Your minds are made up. Tomorrow you do the deed……

My thanks go out to your professionalism and willingness to be open and allow public access to all communications being made for you…..You may congratulate yourself that doing so determines your decision to be in line with all of ours, since we persistently followed the data, offered up from both sides, every step of the way.

But more important I see, is that you, by choosing to eliminate the “black box” have shown to all the way this state needs to move forward with its own government: by being open for all to see……

Your insistence on transparency has allowed a very important decision, affecting every citizen for more than a quarter of a century to come, to be debated in the forum where it truly matters…….the public.

Around bar tops, in church meetings, and around dinner tables, citizens are discussing the implications and trusting you to make the right decisions……ones that will affect them greatly.

Because you have been open, you can rest assured that your decision will probably be the “correct” one…..

Particularly this openness has impressed this writer, who got started in his research by pointing out the unknown problems wind power could provide, but due the massive amounts of research that you have placed at our fingertips, by common sense, it has converted me into believing that wind can, and will do good things for Delaware.

For that is truly what lies at the crux of this decision…The tiny details matter little, except in the execution of the contract. But what all of us ask, is will construction of the wind farm initiated by Bluewater Wind, be good for Delaware?

Thanks to your hardworking staff, and commitment to transparency, we know it will…..It will not only be good, it will be great for Delaware, and as the rest of the nation’s economy dives into despair, it may, who knows, even “save” Delaware……..

Speed is now our ally. The velocity with which we can move forward needs to become your next focus, as well as all of ours…….

With heartfelt emotion, I want to offer to all of those on the PSC who planned, listened, debated, voted, and published their doings on line, a sincere thank you for a job well done….

The results of your actions this past year, 2007, a year soon to disappear, need to live on, not just in the embodiment of a wind farm going up off Rehoboth, but as a movement that realigns our state’s General Assembly, into a functional model of how to tackle big problems, that you have so perfected…….


(By the way, the wind “coincidentally” outside on the eve of your decision, is Someone else’s way of saying “thank you” as well.)