Kilroy brings up a very interesting point. One hears nothing about Charters for a whole year, then, as if on cue, The News Journal publishes 5 op ed pieces supporting a single piece of charter legislation. However this time, we know they also have in their mailbox (if not immediately deleted) a large number of letters very critical of charters. They have been sent to them for a long, long time. One does not see these very effective criticisms of the Charter School operations.. One does see patsy, smootchy, fluff, with no more substance than a high school cheer… “Yeah Charters, Yeah Charters, Go, Go, Go!”

Is this an attempt to mold public opinion? Absolutely.

Is this being done on purpose? Absolutely.

Just wanted to bring it up in case you were not aware of it? have you written your 200 word letter to the News Journal? If so, let us know what happened to yours?

There is one piece all these Charter Op_Ed pieces fail to tell you. If you go across the best rated educational districts in America, the best never allowed in Charters. Just that alone is saying something….

Charter Schools are Education’s heroin.