DeLuca's Achilles Heel

(A confidential source emailed me this vignette)

Recently residents living in Varlano received some bad news by their neighbor, Delmarva Power.

They were informed Delmarva Power would cut its grass only three times this year: Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. Already despite the lack of rain, the grass is now standing a foot high, harboring an infestation of field mice just feet away from the nearest houses.

New Castle County Code: Section PM 302. 4.2, Weeds and grass on developed parcels shall be no more than eight {8} inches high; provided, however, with respect to a parcel of land that is larger than one (1) acre and has a building lot coverage of less than five (5) percent, weeds and grass shall be no more than eight {8} inches high within twenty (20) feet of any property line

One must wonder whether Delmarva thinks it can, with impunity, ignore petty laws because of the four state Senators it has in its pocket. One of which, Tony DeLuca, just happens to live right next door, and now seems, as with Bluewater Wind, to have put Delmarva Power’s interest over that of his very own neighbors on Hale Drive and Tiverton Circle.

But a much deeper question remains. Can we trust a corporation to look out for our best interests, when they steadfastly refuse to be a good neighbor to those, who by good luck or bad, happen to live next door? Can we trust a State Senator who is more interested in a power company, than the well being of his very own neighbors?