With the advent of tremendous amounts of wealth in the hands of one or two, we have become immune to all movements over the probability that they most likely are astro-turfed by one or two people in order to orchestrate something only they can take proper advantage.

The best movements arise out of nothing…

When you as an individual decide, “you know, I think I’ll head down to the demonstration and check it out, sort of to see what’s going on”, then a movement is about to happen.

Demonstrations who get their fire from over-organization, as in “Make sure you show up for this demonstration to show support” tend to be shallow…

Examples of the two?

March on Selma for the first: protesting Keystone XL at Carper’s Wilmington office for the 2nd.

One very effective; the other not so much.

One shows popular support? the other, meh.


The opt-out movement needs only 7000 opt-opters to meet its objective… However, if the movement is to make a dent similar as did the firing of shells into Fort Sumter 155 years ago, it needs to turn heads.

The test begins in March… There are roughly 4 weeks to make a dent….. Start talking it up.

Every parent who loves their child, needs to keep their child home on days their school is tested.
The school is required to tell parents when the tests are given.. Any hedging by school officials needs to be reported …

Your representatives… those people whose jobs are beholden to YOU are the most trustworthy in which to confide your complaints over any specific school official.



Start calling on Monday.