Word coming back from the Wednesday’s Committee Hearing which passed HCR 38 and HCR 40 out of committee and onto the floor, was that a somewhat bizarre and tragically comic, exchange took place when Bluewater Wind got up to speak..

Peter Mandlestam had just finished his presentation and asked if there were any questions. Rep. Carey pulled the microphone close and after several attempts………belted out…..”I’m a chicken farmer and I’m against this deal….Free enterprise…..”

Peter did a good job controlling his laughter while the rest us sat stunned, in traumatic shock. Meanwhile, the lobbyist crowd lounging around the periphery, covered their faces with their hands in embarrassment.

It took a volley of answers to determine what on earth that fellow from Milford was talking about……

“If someone offers me a contract to raise a 100, 000 chickens and guarantees I can sell them all to Wal*Mart, then I’ll do it. But I’m against having Bluewater Wind do the same with a contract, that guarantees them the same.”

The color of rose began flushing the lobbyists’ faces…..

Peter tried to explain that energy is big business and not something everyone can make and sell. It takes a big great investment and a guaranteed rate of return would soften the risk.”

“It’s still not right,” countered Carey. “Free enterprise….free enterprise…free enterprise…It’s (a contract) un-American…..I tell you”

Peter kept his cool, and with quiet resolve, even though he directed his comments towards Carey, it was obvious that he was talking to the rest of us….since Rep. Carey was no mental state to listen……

“Its just plain wrong..” Carey suddenly blurted out. “This country was founded on the free enterprise system…..Therefore, I will not support this bill.”

Fortunately his vote was not needed. Still stunned the audience pondered what they had witnessed. The only slim, logical reason for such an existential outburst was that it was a botched attempt to brown-nose Gary Stockbridge for some tit-for-tat future Delmarva contributions,

The lobbyists and their palm pilots, had by now, long exited the room, red faced in embarrassment.

Apparently there was supposed be a show, but the principal actor…….well, let’s just say he forgot his lines…….