Early Stock Analysis
Photo courtesy of JohnCC

WDEL’s podcast is not yet up. But I swear I heard John Carney say over my speakers that Harris McDowell and Charlie Copeland are working expressly for Delmarva when he spoke to Allan on the Allan Loudell show.

John said it, indirectly of course, And Allan pounced on it for clarification. In his indirect way, John Carney told us that within the Senate there is a consensus that Bluewater Wind’s proposal is the best plan for Delaware and …..that the question of how to bypass the four powerful Senators working for Delmarva, three of which could hold up the entire Senatorial process, is the current issue being debated behind closed doors.

Of course WE know this…but I was shocked to hear a gubernatorial candidate not dodge the bullet and come right out and honestly admit to as much over the air….. He called them straight out on the truth, yet did so in a way that was rational, thought-provoking, and non threatening…

I hope that exchange gets on podcast quickly, to verify that what I heard was actually said…….For if it is true, Carney’s stock just went up several points.