environment. Increasing Domestic Spying. are like a cough, sneeze, runny nose, and scratchy throat… WE  need an antibiotic to wipe out the sinus infection.  Not cough drops, Nettie pots, Vapo-Rub, or walking around with a tissue stuffed up our nose.

There is one enemy… All parties must join and focus their death rays upon it…..

In the Omnibus bill, lies a buried treasure… Delaware’s first national park.

The following sites have been authorized to be included in the park:

(From WDEL)
New Castle County, DE / Delaware County, PA:
· Woodlawn Trustees Property

New Castle County, DE:
· The Old Sheriff’s House
· Old New Castle Courthouse
· New Castle Green
· Old Swedes Church National Historic Landmark
· Fort Christina National Historic Landmark

Kent County, DE:
· Dover Green
· John Dickinson Plantation National Historic Landmark

Sussex County, DE:
· Ryves Holt House

I believe Carper had something to do with this…

Last week I was overjoyed to pay $2.88 a gallon for gas.  This week I was overjoyed to pay $2.78.   But it shows exactly how little 10 cents a gallon really was.

Now, we don’t have new roads.  Now we have congestion.  Now our potholes take way too long to fix….

Now we won’t have 2,500 highway construction jobs we could have had… And you would never even know you were paying for them….

It is sad… just sad that the betterment of all Delaware’s men, women, and children, was put on the back burner so people could “pretend” they didn’t like “taxes”.

One wheel alignment because one hit one pothole, costs more than the invisible cost of 10 cents a gallon on gas under $3.00…..

Is the fact that Delaware’s most qualified candidate got 186 votes.  It goes to show the ineffectiveness of running on a third party ticket against an incumbent and the challenger from the previous election before.

It was a noble effort and had an unbelievable amazing amount of support from those outside his district who unfortunately were not able to vote for that candidate.  I think it does point out the prejudice many people have to third parties here in America.  “If you truly were a good candidate, you’d be on the ballot of one of the major parties, so therefore you can’t be that good, especially if I’ve never heard of you.” … I think that line best sums up the thought-process of most average Americans when they go into a booth and decide which button to push…..

It also does show that although voting (for us who love politics) is a never ending passion, it is an enthusiasm that many of our neighbors do not share… When we espouse the absolutely necessity of certain events taking, because they lead to other events to follow which will better their lives, their eyes glaze and they give it as much worth as if the Titans had to beat the Jaguars for your fantasy team to excel….

And it may be for the best.  Our blogging world as lagged without Steve’s daily input. Fights that should have seen the light of day, have languished without the right set of eyes to pull them out from their hiding holes… Perhaps it is better that the brilliance and wisdom of Steve be not confined to the floor of our General Assembly where a coalition could effectively bottle it up and silence it, but be strewn again to the winds of cyberspace where unlimited possibilities lie for it to land and become fertile. An active activist can not be an activist unless he remains active (or something like that).

He will surprisingly find that very few of his acquaintance will ever know the outcome… If they ask, just say you fell short and leave it at that.  That is all they want to know anyway, is if their Steve is back…  The rest of the world goes on, and if you quickly forget, so will they….. (That will be your biggest surprise; how quickly you fit right back into old and people don’t even seem to know you’ve been away.)

Through Steve’s and Catherine’s endeavor to try to launch through a third party, I have received insight….  Money.  One needs a sponsor, a patron with a pocket book, to first build a party; one needs mailers comparable to the other two parties arriving on doorsteps and mailboxes first outlining the need for a third party; and to arrive in off- times long before the election, when one does not automatically throw every lit drop piece in the trash, and is so grateful for a piece of mail, they will actually read it….  Build the idea of a third party first, and see if they will come…

As for a name, from watching this cycle I now lean more to the Greens than either Independents or Libertarians as a name to head the third party… However to counter the notion that Greens are a flaky liberal party of unrealistic aspirations, I would change the name to the Green Money party… (how can anyone not like green money) and a platform as this:  we are for the growth of small businesses, people’s prosperity, which are done in ways to enhance the environment, not destroy it.

Something along those lines…  Could we launch a third party in time for 2016?  We’d need 40,000 people and then in Delaware we could no longer be ignored.  Though not capable of winning on our own, we would by playing off one party against the other, make them both forced to listen to us.  One would think, at least.

Understanding what happened can clearly be seen in Delaware’s vote totals across three election cycles… 2010, 2012, 2014….

We will use John Carney.

2010  John Carney received 173,543 votes over the Republican (Urquhart) : 125,442

2012  John Carney received 249,933 votes over the Republican (Kovach) : 129757

2014  John Carney received 137,245 votes over the Republican (Izzo) : 85142

But from these little glimpse, it appears that there are between 125,000 and 130,000 of Delawareans who consistently come out and vote Republican, no matter what year the election…

Democrats however have fluctuations between 112,688 and 76,390 depending on whether the election is on or off season.

Rose Isso is a hard case to compare anything too, especially when Priscilla Rakestraw admits even she voted for John  Carney… But one can see that in an off election, the Republican’s best 129,757 (Kovach) is only 7488 away from the Democrat’s worst take over these past three elections.

If Republicans can find a candidate as qualified as their state treasurer this year capable of stealing votes away from Democrats as did Simpler, and have several third party candidates siphon off the Progressive protest vote, they could possibly win Congress in 2018… But not 2016… Too many Democrats vote that year….

As post mortem analysis starts to heat up, let us cut to the chase.  The Dem’s received a surprise wave of national majority in 2012 and 2008, because their sleep-walker base was excited to vote. They woke up because they had something on the line…  It would be safe to say that across this nation since before 2000, we naturally tend to go Republican in off years (whereas Delaware becomes evenly balanced) unless  Democratic voters get excited, wake up, and feel they have something on-the-line to vote for; then it becomes overwhelmingly Democratic.

By now it should start to sink in that Democrats had success in 2006, 2008, 2012 because of Obama.  2010 and 2014 will simply prove it, that when you don’t use Obama, you lose big in huge population centers which predominantly now determine each state’s winner. (Example: Virginia is 65-35 Red everywhere except Richmond, Norfolk, and Fairfax County (DC) which since 2008 have been enough to turn VA blue)…

That is the lesson.  Republicans have consistently been excited ever since “dat, der Kenyian took office”…  Democrats need to find the same level of enthusiasm … because they already have the registered votes.  They just can’t get them to vote.

The problem is not GOTV for dems.. They had the best-run machine ever.  It’s the internal excitement, that element of patriotism missing inside every non-Republican voter…

You may like him because he’s a nice guy.  But someone’s got to pay that money back, and you know it will be you…  Why would anyone double their debt?   It’s real money  you are giving up, and with no collateral….  Why would anyone go to the trouble of writing in someone who cost them $7.5 million and was about to do it twice?

Especially when you have a normal Sheriff who will save you money, as in Bob Lee……

There is Common Core.

There is gross inequality of the top 1%.

There is the need for money.

There is the need to tax the top 1%.

There is the need for a minimum wage that is livable.

There is a need for more funding to keep our infrastructure intact.

There is a need for more cash applied to educating those in poverty.

There is a need for more power not made from carbon.

There is a need to actively insist on lower greenhouse emissions.

There is a need to spend money to buttress our seashores.

There is a need to spend money on fighting diseases such as Ebola.

There is a need to have and 11:1 student teacher ratio in schools at greater than 50% reduced lunch.

There is a need to let teachers teach.

There is a need to make sure all children get three good meals a day.

There is a need to make sure all children receive vaccinations.

There is a need to make sure all failed bridges are repaired.

There is a need to make sure that all Americans can get medical coverage.

There is a need to build for more dams as the West gets parched.

There is a need for higher Social Security payments to those who lost their IRA’s in the last Depression.

There is a need for preserving wildlife rapidly becoming extinct.

There is a need for putting people to work in a CCC type of organization that leaves a lasting legacy on the American landscape.

There is a need for women to never worry about unwanted pregnancies.

There is a need for minorities to never worried about being treated like they are not the majority race.


As you can see. there is a need.  As you can see some people have all the money.  As you can see the only solution is to tax those at the top fairly (at the highest possible rate) and spend that in rebuilding our nation… Consider it as an equity loan given to the wealthy, whose payment has now come due…..


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