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As a conservative you have the same duty as every other American to vote for the chief executive you feel is most fit to run the country.

With the meltdown currently going on in the Republican Party after just 3 months post convention, having similar meltdowns spread throughout the entire governmental apparatus during the next four years, seems not like a good idea.

But what happens if you vote for Hillary?

One, you become part of a huge pool of voters she is responsible to and for…

Two, you vote for someone though she may have liberal ideas, has a very conservative morality deeply rooted in family and religious values.

Three, you have voted for the most qualified candidate we have ever had for our chief executive.  John Quincy Adams comes the closest as to being equally qualified based on experience for the challenges the Oval Office throws at its newest inhabitant.

Four, you have voted for a person who’s deepest concern, on which all her convictions lie, is centered upon our children.  From her book 10 years ago she lays down the claim that it is children who in raising, are what makes us civilized.  It is the interests of our children in the future,  which is her North Star, against which she bases all decisions…

Five, you have voted for someone who when not running against Conservatives, is well respected, well liked, and well appreciated by Conservatives who personally know her..


So you see, despite what you may have been told, despite all the anger fostered against her, she is really not that bad… She is similar to the current president and we have done ok economically under him, we’ve done ok internationally under him, we’ve done ok morally under him…

All the stories of massive upheaval and disruption that would occur when Obama took over, (remember one Congressperson calling him a liar in his first address to Congress?) failed to materialize. Nor will they materialize under Hillary.

With Hillary you know that in four years, or maybe eight, you will have a good chance to run again, perhaps winning the White House… If you can’t, then you obviously need to realign your party in order to do so….  By now, there is no doubt where the problem with your party lies.

Your real enemy are the “crazies” you harbor.  You turned your heads, you looked away, you used them because they gave you votes,  and with Priebus allowing way too many candidates for president (27), you let them consolidate in numbers strong enough to name your chief… To win in the future it should now be obvious, you need to cut them away, then cull Democrats who are only Democratic because they aren’t crazy like your party was, reinstall them back into the fold, and work yourselves back to a majority…

You need Hillary as President to do this.   If you have Trump, or even let him come close, or even give him more than Ross Perot got as a 3rd party,. you will have to contend with crazy and it will kill you…

Vote Hillary,  kick out the crazies, let them become the 3rd party, not you, and try again in four years… It won’t be that bad and you know as well as I, it could have been ALOT worse…

There should be no shame in voting for the best person available… With Hillary, that is all you are doing…

(Plus, if you live in the 8th Senatorial District of Delaware, you need to get out and vote for Republican Meredith Chapman for State Senate….. One of the best things you can do for your future, is to put a non-crazy Republican in office.)

Life is not over; thank goodness this election almost is.. 🙂


In a recent debate:  What would get you to change your mind?

  • Republican:  “Nothing, I’m a Christian.”
  • Democrat:  “Evidence.”

Think about the campaigns of 2012, 2010, 2008, 2006, 2004, 2002, 2000…..  Doesn’t that snippet above ring true?  Evidence based decisions versus wishful thinking….

Thats 30 people more than have died from an overdose of marijuana, EVER.