The following people are not happy that you are paying 60% more for your electricity.

They want Delmarva to charge you more………..much, much more.

Harris B. McDowell, III
State Senate, 1st District
Robert L. Venables
State Senate, 21st District
Charles L. Copeland
State Senate, 4th District
Gregory F. Lavelle
State Representative, 11th District
Gerald W. Hocker
State Representative, 38th District
Hazel D. Plant
State Representative, 2nd District

These “Five Easy Pieces” still need to be made aware of how you, the voter, feel about paying more for your electricity than you rightfully need to.

These “Five Easy Pieces” are trying to stop Blue Water Wind from building a windfarm.

Granted,…….they haven’t yet publicly stated such is their intention……….but trust me, that is where they are going with this…………….

And if you get a second, shout back at Tommywonk for his diligent effort in keeping us informed of ALL the shenanigans that Delmarva is trying to pull to make us pay more for our electricity………..