Dear Legislator:

I found you here:

And got your address here:

I need a favor and will certainly remember it in the next election cycle.  I need you to support HB 50 which will guarantee that my sons and daughters will not be punished because I am keeping them home during the Smarter Balanced Assessment.. I really had no other choice, they are sick… Wink Wink.

This is a bad test.  Although I was on the fence before, after taking the tests myself, I am certain that keeping my child away from this thing is the right thing to do….

I understand that in any vote, there are arms and legs of yours getting pulled from each side… Those making money off this probably have a stronger grip on you than I ever could… I just ask you to realize what you are about to do…  You are about to say to parents, that despite you not knowing what this test will do, you are going to mandate that all children must take this test regardless of any parents looking out for their child’s best interest who strongly disagree.

Understand this:  this is exactly the same as if you were asking the population at large to take a shot of live germs to protect us against something most of us will never get, let us say Ebola.  The vaccine was rushed and has barely been tested, but even those initial few tests contaminated massive numbers of the population with a live disease and who will never be the same again. A) This vaccine has never been proven safe. B) It has never been shown to work, C) It has never been independently certified. In fact: contrary to statements of its supporters, all evidence out there points to its being dreadfully unsafe and its having no positive value whatsoever…. Those investing in the medicine are making expansive arguments and sweeping claims, which when investigated across two years time, all stand on zero proof… Those against this vaccine are simply saying we need to see more positive proof and to see less harm, before we allow this upon our children…

If you are a parent yourself, you already know THAT is the fundamental right, if not duty of all parents.  It supersedes religion. it supersedes government, it certainly supersedes education.

We now need you to do the right thing and allow parents to opt out without penalty… is a right up there with their rights to free speech and to freedom of religion.  It should be guaranteed in the Constitution;  it is their freedom to raise their child.

Please weigh this heavily. This may be the vote that decides your next election…. Those lobbying a “no” vote will be long gone or have endorsements that carry no weight in November 2016.   But rest assured that whichever way you choose to vote, every time the words “Smarter Balanced Assessments” get uttered, every parent in your district will remember….

I hope the tone of this comes across as just stating facts; that is the way it was intended….. nothing more, nothing less.