Should a government ever force a deal between two companies?

There is no real answer to that question. For in fact there are two answers. No, we shouldn’t…..or…. yes we should.

Your answer will depend on which group you think should have the right to trump the other suit, (if you ever played bridge…) Must we give our corporations the upper hand……or must we resolve to keep that right, belonging to the people.

Allow me to rephrase that question. Should corporations be allowed to do whatever they want, even if people get hurt in the process? Or…….should the opposite occur: that the citizenry get their way, even if corporations must suffer some in the process?

From whichever camp you find yourself belonging, that you see things from their perspective, will determine your answer to that question….

If people have the upper hand, then moving forward with an agreement that both sides have agreed to, would be best for each of those persons involved.

If corporations have the upper hand, then people become secondary.

Now from my odd perspective of history, it seems rather apparent that whenever this great country has stumbled on these crossroads, and gives the upper hand to corporations, and allows them or wallow with less restrictions, this country suffers greatly as a result. But when people have the upper hand, then, the best of America comes out.

That is why I’m puzzled to statements that the signing of a simple contract between Bluewater Wind with Delmarva Power, is a slap in the face of business……Perhaps if one frames the argument so it just includes stockholders, I can see where, in that very narrow case, those detractors could have some truth on their side. But they fail to account for the tremendous amounts of hurt that will be experienced by every libertarian minded individual in this state, who still has to breath, fight cancer, and pay his power bill. Within a wider frame that includes all people…yes, all people,….the contract’s signing would do us all good…….