Oh wow.  Delmarva put her best makeup on, spoofed her hair, glossed her lips, and came out in style to the 7 & 40 Alliance meeting last Monday at the Bear Library. Oo-la-la.  Dressed to impress she was. And the News Journal fell all over her, as Nancy tells us the inside story behind this News Journal picture.

From that News Journal article we get an inside glimpse into the life of a Geisha. Leading the charge, with his white paint on, ruby red lips, and two chopsticks suspending his jet black bun from cascading across his shoulders, Gary Stockbridge practiced the art of pouring tea while kneeling on a grass mat…

Gary Stockbridge, President of Delmarva, courtesy of News Journal
Photo courtesy of News Journal

Taking the high ground in Delmarva’s battle against Bluewater wind, Gary and his entourage are taking their talk show on the road. From the News Journal:

In an interview, Stockbridge said Delmarva officials are meeting with community groups “every couple of days.” They met with a group in Seaford on Sunday, he said, and outreach efforts on the wind farm are limited to community meetings like the one on Monday.

A lot of people want to hear what we have to say,” he said.

Most particularly he had this to say about those over at Bluewater Wind, who want to build a wind-farm off Rehoboth Beach.

Stockbridge said he was concerned Delmarva customers would be stuck with an expensive contract for offshore wind power, while customers with competing companies wouldn’t have to pay those costs.

If we were to trust in his expert hands,

Delmarva would be able to buy renewable energy credits at a much lower cost than buying power from a Delaware offshore wind plant, Stockbridge said. Even paying a penalty to the state for failing to buy those credits would cost about as much as buying from the proposed offshore wind farm, he said.

We are so grateful that someone is finally concerned for us, the Delmarva customers…..

We are lucky to have fine people representing our utility company. Other states have utilities greedy for money. We have one that dislikes money as much it helps customers receive the best deal possible. We should be proud to have  moral and ethical leaders who will never double cross us……..

He says “a lot of people want to hear what he has to say……..” so let’s look at the record.   Today we will do the Geisha a favor.  We will tell them.

Directly from a report on file with the PSC  we see just how accommodating our Geisha can be…….

While negotiations were challenging, most of the critical provisions of the term sheets were effectively signed-off by both negotiating teams. But on the afternoon of the last day of negotiations, Delmarva announced for the first time that it would place an asterisk, noting that a term was in dispute, on virtually all the material terms in the term sheet, previously negotiated and agreed upon by the negotiation teams. In effect these asterisks serve to absolve Delmarva of any commitment to these previously negotiated and agreed upon provisions, as well as any other provision on which Delmarva subsequently decides to change its mind.

Through this last minute maneuver, Delmarva has made it clear they oppose the adoption of most if all, of the term sheet provisions they negotiated.

Delmarva double crossed Bluewater Wind.  Forgive in advance my language, but they essentially said “fuck you” to the PSC itself.  They gave a “fuck you” to the General Assembly. They even said “fuck you” to the whopping 94% of Delawareans who support the building wind turbines off Delaware’s shores.

In case you did not catch that, after negotiating for several months, and making progress toward the deadline, Delmarva in the last hour, on the last day, says “oh, by the way,  these provisions are disputed.” It is like eating in a restaurant and running out the side door without paying any part of the bill.

If we cannot trust Delmarva to be truthful in the structured environment of bi-party negotiations,  how can we trust them to be truthful to us?   We can’t!

So even as Gary Stockbridge performs his Kubuki pole dance in clubs across this state, we know that in matters of gravest concern to ourselves and our families,  he cannot be trusted to do what he says.

We know this, because he proved it.

I am sure there are many women out there who at one time, once thought they had a commitment set with stone. What do you girls call it when a guy says “I never said that” and walks out?

We in Delaware are fortunate to have moral and ethical men leading our utility companies……